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RE: How To Use Steemit Bid Bots Effectively

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They can come in handy. I have always wondered about their ROI, so to read your post gave me some more insight into that matter. The thing I dislike the most, - as you also stated - is that they leave the comments. I agree, feels kinda sleazy. Great post. Very helpful.


They can come in handy.
yes they do. One thing I noticed is now that I started using them for this experiment I now I want to keep using them so my post payout looks better. Plus the curation rewards for everyone would be better if I do keep vote botting my posts. It's a tricky situation.

The curation reward for those voting occurred to me also. Perhaps this could be an incentive to help create more vote activity? And helping the posts rewards to look better is a valid reason. Voter psychology plays into this, and we have to look at this as an investment, as well as a blog. Voter investment, as well as our own.

Thanks for your reply.

we have to look at this as an investment

I agree. If we have a goal of maximizing our SBD and STEEM than these bots (when used correctly) can help us move from a minnow to a dolphin

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