To Post Or Not To Post

in steemit •  7 months ago

Hello Steemit,

Due to some major life changes, it has been a few months since I last posted. Now I am finding it difficult to begin again, so I ask you:

Should I continue to post dumb comics? Or allow this account to fade into oblivion?

I will take your comments into consideration.

Thank you.

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Post all the comics!!!!! Your satirical awesomeness was always one of my favorite parts of Steemit. Whether it's some big drama on the platform, the current panic in the crypto-sphere, or something else, you always managed to bring hundreds of smiles to that topic.


Whether it's some big drama on the platform

That is an issue for me. I am a bit tired of the drama here and my optimism about things being improved has diminished.


I certainly get that. You could always continue doing your art, but avoid the trending page and the rest of the drama. Just pop on and post a piece, pop back off.

The answer, of course, is to do whatever feels most exciting & fulfilling for you. I greatly appreciate the lightness and comedy you've brought into my life, either way :-)

It's a no brainer, do the comics

I liked where you were going with mangosteem. Would love to see that being developped.

I have always appreciated your comics. They are original and add value to the STEEM blockchain. 👍


Thanks for the feedback @slickwilly.

Hey @mynameisbrian. The longer one stays away, the harder it gets to come back. I know this from experience. I was away for five months and able to bounce back. I also know, from experience, how difficult it can be to perform consistently and produce something new and creative on a daily basis. I've learned taking breaks is necessary though, and nobody has been holding it against me if I leave for few days or even a few weeks. Bloggers and vloggers typically work everyday without ever taking a day off, but it doesn't have to be like that. Just do you, man. If you need more time, take more time. I'm sure many will still support your efforts if you started back up today, or next month. It's all up to you, this stuff can't be forced, but really, there's no pressure.


Thanks for the advice. The more I consider how the platform has evolved I feel as if my time would be better spent focusing on other things, but I am still mulling it over.

I've missed your comics. I'd love to see them back

Hahaha well do what your heart wants to :)

I like your comics, hope to see more.

I think you should just post.


Only if it comes from the heart.

Keep posting!!! I want to enjoy you more

You can't allow it to fade you've got reputation of 73 that's huge, that's the dream of most people, I'd rather you give it to someone very hardworking

Your comics were funny so I'd love to see more of them but if there's something going on in your life that's making it hard for you to post, you can take all the time you need. It wouldn't be fading into oblivion, it would be more like giving this account a rest so you can come back when your heart is in it ☮️.

I see "dumb" stuff on instagram and Facebook all the time that I still like.. So I say if you humor just one person it's worth it!

Do how you feel best :)
comics are fine
cheers o/

Keep posting pleeeaaasse, not sure why though, but i will hate to loose a fellow steemian...and your comics are not dumb, i dont think so, and there are more fun people and commenters (and spammers) here now, being here is actually more fun than not

Welcome back :)

Man, in the end it is your call. I'm game to keep seeing them. You could always post on a different schedule. Maybe 1 or 2 a week as opposed to daily posting.

If you can find the inspiration keep up with the comics. BTW your comics were some of the stuff that I shared on other social media from Steem.

i miss those comics, if u dont comeback ill have to start drawing mine about STEEM hero again

Keep posting.

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Come back and post comics! I'll upvote that.

I do not know you well, at first I thought it was a stupid thing.
but after I read this post, I try to search again your account, and now I hope that you continue what you've gone through so far.
do not disappoint your followers.
and I am one of your followers waiting for your next work.
Thank you very much @mynameisbrian

Thats 73 reputation score does the story it is just like watching the others from a high tower...congrats for your achievements I do envy your success

I quickly read through your comics. You're talented. I enjoyed reading and seeing what you produced. My vote keep going!

I miss your comics. The other day I was wondering what happened to you. Please come back.

Just start posting again, you're just a little rusty by the sounds of it.

One should only do what brings them lasting peace and happiness. That is how I try to lead my life. There are obstacles along the way, and one is left to choose by himself but that is how life is meant to be.
Only when you are really doing the things that you love can you bring out the best in yourself.