Let's See How Much Steem Power I Can Earn In 1 Year from Today!

in #steemit4 years ago

Case Study

I have come up with a way to earn a fairly significant amount of steem in the recent days and am curious to see where it will be in 1 year. Follow me and see how much steem power I can accumulate over the course of one year. Then, let me show you exactly how I set everything up and my thought process behind each step.



If you keep up your hard work 1000 steem is sure.

I've gone from 28 to 115 in 4 weeks, that's nearly 25% per week. If I can simply keep it up, it will be a super simple process anyone can do.

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I have a 6 month goal (1 month in so far) to get 1000 steem. I am also buying as much as I can afford though, so maybe thats cheating a bit...lol! Goodluck!

We should have a competition :)

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