Is there any Steemit user still who not take his/her Free-Money?

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Byteball airdrop rain is still going on

If you have not received your bytes yet (distributed free of charge),
you can get it by following these steps:


1- Click HERE and Download ByteBall Wallet App*

2- Open App and Go yo CHAT

3- Go BotStore and Add Steem Attestation bot

4- Click (...) icon
Select "Insert My Address"
Click Send (Fly icon)

Send Address to "BOT" (Not to Me/here)

5- Bot will send SteemConnect link. Click it and authorize.

6- Back to app. Click Private or Public

7- Click Request Link.

8- Done!

kolay ve güzel değil mi?
easy and good, isn't it?

if you could not; there is a Tutorial with Pictures in here:
How can I get 10$-160$ from ByteBall (Tutorial w Pictures)

*Link has my ref
Image: ethbits


Easy peasy :)

I want to take my free mkney

You can take it. Follow these steps ;)

Am at 29 reputation now @murattatar ,really would appreciate if I did reach the required 30. Thanks murattatar

Uu.. your rep is 31 now.
You can take it your coins ;)

@murattatar sir maximum person is allready join.

Sir, I would really appreciate if you can support people like us. Your little help will help us grow too.
Looking forward to hearing soon from you. Thank you.

little help? upvote?

Ничего не понял.

Вы можете следить за картинками по этой ссылке;)
Таким образом, вы можете получить свои деньги;)

@murattatar sir how to increase reputation. I am new here and my reputation is 26.

Strong accounts should vote for you.
May be this post help to you (its Turkish but you can use google translate)

i´ll go for it!!

I hope you are gone, and have taken it

What if we don't want our Byteball? Is there a way to easily transfer it into Steem or BTC?


  • You can SEND bytes to BitTrex ( There is SEND section on app)
  • Sell bytes and buy others coins on BitTrex

Is there any time limit of this airdrop?

It is continuing now.
But it can end at any moment.

I already have but only 8 $ but for free and I recommend it a good thing

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