How can I get 10$-160$ from ByteBall (Tutorial w Pictures)

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Many Steemit users receive free bytes. But I guess many users have not yet.

I think it's a little complicated to some. But I will present a method that anyone who can use WhatsApp can do.
Just follow the steps in the pictures. In the last step, your coins between $ 10 and $ 160 according to the rep score will AUTOMATICALLY be loaded into your wallet..

1) Clik HERE and Download ByteBall Wallet App

(link has my ref)


2) Open App and Go to CHAT


3) Go BotStore and Add Steem Attestation bot


4) Open chat and Send Address to "Bot" (no need send to me)


5) Click the SteemConnet link.


6) Back to App, Click (private/public) and Click "Request Link"


7) Tata! Your Bytes in wallet ;)

if you want, you can send byets to coin exchanges like as BitTrex

Image allthingscrypto


it's too good but mr @murattatar my raputation is 25 bcs i m new in, can i get $10.... yes or not??help me please

Hello @milansantra The good news is that the airdrop is genuine. I see lots of people posting about it. But sadly you need at least a reputation of 30 to join in.


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this is available for newbie?

unfortunately no @cryptgirls :/
you should have 30+ reputation score.

how to get fast 30 Rep score

You should get vote from other users that they have higher reputation.

may be you can bot that higher rep ;)
but the rep score slowly increases

Hello every one, thank you for this article, I am doing this steps and i get my bonus , take a look at this article if you want to grow your bonus

I see information about this airdrop all over Steemit and it's really sad I can't participate just because I'm 29 and the least is 30. 💔

How long before it's over completely? @murattatar Hopefully I get to 30 while it's still on.

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When other people vote to you, your reputation will be increase.
May be you can see this link with google translate. It can maybe speed up the process ;)

Thank you. I will check out the link.

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Thanks sir for teaching us that how to participate in Byteball giveaway i was just waiting for such guidance.

You're welcome ;)


@aitbilal NO Need write adress here, Please Go Step 3 and go on bytes will be come automtically

Please send me 60000 ?

Not needed now

NO Need write adress here,
Please Go Step 3 and go on bytes will be come automatically

How to send a Byte to bittrex? Can it directly from a Byteball app? And what wallet address should I fill..?
Thank you dear @mattattatar for the information

You can go SEND tab
Write Amount or Click Send All
Write the address that you got from BitTrex ( with Green (↓) Make Deposit icon for GBYTEs)

Thanks @murattatar, this information is very helpful to me.

You're welcome ;)

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@naideth NO Need write adress here,
Please Go Step 3 and go on bytes will be come automatically

Really amazing post
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Once the funds are in the wallet, how do you transfer it to your steem wallet?

You can send your bytes to BitTrex
Sell bytes and Buy steem/sbd on BitTrex
Send from BitTrex to Steemit


@bugaga17 NO Need write adress here,
Please Go Step 3 and go on bytes will be come automatically

Thanks for the tip!

thank you, everythng just worked out great!

if so, so good. enjoy! ;)

Now I see u r post I am going to download wallet and can u tell me If I make referral how many earnings from this it's really great post

Your reward is exactly same as new user's reward.
%25 of reward will be immediately available, the other 75% will be after 1 year.

Wow that's great thanks sir

Thanks a lot I followed this link and only got $2.50. I found your instructions easy to follow and worthwhile

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Your welcome. Enjoy ;)
Pays according to the reputation score (exp: your rep is 31). More gifts come with higher rep.

I see. It does make sense 😁

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Thanks for the easy tutorial to follow. Was able to get $2.50.

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