Let people power down instantly for a 50% haircut.

in steemit •  2 years ago

Steemit has some people/whales who don't have the long range interest of steemit in mind. They want out but is locked in for 2 years. This create conflicts and a constant sell pressure. Let people who have significant stake cash out for a X% haircut so new investors can enter and improve the quality of the stakeholders.

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i want a free haircut

New investors can enter any time they want. Click buy and you're in.


Problem is that big stakeholders can't get out quickly. They are stuck for a long time depressing the price by selling for years.

Oh, I like that idea. I've seen people sell their accounts for quite a bit less than 50%. Maybe some kind of offer mechanism can be set by witnesses.

Yea, maybe something done outside of the exchanges? If there are any investors our there that would like a large stake in steemit that would be a perfect way for them to get in at below market prices...


Great idea. Let people power down and sell into bids on the internal markets. This way no large quantity of coins would be dumped on the markets.