6 Useful Ways to Avoid Bandwidth Issue

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I think a lot of Steemians already faced this issue and every day new accounts are created on Steemit and obviously, All of the new Steemians are not familiar with the Bandwidth issue and how to avoid it?

Every action that you perform on the Steem blockchain will consume a specific amount of bandwidth. This includes posting, commenting, resteeming, upvoting, transferring tokens and following etc. Basically, Everyone has a bandwidth limitation on the Steem blockchain to protect the blockchain from spam attacks.

Bandwidth issue

Lots of the users haven't faced the bandwidth issue yet. There might be a few reasons, Either They are less active on Steemit or They have more Steem power. The Steem power increases the bandwidth allowances and reduces the chance of bandwidth issues.

Below, I'll illustrate some ways to avoid Bandwidth issue by following some rules, even without having more SP at all. So before moving on to the rules, It is better to first understand what actually the Steemit bandwidth is?

Steemit Bandwidth

Steemit Bandwidth is the capacity of carrying data, where Steemit offers a limited amount of bandwidth for each user to use each week. The more activity you perform on the Steemit the less bandwidth will remain and If your bandwidth cross below the limit, then you can't do any task on the Steemit platform until it recharges again.

If you want that you never face the bandwidth issue, So It is better to earn some rewards by blogging and curating quality contents, Then powering up your existing Steem into SP because The large amount of SP will let you get more bandwidth allowance.

There are some useful tools that will let you know how much your bandwidth remaining. So always take a look at your bandwidth limit before taking any actions on the Steemit. These two tools are my favorite to check the stats of my blog and bandwidth.

6 Ways to Avoid Bandwidth issue

1 - Avoid repetitive task - If you are earning some rewards via curating quality contents and commenting, then it is quite good because you are getting some Steem power and SBD from your curation rewards and Steemit offer an option to claim/redeem your rewards, So every time you claim your small rewards, then your each transaction affect your bandwidth, It is better to avoid the repetitive task by claiming once or twice your rewards in a day.

2 - Avoid editing your posts and comments - I did edit my posts and comments a couple of times in my Steemit journey and I haven't felt any discourage because nobody is perfect in the world, but I think this happens to me due to the lack of knowledge. So I don't want that the other Steemians perform the same mistake. Every time you do edit your posts and comments, It consumes a small amount of bandwidth that's why avoid editing your posts and comments a lot. Instead, always read your post and comment carefully before posting it to the world.

3 - Don't Upvote more than 10 or 11 times daily (SP < 500) - I think we should appreciate quality contents by upvoting, even our voting weight doesn't carry much strength like the dolphin or whale, but If you upvote more contents with the voting weight 100% in a day, then there will be two issues occur. The first one is that your steem power goes down and you don't get enough curation rewards and second, You cross below the bandwidth limit and if there remains less bandwidth then you can't take any action for a couple of days until your bandwidth limit is raised again.

4 - Don't do unnecessary and spam comments - Never write unnecessary comments without reading the post, Just for the sake of getting upvotes and never write and respond to the spam comments like upvote for upvote, follow me and follow for follow etc. This kind of spams will consume your bandwidth, So it is better to avoid it.

5 - Avoid more transferring tokens and resteems - If you are new Steemians who post 3 to 4 times in a day and also use any bid-bots for the visibility of their posts or transferring tokens to other accounts, Then I recommend you to make fewer transactions and do less resteems (by doing more resteems your own blog posts buried and it's hard to find for people your own post) because these actions consume bandwidth. So by following these rules you can avoid facing the bandwidth limit issue.

6 - Final note - Every action on Steemit will consume bandwidth except viewing contents. So never do more powering-up, powering down, transferring tokens to saving account etc.


Now, after reading the post, You can avoid the bandwidth issue by following these rules. The bandwidth issue happens to every Steemians who has Steem Power less than 500. So the best way is to power up some steems into SP if you have in your wallet or purchase SP directly via BlockTrades.

Now I'd like to hear from you about the Other ways to avoid the bandwidth issue by sharing your useful thoughts below in the comment, Maybe I missed something.

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Very good to know . Thanks!


Thanks for reading @richard-921. Glad to hear.

Don't do unnecessary and spam comments

Ok but what about necessary spam comments? 😛 Just kidding. Nice article.

Check out @steemflagrewards and @steemcleaners if you would like to join the fight against spam.

You can be rewarded with an upvote by flagging spam and commenting why with a steemflagrewards mention included. Best way is to let us know on our Discord.

And yes, running out of bandwidth sucks!


haha, Thanks for reading @anthonyadavisii.

Yeah, exactly, I will join @steemflagrewards and @steemcleaners because you guys are working so hard to fight against spam to make the Steem blockchain spam free. I wanna be a part of it.

Would you please provide me your discord link so i can join you?

I appreciate you for the nice feedback. keep it up!


You're welcome. Here you go!


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I'm a newbie so thank you for posing. Right now I'm figuring out how to do stuff on steemit.


Thanks for reading @surisurii, Glad to hear.

Cool article, very helpful! Thanks for sharing!
I am new on Steemit so I'd really love to make some friends here! If you want for us to support each other, please show me some love on my account and I will make sure I keep reading your lovely articles! :)


Thanks for reading @vildanasuta.

I had this issue a while ago when i posted almost everyday. No one could tell me the costed. It was at this point i also found out the workings of Steem, SBD and Steem power. Thanks for sharing this. I am guilty of editing even my comments and my article several times if I can rephrase any sentence in it. I guess Steemit want me to think clearly and plan ahead.


Thanks for reading @nitego, Glad to hear. I hope that It helped you.

I appreciate for the nice feedback. keep it up!


Thanks for reading @nitego, Glad to hear. I hope that It helped you.

I appreciate for the nice feedback. keep it up!