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This is a major bug that has happened to me at least twice. My new article was posted successfully and I could even view it but a few seconds after, it disappeared and I was like WTF! I thought maybe I did something wrong but it happened again and I knew something fishy is going on.


Tonight it seems to have happened with @screenname. As usual, they commented on my post linking me to their article that my post is undervalued. I clicked on the link and bammmm, their post has disappeared!




Has anyone else had this happened to them? Please comment below and consider resteeming this so the dev team can figure out what's going on asap. Also, make sure you have a copy of what you're posting before you click post because it may disappear and you have to write it all over again!!!

Don't forget to UPVOTE, COMMENT, and/or RESTEEM!

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This has totally happened to me too and I thought there was something wrong with me or my computer. Also idk how or why but posts that were to get say $15 are now saying $8 and I have no idea why because they are five days old and no one flagged them down or anything. I am so confused and a little discouraged but Idk what to do about it. I guess I just need to write my post in Word or something and save it and then cut and paste so it doesnt just go poof! But yeah I have had some serious issues since HF19. Rewards have tanked for me and it seems like I get a bunch of views but people are Upvoting a lot less, probably saving it to Upvote themselves. Idk just speculating. But yes I have had this happen to me too.

I'm not exactly sure why the value of posts go down either. This is happening to me too. I had a post that was 40+ dollars for instance, but then it went down to 22 in a matter of six or seven days. I think it could be because of the voting power; so the system shows the value assuming the voter won't vote anymore for the next seven days, but as the voter votes more and more, the value of his/her previous votes drop! This is what I think is happening. I could be wrong!

Yeah thats what I was thinking. Sucks. They should lock in the vote power or value at the time of voting otherwise its kind of hard to know what is even worth your time. Idk. Its just discouraging to see something and expect something and then within less than a week its like half as valuable. Made my "I made my first $40 post" post look reeeeally dumb haha

It could be due to fluctuations in the price of Steem.

I doubt it! I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with what I tried to explain above!

It will be nice to get an explanation. I've had a post drop a couple of dollars since yesterday, but thought it might be a result of the market. I'll keep monitoring it, though I'm less worried about that than my posts disappearing.

Yeah if the steem value went down when post value went down, thats the answer

The value of my posts goes down over time too.

Hardspork19 censorship bots added

I just posted @leopotato Shattered dreams of a better life in Canada. Was up for a couple of minutes. Got one vote and then it disappeared. Either this is what happened to me or Steemit censored me for writing about a subject the info for which can be found by googling "hockey stick wife beater". I hope it's a bug because if I can't speak the truth about spousal abuse on Steemit I'm done here. Upvoted and resteemed.

I've had some of my comments disappear!!! I thought it was just me!

Well I saw your post :)

Happened to me once !

Is this just happening with posts, or has it been happening to comments as well? I think I've had a couple of comments get dropped, but though maybe I was just going crazy.

It happens with all posts whether they are a root post(article) or a reply(comment)!

Thanks for letting me know... I guess I got hardforked to death in the @papa-pepper steempocalypse lol

It has not happened but that is a major bug if true. Nothing worse than losing all your work on a post.

Lucky you!

Yes i have seen my comment disappear a few times

I just resteemed!

Oh It didn't happen to me but I wouldn't like this to happen. Losing all my work sounds bad...

Makes sure you have a copy of your work before click post!

What??? WhAt??? wAAAAAAAAT? Say it ain't soooooo................. my posts hardly get any attention and now I have to worry bout' somethin' like THIS !?! No bueno! ;(

After I am done writing a post, before actually pushing the button, I select everything and save it in notepad.

Old news.Sometimes my comments disappear,i upvote some post,minute later,the upvote is gone...
But that was going on for a few days.It's better now.

Ohlala! Has not happened yet.
Upvoted! Resteemed!

This has not happened to me. You might want to collect some information. In the screenshot it looks like you are using Chrome. It may not be relevant but it is worth checking to see if there are any commonalities among those that experience this.

I used Firefox when posting @dwinblood and I post a lot of comments, replies, etc. It hasn't happened to me yet there.

I use Chrome for my @chaospoet account there and I tend to post in spurts and go for long periods without writing there, so if it is chrome related that may be why I didn't experience it.

So yes, if this is happening it is major. Now perhaps you can provide info on browsers, as I'm wondering if Chrome may be a commonality. If it is that'll give them help in finding where to look in their code for the bug, as Chrome and Firefox do appear to have some different features for steemit.

Yep this happened to me this week. Only once though. Fortunately, it was a short post so I just re-wrote it. Re-Steeming now!

Yes, it's happened a handful of times. Also, sometimes my comments get corrupted into weird code.

I've gotten to the point where I Ctrl + A, Ctrl+X, then Crtl+Z before posting. That way I have my post on my clipboard in case the post vanishes or the comment corrupts. (I use Ctrl+X instead of Ctrl+C because when you use X, the text vanishes and you have visual confirmation that it's on your clipboard.)

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It hasn't happened to me but I resteemed it for you. Hope it helps! :)