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RE: How I Made $15,000 in 12 Hours on the New Blockchain Based Social Media Site Steemit

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Awesome post @dollarvigilante Ive never made more than 80 cents myself and I think my quality is pretty good as a new whale I would appreciate your support Here on my post


The whales, dolphins and fellow minnows are very generous, especially to those who do great work. It gets noticed, even though it might not show up right away monetarily. People remember who was respectful, or who helped out a minnow with no real monetary reward for themselves.

Steemit will only succeed if we continue to truly care about each other and give constructive criticism. Whales votes are very valuable and so if they were to reward people who constantly beg for a vote and whine when they don't get it, that would reflect poorly on not only the whales reputation, but if steemit becomes a place where content is the same as anywhere else, it will no longer maintain it's value.

We are investing in each other (both time and money). Unless you invested a lot of money, you are starting from a small new poster to becoming a larger fish who should spend time helping newcomers gain knowledge to advance their own unique voice. It's a critical time to make sure people have a positive connotation associated to steemit and decide to stay for not only the money, but the community as well. Congrats @mrgey on being rewarded for your hard work here. (Guessing your username is not a 50 shades of reference lol) and thanks for being a valuable member of this community/ecosystem)

While I have made over $.80 before, I am still learning what my voice as a writer will be. Keep pouring out what you are passionate about and not what you think will be the next trend and I will see you on the way to whaleship!


Thank you bendj :) I have been truly blessed here, I am really also happy to see you go past the 80 cents mark :) wooohoo so congrats to you also bud.
PS: my name is in reference to 50 shades.

You truly have been. I believe you are the type of person who will use this success to encourage other people who are trying hard (had you given up or whined, this would never have happened for you).

I would be lying if i said I 100% didn't care about the money here. We all strive to make money here by being creative and helpful.

I can honestly say that I value the community here more than the money. The people here are what motivate to make creative content. I've learned a lot about myself in less than a month. (More than the entire time I've spent on other social media).

I'll wager a guess that maybe your name is Christian 😀.

@mrgrey you and @dollarvigilante are both exactly what Steemit needs at this time. High quality content producers are flocking to Steemit and being rewarded handsomely. This in turn, incentivizes the top content producers in other genres to follow suit. As a critical mass of these authors jump ship over to Steemit something amazing will happen. The average internet user will find themselves more and more often reading their favorite news or special interest stories on Steemit. As more readers flock to Steemit the content producers will have no choice but to follow suit. This closed feedback loop amplifies viewer and author registration until people who are late adopters find themselves on Steeemit daily.

This can only happen on
catch your dream on

Thank you pjheinz it is actually all @dollarvigilante on this one I am just the guy who got blessed!

Don't sell yourself short @mrgrey. The value you are providing to the ecosystem with your quality posts is significant.

very true. That's why gotta reward those that shares big ;)

absolutely and agree - i have got involved in the worlds biggest capacity reserve crypto currency OneCoin which has improved and valuable nuances like kyc and super fast processing and payment options . It is currently got some incredible opportunities for you to participate in the fastest transfer of wealth - see my posts or register for free now on and I can explain more . Dallas

And also as @dollarvigilante himself revealed on the podcast with @ned and @dan, no knowledge of what steem, steem dollars, or steem power is needed. He literally posted just to see what would happen.

Once he saw he made 15k, then he was interested in finding the workings behind the steemit blockchain and what brings value. As touched on in the podcast as well, you don't need to know how a car works to get from a to b. And to further the car analogy, when you need to cash out to an exchange and are confused about how to do it, it's like taking your car to the mechanic for a checkup. I will personally help people turn their steem or steem dollars into fiat money (me being the mechanic in this scenario).

I use and to get real US dollars (or other Currency). It's a little technical, but I am happy to help those not confident in their exchange skills (you do not want to make a mistake, because that could cost you a lot of money). [email protected] for those who need help. 😀 I only ask that once you learn and are comfortable, that you help another user who may be confused.

It looked fishy you gave your email to help users in private...
So Ι spontaneously flagged your comment...
After your "message" and reviewing your other comments and your account, I changed my mind and tried to remove my flag... unfortunately it was not possible after the post pay out!The system don't let me...

It is ok! Maybe you can upvote another post I do that you find valuable. (I am going to propose the idea of when you flag content for a bubble to show up that lets you flag for spam, hate, or other would let you fill it in. At least that way you can actually know what a person was flagging you for, if they didn't take the time to respond as you have.

I would have been happy to offer my services on steemit chat, or another place, but email is something I don't mind giving out. I understand why you found it fishy, but was a little disappointed, because helping other people is one of my biggest passions. (Even more so than making money. Making money is a fringe benefit of helping and entertaining people).

I like your posts a lot and we have exchanged a few words here and there in the comments before, which was why I was confused. Glad you told me why, and no harm done. I hope that it doesn't lower my reputation too much, and thank you for trying to keep people who may appear fishy from potentially preying on others. Your intentions were good. :)

The success of @mrgrey's comment highlights the beauty and power of Steemit! We have been speaking recently online and found out we actually live 30 minutes away from each other in the South Coast of South Africa, and would never have met had It not been for Steemit.

I was blessed to have been involved early in the beta and to be actively promoting Steemit with a the global @steemdrive billboard campaign. Today we were proud to present proof of flight of the first official blockchain crowdfunded billboard on the Steemit platform and many more world wide are in the pipeline.

I have always wished I could change the world and now Steemit and its community has given me the power to do it!

Thanks for the upvote Jeff (@dollarvigilante), I believe you know @instructor2121 (Rick Miller), he is on my liaison team as well. I welcome you to co-brand a billboard with us in your area. Caption: "The Anarchast Blogs on Steemit!" :)

@steemdrive The World isn't getting smaller, STEEMIT and the crypto-community is getting BIGGER!!
Full $teem Ahead!
Bitcoin Messiah

What I love about Steemit, is that you can go to sleep and wake up to find a flurry of supportive comments. We will be a force to reckon with very soon!

@steemdrive I believe you are correct in stating that we will be a force to reckon with. FULL $TEEM AHEAD!
ps thanks for the upvotes, much appreciated.

Rock on! Now if I could just get the different pseudonyms people are using correct... ;-)

lol thanks Luke! @thecryptodrive and @steemdrive is me, I also post for @bravenewcoin, but don't own the account.

And the success of your response is confirmation!

:) :) 🚀🚀👍👍

Bud you know how I was joking earlier ? lol look at what steemit has done ! im off of my feet.

i hope I can get as successfull as you two!

Your contribution on this site always comes around to reward you when you least expect it. ;)

suddenly I find myself dumbstruck lol I have never thought that this would could happen on a comment especially when I was just trying to get a initiative on the go, thank you guys I really appreciate it @acidyo I see what you mean.

hey @mrwang I love your posts bud, I have definitely been blessed here.

may i know where to start contribute here?

This is how the internet works, now...

exactly so @dollarvigilante I am utterly and totally blown away, where in the world could anyone make that on a blog comment ? thank you for your support dollarvigilante its done more than you can imagine.

@dollarvigilante You'll quickly see around here with great Steem Power comes great responsibility. Once you accumulate enough you will have developed a bit of a "Midas Touch" so to speak when it comes to voting power, and your ability to curate the content seen by others that use the platform.

Here's a link to the Steemit White Paper if you haven't read it already. It explains all the fundamentals of the platform in pretty extensive detail.

Same here I think I have made .42 cents but I do think that steemit is a game changer, as the users grow and and system evolves over time the sky is the limit!!!

I like your attitude and that you did not beg the whales to upvote you as well (as I'm sure that gets tiring) but here's a token of appreciation for your positive outlook and the larger picture view that continuing to work hard and not rely on gains in the short term is how steemit it really going to be valuable!

I ask that when you grow, you continue to pay it forward and reward posts and people who have the long term best interests for steemit.

Now you made more than 80 cents with this comment! :) Im happy about your visits and upvotes at my blog too. Kind regards. Jonas

over 240$ on a comment, very nice. I am happy for you!
Steemit is pure magic sometimes.

Now i have to look my first @dollarvigilante Video evarrrr! Cu

I have listen and read The Dollar Vigilante blogs and videos for the past two years, I highly recommend his work!

What a fantastic post, I like the majority of people on steem continue to post, vote and curate without much success. It can be a little disheartening, especially when you see what other content there is out there! There are numerous "whales" that are supporting content from other authors which is very admirable and I should imagine incredibly well received. The whole concept of steem is extraordinary, but I do feel there will always be an element of luck involved in making the multi dollar generating posts; "right place-right time"!!
Well done @dollarvigilante, keep up the great posts; I'm off to post a black &a white photo of a cup of tea with the title "Earl Grey or Darjeeling"???

This is one of life's sweet ironies! Gratz on your first major comment!

Yes is it @professorx thank you very much :)

Wow I envy on you @mrgrey getting good reward on a comment. Amazing

I know that it is easy to be envious of others peoples success, but please let me respectfully say that you are not looking far into the future very far and are being narrow minded.

@mrgrey has shown he is trying to add value to steemit and consistently trying to create great content even though he wasn't rewarded for it with money. I would love to have a comment with $1,500 dollars as well, but I am simply happy to see he is being rewarded for his hard work.

It's like a broken record would repeat, but the way you achieve success here long term is to create work that is honest, open, and raw and about topics you enjoy you will be successful.

I'd encourage you to see that any success for anyone making unique content for steemit is a positive thing. The more content that can only be found here (like @rok-sivante thoughtful perspective on people and the world and @stellabelle creativity with secret-writer and photography) the better.

Hopefully you can see I am not trying to be critical or harsh on you, but take this advice to heart and go out to make your own $1,500 article. Best of luck @juvyjabian

Don't let these two prevent you from seeing the long term potential


I must admit it, all these successful stuff make me kinda envy, and I'm sorry. I won't focus on the successful comment of @mrgrey, but looking at all those "wealthy" steemians and their posts getting thousands in no time! dayum! I said I don't care about the money here, but I kid you not bro, all these stuff sometimes push me to change my game here you know? But I feel you @bendjmiller, I recognize I won't earn anything with envy.

What frustrates me the most is the fact that I'm not a writer whatsoever, I suck at it. I try to catch some pennies every day with some mainstream stuff, you know, sharing whatever I like, whatever I found interesting on internet. I try to not copy/paste anymore (I think I learned this the hard way, kinda of) instead I try to do summaries with a bit of originality maybe, I'm on it man, I'm on it.

Anyway, congratz to @mrgrey. You've made it man.

I will make an effort to reward you and your effort and help as much as I can. I just wanted you realize that the trending or that have made successful comments are of a positive mindset.

I am not a great writer yet either (I struggle with tenses and paragraph length etc).

I suggest you write about a difficult time in your life and what you learned from going through it. You may wish to look at @stellabelle #secret-writer section. People that are being open, honest, and vulnerable are having success telling their stories.

Even if you don't story like that, write about the most important hobby or value you. People with a passion for cooking have some great as an example.

Keep trying your best. Those who stick with it will rewarded 😀

See how when your mindset changes your wallet tends to too! 😀 Keep it up @toxichan

I'll second that suggestion, @stellabelle has some talent. I dioscovered her yesterday.

Thank you toxichan :)

Sorry for the late reply @bendjmiller, I'm very grateful to you man and glad I can count on you. This community is straight up AWESOME. Keep the good work guys.

Hey @mrgrey np man :)

steemit is a fucking ponzi and u guys kiss each others ass just to keep this shit running, everyone joining will regret it sooner or later

Your logic is flawed and you are being foolish

1 - If you don't need to put any money in, but can take money out, then that is not a ponzi scheme. (In fact I would encourage you to alert me if you can find another system where you can receive money for your work without investing).

2 - You are being blinded by jealousy. If you were the one receiving $1,500 for your comment, you would be singing another tune. (I will bet you $100 dollars that if someone were to offer you $1,000 dollars for your work you would take it without question as to whether other may be jealous).

3 - I looked at your wallet and you have made money here. Unless you are a celebrity or youtube sensation, I am guessing this is more than you have made on any other social media site combined.

4 - As a token of good faith I will instead of flagging your comment, reward you with 1 steem dollar. Why would I do this? Because I wish you to stay and see that steemit is more than just money. A community that shares money together in a positive way is a great thing and I am going to share with you even though you do not deserve it.

I will await your response. In fact instead of 1 I will give you 3 steem . Check your wallet, since the blockchain transparency will prove I am not lying

so I'll regret never putting money in?
So never getting you money stolen, is something YOU regret?
I'm not sure I follow your reasoning. :^/

No worry @bendjmiller222 I don't feel any harsh in your message because its true. Hope I can make it too someday :) Following you

Thank you! Just wanted to enlighten you and not be too harsh. Steemit changes your mindset on yourself, others, and what success really is. I'm sure you have witnessed that it is far more than mere monetary gain that you are rewarded with.

Thank you @bendjmiller222 you are amazing and thank you for recognising my efforts here my friend you to will soon feel this success I am sure of it.

I'm with you in the belief that hard work never goes unrewarded. I would continue to write posts even if I never again broke the dollar mark or the rewards were capped at a certain level. Even if steemit were to collapse tomorrow, I know I will continue to be successful since I have created real friendships with people who are go getters that also help out the little ones with big dreams.

Wow, you say that you value people being open and honest but you totally jumped down this guys throat and patronised him for being just that.
Envy is a normal human emotion and is not something to be ashamed of and does not make a person narrow minded-that was so rude! People like juvyjabian who express this emotion freely and without denial are generally decent people but people who pretend that they never feel envy are usually spiteful and untrustworthy.
Then you finished with the old, "I don't wanna be rude but...{I'm- going- to- be- anyway- but- now- you- can't- take- offence- because- I'm-pretending- that- I've- got- your- best- interests- at- heart- when- I- was- actually- just- after- attention- for- myself-and -I-name-dropped-a-bit-to-show-that-I'm-in-the-in crowd}
Your comment is an example of what I call, "stealth bullying" and it serves no purpose but to oppress people and close down discussion.
Then a few posts down he's telling you that your rudeness was ok because you were rewarded for your stealth bullying, which basically lowered his status and raised yours.
Is Steemit going to become a cliquee place full of high school "mean girls"?

I absolutely value people being honest and open. Notice I didn't flag anyone or downvote.

If you can show me a time when envy has worked out in a positive way, let me know, because I've never seen it work.

Hate it also a natural reaction, but that doesn't mean it should go unchecked.

Is @feminism Misunderstood

If jealousy, envy, hate, and greed become the norm on steemit, then it will have failed. It's all about working together and helping people and not at all about what one can do individually.

I don't have an ulterior motive [email protected] and we have talked since and have come to like each others work.

If what I did was "stealth bullying," I don't even want to think about what you'd call most of the rest of the internet commenters that spew whatever they want with no regard for anyone.

That being said, I do understand what you are saying, but if you can convince me that some of these things are positive natural reactions that should be encouraged unchecked, then I think we will have to agree to disagree.

Envy is a natural human emotions and all emotions when expressed calmly, always lead to positive outcomes. No emotion is negative, in and of itself, and therefore no emotion should be feared and oppressed: for it is oppression that leads to a pouring forth of emotions as negative, hateful actions.
His post ended with "amazing" it was very positive and he did not deserve to be called narrow minded and Steemit is at no risk of being corrupted by him or anyone like him. So, yes expressing all emotions should be encouraged, unchecked, for that is the basis of art, but that is subtly different from inciting people to be envious or hateful. I guess you need to learn to listen to the subtext of what is said.
I am unfamiliar with the feminism person and I do not see the relevance of mentioning her here because if she is like the op, then she's fine and if she isn't like the op, then she's not relevant to this discussion.

Do you really think that your words weren't insulting and rude because you paid lip service to the words, "please" and "respectful"?
"please let me respectfully say that you are....being narrow-minded"
What about if someone said to you, (and I'm being purposely outrageous here to prove a point), "please let me respectfully say that you should fuck right off because you are a stupid cunt" ?
I call it, "stealth bullying" because it is a subtle method of belittling people, maybe you didn't even realise that you were doing it, it may just be a habit that you've picked up without realising. Of course it isn't as bad as just plain, old rudeness, I'll grant you that, but it is still aggressive and demeaning.

Yes it is amazing juvy and just goes to show how amazing steemit can be

holy crap!....apologies if that offends anyone but I just woken up to find this, I cannot express the emotion I am feeling right now and the 110000 thoughts that are going through my mind and yes I did just pinch myself lol wow everyone thank you so so much, here I was just trying to gain some attention on a post I made that I hope would help everyone and then this! of all this story goes allot deeper than anyone may realise, you have all literally saved a family from living in the dark with no internet from monday as it is about to be cut, I will do a blog post on this for you all today.

Coingrats! No that's not a typo. I figure I will start using this now on Steemit as we are all after those sweet Steem coins.

Well, mrgrey, it looks like you got some of that support you were looking for. holds up microphone Please mrgrey, tell us how you're feeling right now.

I'm new to all this as well, don't even understand how it works yet, but I agree awesome post.

Looks like you just made $1,300 from this two-line comment! How about that?

probably my last post. Shame i feel there isn't enough people like you two and so many people being dicks for the sake of it. I'll make the decision tomorrow though see how i feel. I do enjoy steemit :( this is probably my last post

Ha, gratz mate :) See you on

thank you bud, see you on steemit chat!

It's becoming very difficult to make any money here.

Clearly the $1,500 comment above you suggests otherwise.

if you get the attention of a SP holding whale, its easy.
Its usually one of the earliest comments that makes a decent point extrapolating from the original post. It needs to be something worth reading that communicates a message more complex than just a 'great job' or similar.
I got one comment that garnered over $500, and since pennies.
No reason to worry though, I need to put in the effort.

Wow! This is what it is all about. I got to see steemit in action, I have to admit I was very sceptical when I joined whether it is really possible to make good money on steemit by simply posting content. I was following this post since yesterday @dollarvigilante and I got the surprize of my life this morning when a comment reached over $1000.

For those that are leaving nasty comments, don't get made, get even! Show us what you have and stand out from the rest. Congratulations to @mrgrey for your success has just started.

Please have a look at my introduction for a laugh

I have only made $0.03 thus far but I am driven to post more quality content and make a name for myself.

This is actually very inspiring!
Steemit is also a very good platform for artists that can create art and get paid!

Hi everyone I have made a post about this amazing thing that happend to me, Please visit the page here

Thanks for introducing me to steemit!
What a great Social Network!

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