Who Sank My Battleship? A Tale of Mortal Combat on the High Steemian Seas [As Told by the Surviviors]

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

So I was cruising along after making an opinion based comment in a Steemit post...

(Name of individual in comment has been removed because of threats of more torpedo (downvote/flag) attacks on those who mention the user whom I was somewhat defending.)

This comment was not meant to be offensive, but to partly defend a Steemit user sailing in Steemian waters, who had screwed up (pretty hard according to some) in the recent past, but I felt was being attacked viciously in a way that is very unSteemian and should not happen within Steemian waters.

Anyhow, I steamed out of the area where the minor skirmish was raging, or so I thought, to patrol other Steemian controlled waters and was just minding my own business and not looking for a fight when out of the blue comes the call, "Multiple torpedoes to starboard!" The alarms started to blare across the deck and within the compartments of the SS Freedom Ninja. The crew reacted quickly and ran to their battlestations all wondering to themselves, "WTF mate! Aren't we in safe Steemian waters?"

Then we saw them! Incoming torpedoes from a internet submarine wolfpack! I was shocked...what are they doing here? I mean heck...the straights of Ytube and the dead sea of Fbook were known to be super dangerous, but Steemian waters? What was going on! What was even crazier was that these rogue attackers even had the gall to write their names on the torpedoes they launched at us.

Seaman Nico somehow, by the grace of Poseidon himself, was able to get closeup photos (seriously 💩 ) of each incoming torpedo even in the heat of battle:

This is what we saw and later logged into the ships log:

Soon thereafter, we felt the impacts and explosions of the thirteen torpedoes from bow to stern.

This was surely the end right? A watery grave just hanging out in Davy Jone's Steemit Negative Rep Locker? Well, I am pleased to say that the SS Freedom Ninja limped back to port safely even though it did sustain some damage. Those torpedoes hit our hull with the force of an airsoft bb hittin' ya arse. They surprised me, stung, and damaged my reputation some. However, with your help the SS Freedom Ninja will sail again and be even more powerful. Who sank my battleship? Nobody yet ya scurvy dogs. 💩

If you like this story, found it entertaining, had a smile come to your face, etc., then please help me repair my damaged reputation by upvoting and ALSO resteeming this post so that this epic tale doesn't die an early death and go to a watery grave.

Thank you all for reading and Steem On!

Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/MrFreedomNinja

Credits to deadly accurate torpedo launchers (Lesson: Don't mess with them...they have lots of torpedoes! Be careful what you get involved in when it comes to a stormy post):


sorry to hear this....I have sent supplies via an upvote.....it is not much but all i can do my friend.....remain free :) peace.

No worries. Actually, after writing this story in this format...it became kind of fun. Just writing the story in the context of a ship on the Steemian High Seas had me grinning from ear to ear.

I think these wars make for great entertainment, but
I guess less so if you've been hit.
Steem/ninja on!

@hr1 Thanks for the vote sir!

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