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RE: 8 Mistakes I See Beginners Make on Steemit

in #steemit7 years ago

Informative post. I've only made 2 blog posts so far on Steemit and have written another 10 or so which I'll post up when they're ready.

I like the way your post is structured, using horizontal rules, images and titles to clearly identify different points.

One thing i'm not sure about is whether to lead with an image or start with text.


Personally, I prefer post that start off with text.

an image has a stronger touch

The moral of this story is: go with what YOU want, as the creator. lol

Going with what I know has got me this far. So, I will continue to be authentically me. I spent a week trying to develop a style for my content videos. Suppose I already have a "brand". It's me and what I have to offer.

Much appreciation!

Thanks! Maybe consider making an introduction post where others can get to know you a little better. Steem On!

@moomoo I try to switch styles. sometimes I center a title, sometimes not, same with an image sometimes i begin with an image sometimes not :)

@markush do you find that one style works better than another, votes/views/comments wise? Or does it not matter?

@munchell : I think the best style is your own style :)

Most important is proper content if you ask me.

@markush clever answer, very succinct!

I'm just learning the ways now! Trying to keep to my speciality which is to give people a little giggle. It's hard to attract the right audience though! Thank you for your advice!

@bratteam I like your style, that is what I like to do too. There is nothing that invigorates the spirit more than a good laugh, well maybe that and food.

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