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I came across a useful method which is probably helpful for many of us here. Maybe you already read the post like that and you're already aware of how you can discover new exciting content. For those who didn't take notice so far, this will be helpful.

Especially when people are complaining not to find good content here. This may help. 😉

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With a simple method, you can see the feed of other people here. Means you can see what content appears in the feed of someone else.

Instead of fighting through the jungle using the search function or the comment section where sometimes people drop a link you can just see what one of your favorite Steemian consumes.
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And that is an important aspect!
When you have some favorite authors here and you are following them implies in most cases that they are delivering something​ on a regular basis. If this is the case, the probability is high that they not only produce but also consume on this platform. I don't think that someone is only publishing and never reading someone else stuff.

This leads to the point that this method makes in my eyes only sense when you use it by active users on the platform here. I tried it already and started stalking what other people are consuming here. Let me show you how simple that is. And it is really simple.
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Just put the username of the person you want to see the feed and ad /feed at​ the end of the URL
If you would like to see my feed it would be https://steemit.com/@modernpastor/feed that's it!
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Just change my username with the author of your choice and see what he//she is getting and possibly consuming. Definitely, a way to find new content if that is a concern of you.

Thanks to @meno who reblogged the post of @tcpolymath where I found out about this.

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I used this method with myself a few months ago, as I had some problems with Google Chrome in those days and I got used to placing the URL manually, at the same time I tried with several people because I thought it was interesting to know the tastes, or the type of material and content they wanted to follow. Not only is it about following certain people, we can dig a little into other people's "FEED" to find interesting articles and maybe new people for us to follow as well!


Exactly :)
It’s a way to find out new interesting content but also to get to know a bit more about the person itself ;)

Yeah that really works in a great way I have just tried it ;)

Yes I do agree with the points that you said about

the probability is high that they not only produce but also consume on this platform

You can not learn unless you get to know/read and that applies almost everywhere .

Thanks for the heads up buddy and thanks to @meno & @tcpolymath

I do that too and so I always discover good new content.


Now this is something I will do more often :)


I do that too and
So I always discover
Too good new content.

                 - oliverschmid

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Too much too

why you see two too? ;)

This is breathtaking, I'm a poetry blogger here, and I've never seen anything like this I must say it even gets easier because people are posting lesser these days, I'll definitely check this out thank you so much.


Yes, now I’m that time of less posting it’s more effective :) I like this method ^^

Speaking of content when will you give us an update about a previous post where you said you will support your loyal followers if they produce good content? :D

Great post @modernpastor,its a nice write-up.it will help to search for your favourite writers feed faster.Its good to hear from you again.Have a great weekend.


Hey @vik3 :)
Thanks for your comment :)
How are you doin?

Wish you a great weekend too :)


Am doing fine,thank you.


Good to hear :)

Thanks for sharing this info. My ginabot has being giving me all the good content i need. Think its time to follow this and get to read more content and to add to the ones i follow.


Great to read your comment :)
How are you doing my friend?


Doing well but life hasn't being fair of recent especially with the great deep in price for a few of us who have being surviving through the steem platform


Oh yes, I can imagine that it’s not easy. This best market is crazy. I hope for you and everyone else that we will see a price increase soon.


This is really cool and an awesome way to find good new authors ! I definitely agree with the logic that if someone produces good content they also consume the same quality !


I will use this method now more often :)

Excellent information, I did not know that you could see another user's feed but the truth is there are many things that can be done and we do not know. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

So, I'm a journalism student in my first quarter and have been mulling over ways to write faster because I'm not used to writing on-the-spot. In the past, I gave myself ample time to produce but that's so not going to work once in the field... so I'm so glad I found this video!

I think that keeping the end in mind and keeping it short and sweet will be paramount to my success... as I often find myself spending absolutely too much time choosing what to keep in and leave out of my writing.

However, Thanks fpr sharing this beneficial blog.
Keep moving forward.
Steem on!

A few key things on the writing vessel: thinking, clean slate, and crescendo. If you can think, you can write. You can think slowly--the vessel allowing things to come. Exercise is a wonderful place to think. So is any form of movement from washing the car, the dog, or the dishes. With a clean slate, you insert a topic. What or why are good questions to start with. As you write, the moment comes where you are tapping away and all of a sudden, the magic happens and the hands are writing on their own. This is the vessel on current or wind power. Let it go, follow the crescendo, and then end it. Follow up later with editing. When you think you've got something, send it out to a reader/editor for input. Writing is rewriting. Writing is also getting it done and out there.

Thanks for sharing this great method of finding quality content, @modernpastor.


You’re welcome :)

One of my problems is I keep overthink what I'm writing. When I write something, I leave it for a day, and the next day it seems lousy or I don't care about it and the message anymore. I keep changing as a person and I don't know what I can write that would still be significant for me and everyone else in the future.

One way I do to write content fast is to extract excerpts from primary sources on a specific topic and rewrite/tweak them in my own words (i.e. adding subheads, and bullet points).

Yeah I read @tcpolymath ‘s post too and it is a really good way to find good content. Even though the first thing I always do is checking my regular commenters blogs to see if I can find some interesting stuff!

Have a great day @moderpastor

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Useful information and link shared. I also agree with you that those who post good content also read posts of others. The link you shared is quite good to have a glimpse of posts of any user and look for it.

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useful information! thanks! :)

In all, there are many great posts. Thank you

Been a while @modernpastor. I personally have reduced my standards as far as good content is concerned. I prefer active users who engage to those who create good content but don't

Super, danke für den tollen Tip🤗👍

I used this method to read different posts from the legends of this great community🔥

A different approach I did not try yet but will now check what stuff our Ray likes to consume 😎.

I know many complain about content, about rewards, about others way to interact, about others voting etc - complaining is allowed but annoys me. Not a German only thing I realized.

I still find enough stuff I enjoy here on steemit.

I did not know about it, brother, it's good to know, usually I read the content of my favorite people and then I get on the labels and there I get topics that I like and new people. I will try this option. Thank you....
Today I was able to join steemit, and today I commented in your previous post, I do not know if you read the previous comments ...
Happy weekend. 😊

This is what I've always been doing whenever I am checking for your updated posts or @stackin's or other Steemians and since you're one of my favorites your URL just automatically shows. :) ♥ It's like whenever I am using my phone in commenting and I press the @ key your user name always shows. ♥

Yeah, that is a great way to find new people and surround yourself with the great content others have searched for you. On the other hand most people have not quite understood how following works and benefits them.

That is such a smart tip. Thanks for that! I will certainly try that out straight away :)

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Saw your name pop up in a friend's posts recently, @dandesign86, so I guess I did what you're recommending a bit already.

If you'd only post a few videos of how to perform soccer tricks, the entire community would never need to search for good content again. I personally would love to learn how to kick a knuckleball since I'm a baseball pitcher who throws them on the mound.

Read some of your other posts. Great attitude and overall message. Now following.

wow what a simple "trick", never thought of that. Thanks, now I know how to spent the rest of my sunday! 😁

Interesting, you are a genius. I never thought about it. I'm glad to find this post haha.
Followed :D

Good way to do it, I discovered a lot of talented creators that way.
If you have a spare spot on your curation list and you like my content, feel free to help me out :).
Or to tell me what I should improve.
Take care

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Hi Modernpastor,
I hope you are okay, you haven't posted in a while.
I think if you check out this post you might feel your spirits lifted just a little.
Take Care,

Good i didn't know that