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Sadly I see that people I put on my voting list are no more really active. I observed it now for two weeks. Of course,​ this counts not for all on my list, but most of my voting power stays nearly the same which is not the purpose.

I think I have to make some adjustments.
The goal is, of course, supporting active people here otherwise the power would be in vain when it doesn't come to action. I don't want to force someone.

Maybe when I see it from a different perspective, there is place for more people to join the list?

I will have again a closer look starting with my eager commenters.

As I said in a previous post, now is an excellent time to accumulate more STEEM. And we don't need to think in large quantities. One STEEM more today can make a significant difference in the future.

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Glücklich ist wer genügend Zeit zum posten hat.
Man sollte nicht alle in ein Boot werfen, der eine ist Beruflich eingeschränkt, Studenten müssen in den Ferien auch arbeiten für die Studien Gebühren, andere wieder gibt es Familiäre einschnitte, und und und.
Ja, mein letzter post ist auch schon etwas länger her, dennoch vote ich soweit es geht noch persönlich und verkaufe auch meine votes nicht, im gegenteil, habe mir Delegation dazugekauft mit den Steem die ich gekauft habe und somit auch was für Steemit tue, auch wenn ich nicht poste. lg 🤠
ps.: Gratulation zum Aufstieg, jetzt ist die champions leage nahe!
mein Verein hat heut leider ein klatsche bekommen 5:0 , egal deswegen bleib ich trotzdem ein Fan desen Vereines, so wie ich ein Steemian bleibe auch wenn viele davon rennen.


Du hast vollkommen recht :)
Nein, man darf nie alle in ein Boot werfen, damit macht man es sich zu einfach.
Finde ich gut das du dir noch eine Delegation dazu geholt hast ;)

Ich danke dir das mit der 5:0 Klatsche habe ich mitbekommen a ber du bist ein treuer Fan. Davon brucht es mehr.

I agree. Planning on accumulating more STEEM tomorrow.

As I said in a previous post, now is an excellent time to accumulate more STEEM. And we don't need to think in large quantities. One STEEM more today can make a significant difference in the future.

I agree with you brother.
You will always see people making their winter sleep when the crypto market is dropping.
The next loud bull wave will wake them up again.

I really appreciate your constant engagement here on Steemit regardless if the crypto market is up or down!


Haha :D great expression. Making their winter sleep.
Thanks my friend I appreciate your comment :)

i think this is what separates you from other older steemians. you actually engage with your followers and commenters.

i know i appreciate it man. and this is what will help ‘serious’ steemians grow here. the more engagement and awesome content that’s out there, the better.

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Thanks for your kind words :)
I really appreciate them. Exactly that is important to me. Helping serious Steemians to grow. 💪🏽 You are definitely​ one of them.


I'm waiting and I hope. no matter how small. of course for tomorrow it's worth it.

I’m more bullish than ever about Steemit. We should not confuse psychology with fundamental facts. People are posting much less now because of the bear market, but tell me one blockchain that is used to the extent and width that Steem is ? Just because the fiat price of Steem is much lower it doesn’t really mean much to me, because I’m looking at the future price, and therefore I still value each Steem as something very valuable!

  • now is the time tinne active - keep up the good work !

You are also one bright light here. I appreciate your lovely comment and agree with every single word.

It's the same everywhere, so many people are no longer posting on Steemit, discouraged by the low pay outs. Many have moved on looking for greener pastures. It is saddening. I do think we should all progress and find alternative sources but I don't think we should abandon our loyalty to this platform that has bettered so many of us. I have learnt to write better and to socialize better and I wouldn't trade the knowledge for anything. I do hope I make your voting list, it would definitely be a great source of encouragement. Cheers!

Hello there @modernpastor

I'll agree with most people that commented before me. Changes on our voting / following list are necessary every now and then. I've seen my feed dying lately (even made a post about that)...and I can only justify that if people are on vacations. In any different case...I just don't get it. Really.

I just don't understand that people prefer not to post because payouts are low at the moment. What the heck? Are we here only for the money? I don't really know how many of us have understood how revolutionary this platform is and all the potential...

And not everything has to be a novel. Steemit is a social media platform. Not a school, nor a university. People just need to express themselves, to socialize, to be present. I don't I sound romantic?

Anyway I am glad that you are an exception and people like you ( and a few others that I don't want to mention for obvious reasons) is what this platform needs if we want to go a step forward. Inspiration and motivation at its finest.

Have a great day my friend and sorry for the long comment.


You don't have to apologize my friend :)
Thank you very much for this detailed comment. And I agree with everything you said an no you didn't​ sound romantic ;)

Modernpastor FTW! hahahahaha keep on keeping on mate!

Keep doing the good you are doing. 😍
I am putting you on the auto vote without expecting anything in return. (after all my vote is pennies) I put very few on auto-vote. I will still drop in at times.

This assures me that I have voted in case I miss you in the feed.

Great idea! I need to refresh mine also, it’s been months lol... I think dozens of them got inactive. It’s going to take me a few hours probably 😂


Thanks, ​buddy.
Then you have to plan it well before. It will get time-consuming 😁


Might take me a whole day lol

Thanks a lot for your great support! Unfortunately, the activity is not very good at the moment. That was very different at the beginning of my Steemit career. Of course, the course was quite different. As always, there are heights and depths to be mastered. I hope that the activity on the platform will pick up speed again, the course will rise and with it the motivation for good contributions and the corresponding reward in cryptos. I think it's great that you stay so focused and therefore a support of the community and even in bad price times brings the users a smile in the face with your little click-action.
Thank you!

Hi @modernpastor,
I would like to invite you to look at my blog.
I think you will find my blog active and I am intent on creating quality content, which promotes Steemit.
Thank you for your time

I also did a mini- series on useful apps for beginners:

If you look at my Steemworld Page you will see I joined Steemit in April, or almost 5 months ago (150 days on September 9th and I have almost 197 blog posts and 1945 comments, I have upvoted 2600 times and I have received over 10,000 upvotes.

If you are looking for someone who is active I think you have found them.

Catch my blog, even though my feed looks like obfuscated, it's pretty good! :P


I will catch it my friend :)
Thanks for telling me ;)

Honestly, it wouldn't bother me to be on your list 😁 so feel free to put @acesontop on it if you think it deserves to be there. Thumbs up for the attitude!


Thanks for your comment and letting me know ;)
I appreciate it.

@modernpastor It's a great initative from your Side. I always Loves your initatives .


Thank you my friend :9
You're welcome.

This is nice and I want to thank you very much for your great vote support in the past @modernpastor, I appreciate it a lot! I'm always trying to publish interesting content and I'm staying active every day. I don't understand why people are inactive when prices are falling, because as you already said, it's the best time to stay active to accumulate more STEEM by posting actively and/or buying Steem. Greetings from Berlin and Steem on Ray!

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There are plenty of good writers here that are not being rewarded enough. Consider looking under @steemiteducation if you want to find good and stable users. It would make the world of a difference if they could get extra votes. We have also started @edu-venezuela if you are looking to support Spanish writing. All posts are educational but we also support stories etc that can be used in the classroom.

I will adjust my voting list soon too, I'm only voting manually since a few months, but with manual votes I'm always missing some great posts of my favourite authors, because of so many articles in my feed. -resteemed

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It is a shame why they quite steem, i don't understand we should support this wonderful platform it is not just a matter of money!
we don't know each others but we are as a family i mean comparing with Facebook my own friends and even my family read my articles and don't give me a simple free like, right? 😊 Thanks for your great posts & have a wonderful day. Regards.

Feel the same, looking into some money i can invest in Steem so my account will grow, still beleive strongly in the platform.
Posting around 15 times a month for over a year now and really met nice and inspiring people, shame that some in my list stopped posting aswell.
Post about my travels, Amsterdam and NBA Basketball weekly.
Goodluck with the comming soccer season

Beautiful post i appreciate your valuable post I like this idea thanks for sharing your beautiful blog

When the Price was falling under 2 € I saw already many leaving steemit. But now under 1 €, much more are leaving again. I feel happy about everyone who stays still here, never mind the price is down.

The thing is, the one who stop now, his account will be not development further, but we, the active people can development our account more higher the reputation and so on.... we have later a bonus in the pocket ;-)

I couldn't tell you how many song I sing the accumulation song and getting more Steem When we still have the chance. Chances are, after this reds, we might never see such a time, especially with the SMT'S Dates announced. This is definitely the perfect time to get as much as one possibly can!

Can You Imagine if Steem One Day Hits $1000 and have missed the chance to earn $1000 per Day NOW?

When I tend to feel lazy and demotivated I think of the possibility of $1000's days and my motivation goes right back up Lol! Whether it gets there or not, the thought of it will have helped me a great deal to accumulate Now!

As for your situation, I think there are still very passionate creators who are still doing this on the daily and those are whom you need on your team...You can definitely tear a part the leeches and ...true believers in this moment ;)

I am very active and I am trying to start a free to enter football competition last man standing . An entry from a real life footballer would do the contest some really good exposure. Its the English prem. You might be there some day and all funds get given as the prize . I put up 20 steem of my own to start it . Anyway thanks for listening. best of luck at the weekend!

It does seem like a bit of a ghost town here at the moment. I guess it cleans out the weeds.

Sounds good. Well myself have being off for a week now because of school work and my health. I hope to become active again.

I will not beat around the bush. If you have space for me in your voting list, I will be glad if you included me. I am pretty active on steemit, I make at least a post on a daily bases and I also love to curate, so if i have more steem power in my account I can curate more people.

What you are doing is indeed noble, something very few people have the heart to do.

Best of luck in your life ahead.


Just like before! I´m always available for a sneaky upvote :D

What better way to accumulate STEEM other than receiving upvotes from a football player that is almost reaching the champions league!!

That's right, brother, those of us who do not have money to invest buying, we must take advantage of publishing. I am active, I am trying to publish every day, although there are days that for reasons beyond my control, I find it difficult. and also try to make at least 2 daily. I also told you in one of your last publications (I do not know if you could read it) how grateful I am that you included me in your list, it is a privilege and also a great help. Thank you very much. :) God bless you.

Hello, blessings! I have heard of your good publications and motivation. Thanks for the advice, we must take advantage of publishing to the maximum with determination and purpose.

One steem a day, that’s my goal!
No it is not actually. I am aiming on 12 per week to reach my next goal, which is 750 SP by the end of the year!
And yes also my feed is running dry!
Congrats with reaching the playoff for the Champions League! One step closer to your first CL goal 👍

I'm definitely interested in joining this list!

I've been here for a year and three months and had periods of extreme productivity and times when I dropped off.

I recently started dental school and actually have something to blog about again, and I'm looking to take advantage of Steem's low price and earn, while all of the spammers are away lol

join the @helpie way... smile we still wait for you... its a huge chance... go and grab it my friend :D

haha... Nein feix... ich finde es Super das Du dich hinstellst und sagst hey ich habe freie Kapazitäten da einiges einfach Inactiv sind das zeigt um so mehr wie Aktiv Du eigentlich bist neben deinem Hauptgeschäft !

Hut ab und immer weiter so STEEM ON my friend

Good move Ray - I also realized a lack of posts in general here - some are on vacation of course , but some tend to post less as of price - this is now the time to post even more indeed. More chances to get a bigger part of the reward pool. Good luck in the play-offs!

Bisher habe ich noch kein eigenes Fiat Geld in Steem investiert. Aber wie du schon angemerkt hattest, ist es sicher kein schlechter Zeitpunkt jetzt eine Investition zu wagen. Das mit meiner geringen Votingpower nervt mich ein bisschen. Beim Kontet Bleibt es bei mir wie gehabt und auch die Anzahl meiner Beiträge werde ich unabhängig von irgendwelchen Preisen beibehalten.

Herzliche Grüße vom @faltermann 🦋🐛

Ich finde es gut, dass du deine Liste neu aufstellst, denn es wäre schade wenn deine Power nicht genützt würde!


So ist es :)
Das wäre eine Verschwedung!



Thank you for posting. I'm very grateful you still care for anyone. I'm really proud of you sir.

I kind of do the same purge for witnesses and people I follow. Every few months I'll go through both lists... see who's active, which witness is still moving forward with platform plans and initiatives; then I adjust accordingly.


Yes, that's​ a good method. I will do the same :)

I've taken a break from steemit for the last 2 months but I've used that time to think about the direction of my blog and what I want to focus on. I would like to focus more on quality and romanian content, not sure if a foreign language qualifies for your list :)

Love that idea of treasuring each steem. I reckon we'll look back at the good ole days when steem was less than a dollar and wish we'd been more active and bought even more!

Now following you and can't believe you weren't already in my feed as I like what I've seen of your blogs and I see some familiar faces here in your commenters :)

I do respect way of your giving towards the Steemians and it is greatly appreciated buddy :)

Thanks for the Support of yours :)

While yes I do agree with your last words even more

One STEEM more today can make a significant difference in the future.


For me you will be one day a bright star in the STEEM economy :)


To be honest I am glad that I met you in here buddy :)

And those words REALLY MEANS A LOT TO ME :)


Same for me buddy. Honestly:)

Falls du Lust hast und Bedarf, könnte ich dir einige ausgezeichnete Autoren nennen, die noch nicht übermäßig viel verdienen ...

I see the same, and I have to change my voting list on Steemdunk. There are many inactive people in summer. But this is also the best time to accumulate more steem, because STEEM is down.

I am very active here on Steemit... photography, digital art, paintings, travel .... in Canada

I think interaction has dipped with the drop in Steem value, but there are still plenty of active accounts and communities - sometimes it's just a matter of checking now and again on people and see if they are still posting or not. Most will return when the value of Steem increases and so does post rewards.

#thealliance #witness

Well half of the people almost left this platform quite sad but hopefully they will be back again :( steemit is no more fun

very honest, impartial and justified... it is essential that those steemers who really take this platform serious should be admired... Your post is appreciated... Great luck ahead...

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I miss your Steemit post @modernpastor! Still, I am glad to see you on IG regularly! ♥☺

It's good to adjust in order to support and read from ur new followers, as well as, the latest Steemians🔥

Maybe you could check out my close friend Lukas, known as @weitblicker on here :)
He enjoys hiking like I do and also posts nice reports like this one about it. He also was the guy I took to the Euro League Game. So if you can oversee the fact that he is a Rapid Vienna fan 😂, take a look at him please!


Oh, thanks martin for this nice words! 👍🏼 Haha football is more than rapid and rbs 😄 But congrats @modernpastor for reaching the CL playoff, i think this time you will do this! 💪🏼


Hahaha, Rapid Vienna Fan 😁
You're right @weitblicker football is more than those two clubs.
Great gesture @theaustrianguy. 👍🏽


Cool - Freunde von Maddin sind auch meine Freunde :-)

Truth be told, depending on your networking prowess, it might be optimal to do some other work that pays better per hour than earning on Steem, invest the pay on Steem and power up, than to be active on Steem when the price of STEEM is low. But now is the best time to network and be noticed as there is less competition.

@modernpastor while reading your post it came into my mind why not ask you at least a single time to visit my blog... I am a mobile photographer and I generally do photography posts on steemit. I believe I create decent quality posts. Also I use to get supports from my viewers... Hope you will like my work too. When you got time, I would like to ask you to visit my blogs. Hope you will enjoy it.
Stay well and keep posting. Steem on!

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