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RE: 4 Years From Today You'll Have Over $150,000 US - Worst Case Scenario - If You Keep Posting, Commenting and Curating Daily

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That's such a great information @ana-maria. I didn't know that SP in our account is accumulating some interest for us. Thanks a lot for putting light on this. I just checked FAQ and found that "STEEM tokens that are powered up to STEEM Power earn a small amount of interest for holding.". Can you please let me know from where did you find this 0.6% figure? I wasn't able to spot it.

Also, going by that calculation, I have currently 73.537 SP in my account. So, even if I don't do anything, will it be roughly half a million in 4 years from now accumulating the compound interest? That's bit hard to digest! 😀😀😀


Wow! I wish that happens, but is unbelievable. I mean, there are so many number of steemitians, will everyone be a millionaire?

No, apparently not everyone is going to be a millionaire. The developers changed the algorithm and here you may find my newest findings.

Well, the truth is that SP in our account accumulates some interest, but not 0.6% daily (or at least not as much anymore).
More about it, you may find in my Follow Up Post where I explain more about how, where from, why and how much at the moment.