This Week's Delegation and Upcoming Changes

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This Week's Winners

This past week we received two nominations for our delegation. However, neither candidate met our minimum requirements and/or expectations. Therefore, we've decided to increase delegation to our previous 6 winners! We will be adding 20 SP each to all of our active delegatees. Congrats to all of you for continuing to provide valuable content for the Steem Blockchain!

You can also follow these users at @kweenbrand,, @eoj, @big.ock, @lightoj, and @frugallady. We recommend it :)

Upcoming Changes

As outlined in @brandonfrye's recent video, some very exciting changes are coming to @minnowfund. Instead of delegating out SP every week we will now be utilizing our Steem Power to curate content of our fellow Steemians.

We will search out those who we feel are making a real impact on the blockchain with their community and blogging efforts, and support them with our voting power. This will allow us to impact more people than ever before, and will no longer require participation from the community (which has dwindlee in recent months).

Please see the video for full details!

This service is 100% funded by the @brandonfrye promotion service and its delegators. Special thanks to everyone who has made this service possible!

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What a cool surprise! Thank you @minnowfund! Congrats to all the other beneficiaries as well, it's been a big help so far.

I'm plugging they project at the bottom of every post - hopefully that brings a little more attention to the protect! 😎


Thanks for giving back, @eoj. Greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations to the previous winners on scoring themselves an extra 20 SP. I hope too one day myself also get lucky and win myself some Steem delegation, it is quite hard to get a foothold here.


Don’t give up. It’s not about winning by luck, it’s all about earning through contribution to the community.

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Great alternative! We need to adapt as things change! I just made my first post on inviting new users to the platform by reviewing the #introduceyourself tag! I hope it helps despite this challenging market which could hurt efforts as those can’t see past the STEEM price. However, since I know I am still reaching out to more people, I also increased my delegation to @brandonfrye to continue to support the great work he is doing here on the platform!


We need more supporters like you, @newageinv!

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Great post I will delagate a few sp I have left 👍


Thanks for supporting the @minnowfund, @tea-man!

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Thanks alot. This project is amazing, it keeps bringing new light to the future of the platform. Kudos to everyone making it possible and all other beneficiary.
Keep making steemit great.


Well said, @lightoj. “Keep making Steemit great”

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I'm nominating @dcooperation community, it's the community created by me and @tibfox, we create it to make people make more collaborations, we support all d-apps, but we upvote only @dtube 's videos to earn some reward and we use all the earning to power up @dcooperation account, all the upvotes are made manually. I personnally delegate almost all my power to that project, because I beleive that collaborations are very important.

Here is our best collaboration to promote dtube and steem blockchain on youtube :

Just starting my explorations into steemit as a platform to promote my blockchain development content and came across this via @brandonfrye on YouTube - very cool stuff! The economy here is so complex and is really opening my eyes to what the future of a dapp-driven internet looks like. Thanks to Brandon for your steemit getting started guides on YouTube!