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Hi Fellow Steemians, so I just spent 11 Hours making Steemit GIfs for you to have fun with and to promote steemit while doing so!


As we all know people communicate over social media using emotes/gifs/pictures to help better convey on how someone is feeling making the internet a better place and brining us closer. The purpose of conveying emotions over The Internet is very important since interaction in real life doesn't include just listening what the other person has to say and providing feedback, It consists of subconsciously reading each others emotional state trough use of body language that helps us understand each other better, therefore resulting in better communication. But the Internet can't show you how someone is feeling, you can't know how I'm feeling while writing this you can only assume how I am feeling now. So things that help convey emotions over internet make our experience here much closer to heart. That's the main reason why I created these gifs for you dear Steemians to use and enjoy!

Other reason why I created these is popularity, My recent ( 3 days ago- This Post) gif about steemit appeared in
Google Search!

What does that mean?

That means that I did my job well for creating it and that all you sharing it are doing even a better job promoting steemit while using the gif as a fun reaction!
It also rises steemit's google rank what in turn >increases steem value > introduces new users to the platform > To sum it up that small simple gif is Making steem price go up and is inviting new people to the platform and much more....It benefits everyone who uses steem and steemit! Including You!

Below is approx. ~14Hrs worth of work figuring ideas for gifs and making gifs for Steemanians to use! I encourage you to use these as much as you can, share them on other social media and have FUN!

This one was made by someone else, I just added captions.
And some gifs that "fit my username"

The minion ones, accurately represent the current relation of minnows and steem whales, Explanation Here
How to use: Right Click > Open in new tab > Copy Link & Share!
I would appreciate if you include @minon, when you make a post using of one of these gifs

If you have ideas for more of these / want me to do more, Comment Below!

Previous Gif I made
Here and yes, this gif is accurate!

For all my photoshop buddies Here is a HD png upvote button + Steem png Logo for you to use!

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Hey Minion you deserve more credit than .02 for this post! Sorry you could not make much more. You got my upvote!


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Credit will come over time and there is plenty time left, don't worry! Thank you!

Well done dude, thanks for doing this for the community!

No problem! This post benefits us all!

great efforts in creating these memes. get cereal man in gif :)

Very creative and funny, thanks for the hard work!

Nice Work, Good Pictures....
Make more of it...

Wow gif bonanza!

Hahahaha these are incredible man!!
I just spent a few hours making some memes too if you wanna check em out!


You share information about what hardware you work or it is secret!

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Heavily Outdated hardware:
CPU: Athlon x64 4200+
GPU: AMD HD 4850
RAM: 2 Gb DDR2

Note: I plan to use the SD of this post to Invest in a new PC and half of it to Power Up.

Thanks for the HD stuff, I want to do an animation but I cant find a good tool..and the only free tool im finding is blender... but it will be hard doing what I need to do sigh

You can try Photoshop in trial and do it there.

I have photoshop. but keeps giving me many errors I gave up.

Make sure to have enough space allocated for scratch disks, since these files have many layers and can consume Gigabytes of space while you work on them. I hope this helps.