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RE: A call to separation of powers in Steemit

in #steemit4 years ago

Flagging should be used very rarely. Only on posts which are abuse or spam or clearly worthless. If flagging is only used on very rare occasions this will help a great deal. Have you talked to this person about why so many of your posts have been flagged?


Yes, the person flagging my posts subjectively thinks they are over rewarded!

It's more than that. This person has the bizarre view that the posts should go on another website instead. Somehow sending users off to another site (along with removing the information users want from the feed, ability to comment, track replies, etc.) instead of keeping them on this platform is viewed as a good idea. This approaches things in the opposite manner as just about every other property in the history of the web, which try to maximize the amount of time and interaction users spend on the site instead of sending them elsewhere.

Indeed, asking me to take these posts to an external website is against common sense and all the rules of business management. I really don’t understand all this fury against my posts specifically.

Thanks again for your support @smooth!

I have been constantly monitoring so I know what is happening.

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