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Just catching up on a my feeds from yesterday. Thanks for the mention. I appreciate that. I have just come out of a meeting hopefully to get us on a on-line radio show and another meeting tomorrow to talk to a production company that wants to work with me. I can't be doing with all this talking bollox about how to market Steemit. My approach is just get on with it..!! It's not rocket science. Some people can talk a problem to death rather than just sort it out. I am like a Rottweiler when I get something in my teeth. Thanks again for the support. Stephen

There are some very interesting characters on Steemit - I do love them all!! :)

and i like u as one of steemian character

The @mindhunter character :) Thank u @nurfajarfajijifiraji?!!

Proud to be a Steemian character @fajaragamazmamamama!?!

I have to you wear a kilt and if so, please post a vlog of that?

I did have one Kobie, but I sold it many years ago at a handsome profit! Here is a pic of me in it :)

I was visiting a friend whilst attending a wedding in Hawaii! #handsomehunter :)

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What, I am not the best writer on Steemit?! Bwahaha, love it! I actually believe that quantity over quality is what works for me. If I tried to write an amazing post everyday I would be mentally exhausted. Thank you for the vBlog, they are always entertaining.

No, your crap @hilarski! Your wife is better! LOL! Even my vBlogs are crap compared to @craig-grants! I don't even have HD recording or the Florida sunshine! But seriously, past the fun banter I do fully endorse your opinion :) I myself have cut back to 4 posts a day now! (well kinda!)

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