Privacy Workshop #7 - Down the "Steemit Inc." Rabbithole

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Someone in comments requested more pictures. I have decided in this case to oblige the request but be warned, telling authors that you want more pictures in their work is not the shortest avenue towards earning respect for your intellect...

That said, enjoy. But I suspect this is more of a 'be careful what you wish for' situation.

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Thanks cryptome! ( )


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Strap in. We're going deep..................

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Questions? Comments? I'm all ears. I'm here for an open discussion, tell me I'm wrong. Tell me what I'm missing. Tell me what I don't get. Just don't censor me and don't pull any manipulative crap.

Hey, I want to do this stuff full time. Either hire me to write for you or support my work, but if I don't find a way to survive, I can't wake up and do this every day now can I. Making a leap of faith spending so much time on this as it is. Promoting myself in such a way that I get past the gatekeepers of whatever industry has always been impossible for me, largely because they look for orthodoxy more than ability usually.


Bitshares: actual-mindhawk

'm going to be asking questions until there is nothing else I am curious about or I can't type any more, lets try and extend that window.

Let the good vibes get a lot stronger! And someone post this on the chans for me plz thanks lol.


There is a world of difference between Facebook and Steemit just due to the codebase being open source vs. hidden. In theory, the open source nature of Steem and Steemit means that anyone with skill can duplicate the entire system and make their own version - which is absolutely not the case with Facebook. This therefore means that there is a failsafe built in to allow users to 'rebel' if needed. That said, as with offline reality - to do so requires organisation, agreement, need and desire - which are typically lacking among the users of most social networks, though it certainly could be a possible outcome at some point.

As far as Amazon goes, I was not aware of being hosted on Amazon, but if it weren't Amazon it would be somewhere else and the various alphabet agencies are thoroughly hardwired in to the internet backbones anyway, so while Amazon might make it easier for bad actors to use state systems to manipulate outcomes than other hosts might - there is no real guarantee with any of them.

Ultimately, to enact 'full spectrum dominance' on the steem blockchain would require the code for the nodes to be manipulated and for no-one to realise - which is possible, but given that anyone can examine the source code, it is likely that eventually it would be found out. That, again, is no guarantee of anything. As long as we are using systems made by others we don't know, there will always be possibility for us to be exploited, so the only way forward is to either use no systems, make our own systems or just work with what's available. If we make our own systems, then the problem doesn't go away, it just means that we personally feel safe, but others don't.

As with everything, the more we know, the more active we are and the more our intent is purely aligned to balance, healing and evolution - the more we will shape reality to meet our real needs. It's good to be vigilant but also good to not create problems that don't exist.

thank you for the careful consideration, upvoted.

I am of course not certain, I made a few leaps without evidence because I feel at this point I would be naive if I did not. I actually put the same question to stan just now, we'll see what he says.

I am proud I at least summarized the questions in an entertaining concise way, and as time goes on we will be able to refer back to this point and see what turned out to be good, and what turned out to be bad.

if every search goes through google, and tracking is turned on, then i have doubts about anyone who cares about my privacy. and anyone who doesn't care about my privacy is suspect.

thanks for taking the time to consider, you earn my respect when you address my questions and I hope I will be able to reflect that back when possible.

fwiw, response from stan himself

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fair enough, lol carry on

time will always tell what is what but i am not going to be ruled by fear and rumor either.



stan's forbes article documenting his ties to the american military industrial complex:

decentralize today's article about steemit:

"The developer, upon realizing that he had lost some control of the supply, decided to re-launch STEEM to ensure that he alone had majority of supply (at least 75%+ of supply). As you can see the developer did everything possible to ensure almost complete centralization."

The BS/H debate and most others revolve around this issue, a small number of accounts play kingmaker while a huge number of accounts spam.

People like myself are forced into a near begging position while other accounts that are brand new and post relatively little other than talking heads babbling videos, get mysteriously upvoted into high reputations quickly.

Waiting for any actual response from anyone who might know.

FWIW, I watched @stan on this projectcamelotportal interview and I LIKE the guy, he says a lot of things that I agree with about freedom and tyranny, the purpose of blockchain tech.

So I am really down the rabbithole here, I want to believe this guy can work for lockheed for his whole life and then leave it, but so much of what I know says that once you are on that side of things that you are just part of it forever.

This blog post is one-sided, a critical view of steemit and bitshares, and I am still working it out. But until one can see this side of it, I don't think anyone is ready to actually look for the answers that would actually lead to actual Truth Now.

BitcoinLatina, the new project they are promoting seems like a centralized token as well, humm idk man... I have a couple of bad feelings that I hope totally wrong; Had the same with AriseBank and now you're connecting some dots here that my mind is blowing.

I really really like you, though!

I had a feeling about that, and now you have confirmed it.
Good Post!Unknown-5.png

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 1.10% vote... I was summoned by @teknow! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

You got a 7.42% upvote from @bearwards courtesy of @teknow!

LMAO!!! Oh shit that memestory was classic! Absolutely accurate.

Which is why this post would stink too much for any of the blind fools to stop and take in. The moment that there is a truth talk or a "negative" post it's a very fast finger down the throat to get all that yukky out... "ewww.. nooo nooo steemit bashing.. I can't swallow anymore. Even if I wanted to I couldn't. I have my mouth well trained to only take in the excrement of my favorite whale(s), it's paying off nearly, one of them visited my post and left a whopping 0.35% of his vote on my post. Success baby!"

LOL anyway, well done man. Even though it will get little views and upvotes. You will one day be reflected back upon and this post will be a bitter but unavoidable pill to swallow.

You have good wisdom. Get your talent on the right platform. This is not the right place for you. As for the facebook 2.0 thing I think it is too far fetched. Possible it would serve a purpose for realizing new systems of surveillance but to have this be the new data mining platform is a stretch. There isn't much here that would be of interest to an government entity.

The anarchism of the platform died long ago really. It's no more than a whale feeding zone and a beggars last hope. The in betweeners.... They'll see the light or simply not. Either way, the system only favours one group, so the retention of the middle is not important. As long as the system is able to regurgitate a few, then the feeders will still remain until it becomes so bulimic that it devours itself an then ceases to show life.

The only data worth the study here is the human behavior and the impact that greed has on the herd. The way that human would savagely turn on their fellow man in order to obtain a minute slice of that cheese. This is both evident and a worthy case to study. Money does have a powerful effect on human. It leads to loss of dignity and loss of focus. Specially when the system is a closed system where it no longer becomes possible to see the bigger picture. This is all well known though. Human is a vile creature when rewards are the competition.

So yeah, maybe I should leave with a 'positive' note..
"steem on steemians" as they say....
with desperate hope in their voices. LOL

Thanks for the comment, are there any other platforms that use blockchain so writer's work can't be censored and give the chance for earnings?

I wonder what it would be like to write for a platform that wasn't outright ghost/gaslight censoring me?

Wow, how sweet that would be, to be judged by the quality of your work as opposed to whether or not you said what rich people wanted you to. Wow, to imagine....maybe on some other planet.

To me it's more about the anon donors now that I know the nature of the steem overlords. I hope they have to work hard to censor me and that it ruins their day.

Yeah there are many new projects and quite a few old ones which are realizing the need to look after the integrity of content for true decentralized and sustainability.
Minds is possibly the most well known. It is slowly evolving and making some excellent strides. It is worth getting yourself on there to connect with some excellent minds.
Medium is also making some great changes to their ecosystem to look after quality content.

The one which I believe in the most though and is realizing a new network which can essentially be a hub for quality output and also connect you with other industries and individuals that are about freedom of speech. Without the oversight of some backwards fools that think that sustainability can be achieved by selective 'quality'.

This network/platform is called embermyne.
It is oriented towards more Arty expression but really you are on that path even if you don't realize. Comedy IS an art form and you certainly gained my respect with this post. The funny thing is, embermyne is modeled similar to steemit... only... the steemit that steemit intended to be. Do check it out. It's got great potential. Some elements are already in motion but the whole thing will be realized some time in 2019. Not a negative. As, hey it takes time to get something right. You don't make a baby by coming home drunk one night and entering through the back door.

Which... is what steemit has become.... a select few in the back going ham on that "rewards pool hole" and the rest are all at the front like... "If i just keep buying her drinks... she will soon let me touch her hair".

Good to find your blog. I'll keep an eye on your posts.
I don't visit here often... as ... it's not a place where QUALITY is found at the ready.
I got lucky with your post because you posted it on that thread on reddit about "where does the money come from on steemit".

Anyway keep posting. Even if no blind fool takes notice here.
Your thoughts and revelations will be on the blockchain for as long as this ratchet chain is alive.

thanks for the kind words and the tips, I will def check them out.


(why i think i've found another human on here...)
(fwiw for the amount of time it took to make this matrix meme scene i have not yet gotten quite enough credit lol. or privacy workshop....which should be required reading in high schools and for parents imo)

Dont be a stranger :)

LOL yeah I know that is what really sucks about steemit. It's NOT about quality content at all. The bots DO NOT know how to identify quality so it's absolutely laughable to think that this is a platform that will rightfully award those who deserve it.

The headline "Money Talks" is quite fitting. It at least prepares one for the truth.. well, those who are able to decipher it's true meaning. Which is It's ALL ABOUT the Money. So if you don't put in, you can expect to be GAGGED. Hence you find yourself undervalued.

Don't play the game though man. Your money is better spend elsewhere. Invest it elsewhere and simply utilize this space as a dump for your ideas. Then as the right platform develops.. Decide to go all in on the one you feel is just and sustainable. The ROI is not even anything special here. Specially when you are locked in for a set period. There are many more rewarding models from other blockchains simply by staking. An act which works both for you and the platform, which in return works back for you.

So then one must ask, why would anyone decide to choose steemit as an investment when the only way for that ROI to be achieved is to feed an element of the system that is actually working to destroy the system. A tumor which will eventually cripple the host. How anyone existing here feeding the voting BOTS thinks that this is a smart financial move simply proves how gullible most are.

The real truth is that the ones playing the system for that quick return have no interest in the longevity or even the state of the platform. They know they will be out once their gains are had anyway. Evident by the steady withdrawal of their gains. @haejin for example. So the ones who are receiving the reward at the top, are short term players. While the ones at the bottom, the ones all feeding the top are in effect getting robbed. Wrongfully believing that their long term commitment will be rewarded. It's a classic PONZI here. A well masked one, but a ponzi nonetheless.

Keep posting though. There are a few who do have noble ambitions and are interesting in saving this place so you will be recognized by the right people eventually. I will keep voting you, and though it won't be much you at least don't waste your own juice.

Even if no reward, it is definitely worth it for the truth.

They'll pay attention eventually.
Probably when it's too late, but the inevitable is the inevitable.

This is insightful, thanks.

Like I write in the morpheus meme, you have to test your limitations to know if they are actually real. I'll give the embermyne a look, but the truth is I have actually made 1k in coin here and that's' better than elsewhere. And until I see proof that it's not an actual blockchain, the idea that the stuff will be online here for a long long while is at least encouraging. I don't have to worry about the mucky muck workings of reddit going through and censoring things from years back they don't like.

I can't believe how much i posted at u/mindhawk on reddit lol. check my controversials, they are all israel related, everything I ever said about israel got downvoted to 0 without any discussion, it's pretty blatant.

Here, it seems that if I say anything that is not 'steemit is the best!' that no one upvotes or comments, which if that's the level of critical thinking here then it is probably a ponzi.

I don't think they would be building EOS if there wasn't a fundamental flaw to steemit, as in, I think that as time goes on there will be so few people like myself making real content and so many bots/agents/gangs that very little value will be there while a ton of currency is extracted and that simply has to be inflationary.

So yes, I am right now on bitshares actually having a lot of fun and doing what you're saying, investing in some tokens.

I think that as long as my work here is public and I post my anon coin address, that if I tell the truth the best bet for income is the anons who like that I'm doing actual work that is helpful.

At the moment I am having a hard time coming up with my next post because there is tooooo much to write about lol. Which is in a way a good sign, but also it's all bad news so there's that.

btw check out this user:

She commented and upvoted to say 'touche' but does that really go with any of her other activity? Stands out a little bit doesn't it that someone would come to steemit, make 12 posts, 11 meaningless, and then come HERE to this thread and say touche? wtf is that lol?