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#1: MSNBC.com

Once a fledling but powerful news organization that Microsoft invested $221 Million in, MSNBC has been losing steem over recent years to Fox & CNN. By this time next year, much deservedly, Steemit will be a bigger news platform than MSNBC!

#2: InfoWars by Alex Jones

Once on the "fringe" of news, infowars now even sets the agenda for some news cycles. Our current president Donald Trump was interviewed on this once shunned and ignored conspiracy realm of a platform. It's even argued that host Alex Jones propelled the 'D' to a winning election and that he still calls them for advice.

#3: Bitcoin.com & Bitcoin.org COMBINED

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Combining the traffic of both, Steemit may already be more visited. It's incredible to have come this far in such a short amount of time and being a derivative of the bitcoin software which is 7 years older than STEEM!

#4 TheBlaze.com

At 3,837 Global rank and 889 in the US, TheBlaze.com is just barely inching in front of Steemit.com right now.

Steemit.com ranks 3,944 globally (up 13,000 in rank!) and 1,238 in the United States / http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/steemit.com
. We know Glenn Beck, world famous news and opinion host originally on Fox News. Overtaking his relatively large news organization is a noteworthy accomplishment.

#5 LocalBitcoins.com

Though in the United States LB is already much less popular than Steemit, globally the two are neck and neck and are both growing at tremendous rates.

#6: Alexa.com

Alexa LOGO.png
For fun, Steemit is already more popular in the US than the website ranking site itself, Alexa.com!

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Its seem good , our steemy baby is growing second by second , lets grow it toghetr

our global rank has shot up a LOT!

This is amazing! Bright future ahead

Thank you. Maybe I should do more posts of analysis and hard numbers like this one :)

UPDATE: As of 2017-08-16 (barely a month later)

Steemit.com global rank is 2,601 and in the US it's 1,387.

This is a huge jump from a month ago at:
3,944 globally and 1,238 in the United States

Now it is lower in the US, I don't know why. But up majorly in the world according to alexa.

Steemit has it's own credibilty problems... content wise. Hope it will overcome this.

Oh yes pleasy, what do you mean? I get that there are lits of posts that advertise their content creator aka steemian to generate Steem. And we see lots of Dollar Emojis that my suggest to get rich on steemit.com. Do you mean that or otherwise?

LIKED and RESTEEMED. The more hardcore stats the better. Steem on!

I don't think it's that unthinkable that it's becoming so popular. Yes, those sites may have more unique visitors, but think how many pages and how much time most active users spend on steemit. I would guess I visit 100 steemit pages per day and spend a couple of hours by the time I read/comment on articles and write a post.

I'm slowly but surely trying to do my part to get more people onboard Steemit! I'm a content creator and have been actively posting new articles on here. Lots of my blog readers have recently registered for an account so it's all about spreading the word.

The Steemit train is gaining momentum!

Let's hope Steemit's promise as a potential freedom of speech platform, free of deep state political censorship, doesn't turn out to be a mirage -- as have others before.

Things are definitely improving around the Steemit site!

our world rank is WAY up in just a month!

I will relish the day of #1. Let's throw CNN in there, while we are at it.


Thanks for the list, came over from @Bullishmoney , and followed.

thanks that was super nice of him

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