Steemit Is Already More Popular Than You Realize!

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I just received an email from my good friend @mikeparker, and he put out an incredibly useful -- and enlightening -- article that you should all check if you have a chance!

Here's the full link --

The crux of his argument is that Steemit is already more popular than most people, perhaps even many Steem users, realize. Furthermore, he lays out in his opinion the top five websites that Steemit may overcome in popularity by the end of this year.

I double-checked his sources, and I have to say without a doubt, Steemit has overcome both and Furthermore, it's right on the heels of The Blaze, which is an extraordinary achievement considering how young the Steem network is.

Now, for my own opinions, I think @mikeparker's targets for number one and two are a tad too ambitious. Especially number two is going to be wickedly difficult. Still, if the right level of engagement and integration occurs, who knows? Only time will tell!

So anyways, please check out the great article that @mikeparker submitted, which you can find here --


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I think we can expect to overtake many popular sites, but I don't think it will be as popular as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, just because it came a bit later and doesn't have such a wide


It will take some time because , FB , twitter , instagram havnt such compitators on his eara , steem face a strong compition , but steem give more then others


That could be the case...the mainstream social media platforms definitely came first on a "nominal" or technicality basis. That said, so many people are enthusiastic about Steemit, and believe that it will overtake some, if not all, of the mainstream platforms is because of the blockchain revolution.

With some dedication, people can make careers out of blogging on Steemit. If not, it's definitely a great side-gig! :)


It is very, VERY unlikely that Steemit will ever touch Facebook's success. FB is untouchable unless they make a huge mistake (or unless Blockchain literally eliminates the banks forever and destroys all advertising, which seems unlikely)

Steemit is growing rapidly and there are a lot of new people coming to the platform every day. The only thing that needs to expand is the reward pool and the current market cap. Otherwise everything is shooting up and away. Now is the perfect time to grow invest and hold the line.
In a couple of year's everyrhing will be beyond beautiful.