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Thank You

I would again like to thank everyone at the Make a Minnowproject on the P.A.L Network for selecting me for the 5kSP delegation for the past month.

For those wondering what the hell im on about, here is the low down. My account was delegated 5000SP for one month by Make a Minnow on the P.A.L Network. This has increased my voting power to more than 10 times what it normally is, with some assistance of my Superfriends over on Helpie the Copes Upvote Initiative was created for a limited time, please check out the programs which made this possible and for your chance to be selected to have 5000SP delegated to you...

all caught up

To be honest, this all caught me by surprise. I really wasn't sure what I should be doing with the delegation or how I would use these superpowers for the use of good for the platform. I did not want to waste the privilege which had been bestowed upon me by all you fantastic peeps out there.... but thanks to you.... I GOT THE POWER!!!!! So i gots to figuring how best to apply the extra SP in the piggy bank.

I Got The Power

Looking back at the past month I think I did alright, lol. After testing out what my vote was worth and trying to upvote random content I believed was good I started refining the process a bit more. This meant taking a look at how people curate content and trying my best to emulate what I saw. I must say it was pretty difficult so much respect and kudos to go to those who regularly curate at this level as i now know it's not an easy task :)


After settling on a tact and a few discussions on what would work best, I began what I called Copes Upvote Initiative. I began sifting through the contents on steemit and finding articles which I believed stood out as exemplary work.

These articles were then compiled in to a post showing the steemians works, I also left the authors considerably lengthy comments encouraging their work and suggesting they join our community, some of which did (YAY, im not a totally crap representative for the communities, lolz). The purpose of this was to facilitate growth in the community and bring like minded people together, creating new friendships, bonds and connections.

Come Together

While I dived into many Fields while researching articles, I ended up settling in the area of psychology, philosophy, motivation and human interaction as it's something that I naturally gravitate to. In the final week it was cranked up to 11 and really dug deep to get that fresh psych content upvoted.

Sigmund Freud

In addition to Copes Upvote Initiative I also attempted to give up votes in the fashion of "acts of random kindness". Where I upvoted comments and works that may not have necessarily fallen into the aforementioned categories that I was searching to curate at the time, but the people showed that they were genuine in their interactions. Naturally those that are part of my network benefited from boosted upvotes from my account for the past month also. I did try minimize the bias somewhat in this area, but you gotta give love when love due right? much love my peeps :)

Acts of Random Kindness

I hope that I have served the community well over the past month with the delegation which was given to me by the Make a Minnow project, it was a privilege to serve within the ranks of this great Revolution, to make a real difference, to impact on the lives and accounts of many great steemians. Many thanks again to all those who had faith and voted for me to be graced it's such an honor.

Much love and copious hugs in all your directions


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Much love bro, you put it to good use. :)


Thanks mang, i dooz my best to dooz my best, lolz. much love and copious hugs :)

Almost seems like a full time job to stay on top of it mate! I'm not sure I could be bothered sifting through and reading that much content, especially with a lot of topics I have zero interest in reading which tbh a lot of stuff I see from the big accounts on steemit is really boring stuff. So i guess a bit of respect has to go your way there!


if you search the tags it helps refine what you see, that way you get to see the content you wanna see :) for me i was kinda handed the powers and i wasnt expecting it so hadnt thought much bout what i would be doing with it if i got it, but it turned out ok me thinks :) but that is for others to judge

oh Man... moving to the next place ....all the best is coming your way mang...I can feel it.


thanks mang, much love

I can imagine that curating is hard. But you did an amazing job at it and found some really great content and new stuff for us all to see. It was a great use for an amazing gift!


thanks lovely :) was a fun ride and it challenged me to do thing i hadnt thought of doing in the past.... great learning experience and much growth :)

I was a beneficiary by your vote and i just want to say when you're new around here and put so much effort into writing blogs and leaving comments all over the shop, with often little interaction or rewards compared to what you see on the homepage sometimes with far lesser effort in the work, but not always, to have received an upvote from this initiative and a few others has been whats kept me from being disheartened on here, you really do have a positive impact on us :D

My self and i am sure countless others are super grateful.


hey @myindigoinsight , i know what you mean, its not easy to be puttig hours of work into a article to have it make 0.06 in rewards when you see others post a meme which is not even their own creation which rack sup 60-100sbd. But when we refuse to compare ourselves to others and just do what we want to do, it is a level of freedom which is beyond comparison.

Yes we all want to do well, but the way i see it is that i am in competition with no one but myself, my standards and my goals. if we continue to do what we want and be congruent with the self and autonomous in our atcions we will gravitate towards like minded individuals on the platform and them to us. Within these communities we grow together in the direction we which to grow :)

this is why i advocate for the groups, discords and communities i am part of, because i recognize the same kind of nature in those i have interacted with when applying Copes Upvote Initiative, and i believe that they are on a similar path, that they would benefit from being part of these communities and the communities from them being part of it.

This is the dawn of a new age, where space and time are of no consequence to those we choose to interact with. where the boundaries are set only by our minds. When we come together with those whos quests resemble our own, who encourage us to be our best selves, we can achieve a level of awesomeness we have only dreamed of :)

im so happy that the upvote has helped you stick with it and i hope that future interactions you have will fortify it also. much love and copious hugs in your direction :)


Aw thank you for that, yes you are right the key is to not get caught up in the comparison game. I have just set up discord and am slowly joining groups on there as i find them. And i am enjoying interacting with like minded people :)


Thats the way :) well if you jump on to PAL keep an eye out in the mspwaves audience room for me, we can have a chat :)


Sorry to be a pain it's all new to me, do i need an invite link to join? I've tried to search for it on discord but i imagine i am doing it wrong, the only way i can seem to be able to join groups is by using invite links??


All good mate, here is a link. click, join and enjoy :) much love :)


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