As much as I'd love to, so I can add more I-told-ya-so's to my growing list, it leaves me with one other problem, betraying my source who provided the rumor in confidence. I am here to poke the bear and either garner a confession or perhaps smoke out a source who can validate - anyone who DOES know what I'm talking about, has enough clues already that the information is floating around. Anyone who doesn't is just going to get into a long argumentative thread of pros and cons and fors and againsts and speculate without really having much to go on, as of yet.

If what I heard is all true, you'll know by February-ish anyway.

why February lol. steemit inc needs to collapse. Steem could find its own way forward then, so many people believe in it and have a centralised body was never going to work. Ned will sell steemit inc to facebook!! lol. As they are looking for people haha or ned will leave steemit and work for them.

Because my source said not to elaborate and the news would break in about a month, so I'm hedging with February.

As for stinc collapsing? Regardless of any rumor about why were seeing such bizarre behavior from them, we're watching that unfold in real time anyway. As for what the rumor holds, well, its such a thing that any perspective of stinc as it looks today is potentially going to be moot anyway.

facebook buyout or sellout confirmed lol

Nah, facebook doesn't care about this little chicken shack. They'd buy something with a much larger market cap and user base or just buddy up with google or ibm or oracle or somebody to make one.

But more generally, close enough. :)

so the steem token is toast and going to 0

Regardless of the rumor, the value of anything remains anybody's guess. But then again, thats true in all aspects of finance right now, as the US enters its lowest stock market in 32 years, precious metals dipped, forex dollar values low, cryptos tanked...

Regardless of what happens SirCork - it has been a fun ride. If you get a chance mate - have a look at my post today.

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places like malta kinda hints that a big asset might switch hands?

i hope ned's giant stake which is disproportionately large compared to his skills (or lack of) is going somewhere else.

Well my friend, every time they speak they seem to just be completely winging it, so I don't know if we will find out if that's true till it either happens or nothing changes.

Here's to luck for us in the new year, Sir!

well i'll wait and see :)



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