My Steemit Animations & The Story Behind Them

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One of the things I love doing on Steemit is a comedy animation. My ideas have always pretty much stemmed from current events on the platform so the animations themselves tell a story of the platform at the time. The following is a collection of my animations around events on Steemit itself. Shockingly there are very few fatalities! Read on for a delve into Steemit History.

Way back at the turn of the year there was a lot of negativity on the platform about the low rewards which was related to the incredibly low steem price at the time. Some people think that a dollar is bad. Well, back then it was between 15 and twenty cents Some people announced that it would bottom at 1 cent and we were all doomed.


This was the peak of the rage quits. This isn't worth my time! etc etc. A few of us hardy souls gathered our wagons in a circle and carried on posting. We posted through thick and thin and often posted positive gubbins about the platform to counter the negativity.

This one was one of my first animations trying to put a positive spin on things. As you can see it's a bit clumsy. I did get better!


I thought it had a great sentiment. :O)

With the price of Steem being so low, rewards were further impacted by the notorious Whale Experiment. This experiment was to flag all posts which earned over a certain value so that there was more in the reward pool for everyone else. It caused a great stooshie, I kinda liked it at the time beause my rewards went up!

People were desperate to get bigger payouts and at this time a new whale arrived on the scene - htooms. He gave away his voting power for an evening several times. It inspired the following.

It is worth noting that I didnt quite do this as a celebration of it as some thought but more to take the mick out of the people shouting I HATE WHALES then going mad trying to ride htooms for the night.


That one was my most complicated animations up to that point. But it was worth it

Astonishingly, even to the positive among us, as summer approached, a strange thing began to happen. The price of steem began to rise. It rose and it rose and it threatened to overtake the price of SBD which was hovering around the dollar. I quickly walloped the following one out before it overtook SBD. It was the first outing of the Steem Prince!


It continue to rise and swiftly smashed through the dollar barrier


In fact, it started rising so fast and so high that it seemed unstoppable. I quickly pulled the Steem Prince out again and at the suggestion of the ever imaginative @jedau gave him golden hair! TEN DOLLAR STEEM!


Sadly the meteoric rise was not sustained, partly I think because all the dolphins with any steem power started powering down like mother fuckers and selling thousands of it. - no offence guys the big guns were doing it too! :O)

After that everything settled down slightly. There was spam galore but that's a different post!

And that brings us to the last few months, where the number of Steemit accounts has been increasing at a rate of knots, Steem price has decreased of late but heck, we all know it is gonna go back up.

The next hardfork (Velocity) promises to make onboarding much easier for new accounts. Which has been a sticking point of late.

I hope the new users get in a little easier than below...


And in case you missed it, there are rival platforms out there now. Like this one below. Its rubbish and is gonna crash and burn. So, as they say in New Joisey, FUGGEDABBADID. At least that's what someone from there once said to me.


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Thank you for posting this summary meesterboom.

Lovely narrative.....Steemians enjoy these animations especially the cheeky fellow with Steemit hair.....sort of reminds bleujay of a certain fellow with loads of blonde hair.....bold with a wink.

Wishing you and yours all the best. Cheers.

Hehe, yes, I may have had someone in mind when I was modelling that particular character ;0) Cheers @bleujay and all the best to you!! :0)

These are the best gifs on Steemit by far!

I like the htooms the most!

Oh that one was a bugger to do. I do quite like it though! I learned a lot from doing it, mainly when doing shading to leave it till last!

Hey! You talkin ta me? Fuggedaboudit you lousy bum! budda bing, budda boom!

I did think of your profile pic as I typed it. You are the only person I have ever spoken to from New Joisey!

Thanks Boom, I'll take that as a compliment ;-)

Hehe, it most definitely is!

Love your animations my friend. Lots of fun!

Thanks old dog! Sometimes I see the older ones and it is the story of the time that makes me smile. We have all been through quite the thing haven't we!

History of Steemit, airing Fridays on "H Channel" :P
That is seriously a good deal of moments you guys went through, so glad you kept going.
TBH 2 months back when I first joined, probably you were one of the first and few ppl whose posts i've been reading, and kept me going with steemit.
Thanks for being too fun to read!
Getting too tragic .. grabs a tissue, wipes tears HAHA
You rock dude!

Ha yet a champ mate!! I hope you stick with it. The secret here is really too keep plugging away.

There were some wild times earlier. Tunes when it genuinely seemed like the platform was going to fail. It's that mix of money onto it which makes people react a bit more than they would normally!

yea I hear you !
We're hopefully in for the long run, just glad to be also making great friends too along the way, and blessed with somewhat a successful ride so far.
Cheers !

Sounds flipping tops! I think it is a good place to connect and make new friends!

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Putting the "BOOM" in meesterboom

Lol, I love that gun!

I loved your story and liked your animations very much. They were hilarious but there was truth behind them and that made them valuable. Thanks!

Thanks for reading lass, it is definitely fun to look back over it all!

The fatalities are epic

Yeah my favourite are ones with death. Lol!

I Just got on your blog for the first time (shame on me I didn't find you earlier 🙈) and just love your comic animations 😃 They're short and easy but damn cool. Waiting for more to come from now on 😊

Hehe, they are a bit irregular but they do happen. Cheers mate!

I'll find them ;)

Spielberg and DePalma step on over...the Boommeister is in Steemtown. Classic look back at some even more classic masterpieces. It is fun to re-live the topsy-turvy world we've passed through (more so than at the time), but your drawing finger on the pulse of the goings-on's has always been a helpful respite and poke of fun during the semi-stress of it all. Helps keep it from being too serious...which may be easier when a guppy like me.

I think of you as the animae (dds) version of the news anchor's of old, that kept everyone feeling hopeful in the face of certain mayhem.

Here's to many many more Meesterminded bots and other characteurs that we have all come to love and enjoy.

(Here's also to hoping for more color-toothed meesterbots in the future. Like Mr. Eastwood's directing, they always make my day.)

Hehe, Cheers man! Yeah they can ask step aside. I will remake every film in stick man format. None of this 3D or IMAX nonsense :0)

It is good to have a humourous recap of events isn't it!

It's the bomb.
Stick men of the world, unite.

It would be an awfy violent place ;0)

Hmmm, so true. Though as your postal cartoon a few days ago pointed out, the fleshed out ones' don't do much better.

Right enough!!

Hahaha, I love them all! The whale one is super cool! Can't wait to see what you come up with next - your posts are among my absolute favourites!

I am blushing but it is smashing to hear! The whale one was cool but so hard!

Woohoo! I appreciate the shoutout, duderiffic! :'D

I'm glad to have been witness to all of these wonderful animation. Even though we didn't meet that early in our Steemit journeys, I can't believe I was there for the birth of many of these series that people have come to know and love. Man, what a trip down memory lane! Even more so than the past animation recaps. This feels like the history of STEEM as a currency!

I shall encapsulate it into a video cassette and then enshrine it as thus!!:0D

I can't wait to watch it on VHS some years now to kick up the nostalgia! Though, I do wish you would have it ported to Betamax somehow. My Betamax performs a bit better and the pictures show in glorious 80p!!

80p! No-one can live at that speed!! :O)

Right!? I couldn't believe it myself!! I spent a cool 7 grand on this bad boy, and honestly, this might be the best investment I've ever made. It's like I'm living in the future!

You have gone beyond the future. You have gone beyond the singularity!!

What's it like up ahead there?

It's a bit chilly. Had I known this was what I was headed into, I would've bought a pile lined sweater or, at least, ear muffs. But, what post-apocalyptic future isn't chilly, right?

I'm not sure how much of the future I could disclose without altering the past, but I will say this, the moon has all but been obliterated on account of a number of coins that rocketed up to it. I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to pop out real quick so that I could get in on some sweet IPO action. Initial Public Offering? Oh good heavens no, that's a relic of the past. Initial Planetary Offering, is the hip thing now. ICOs and Earthly lots are so 21st century.

Yeah, IPOs! I like it. I baggy getting in on the very first one when they come!!

I can imagine all them find ricocheting of the moon so often would just have chipped it away till... Boom!

Every time my wife is laughing her head off I know she is reading your post, they are always great. How is little Boom doing?

He is splendid, piling on the weight and a happy chap :O)

These are pretty cool. I haven't seen most of them. It seems like years since all this stuff happened. I got here in May but I feel like steemit ages in dog years.

It does seem like an awfully long time ago. It was all so much smaller seeming then!!

I am so jealous because I can not do any of these wonderful things you do, and probably to old to learn. But your posts are always great fun for me thank you for your trouble.

I am really happy that you like em! They are tricky to do and that is nothing to do with age!


Yay, loved this journey, love all of your animations, YOU RAWK!!!

Har de har!! No you do! You were the one that gave me the idea then the confidence to collect them together like this! :O)

Those are really great @meesterboom. They tell the ever evolving story clearly and I gotta say, they greatly depict whatever went on. I love the 'In your face SBD!' lol

Hehe, I liked that one too although I had no idea what I was thinking as if they were some kind of enemies lol!

lol true!

Sadly the meteoric rise was not sustained, partly I think because all the dolphins with any steem power started powering down like mother fuckers and selling thousands of it.

I was guilty of this... but for the record, only because I was using steem to pay for part of my rent for a few months!

I just cancelled my power down for now... would love to make it to 3,000 SP in the next 3 months. Gotta stack 'em while they're cheap :-)

Lol, If you have to pay your rent then you have to pay your rent!

I honestly think its fine for anyone to power down whenever, I did laugh at the time the price shot up thought because the place was awash with power downs!
Good luck with the stackin!

Very good work so far you have done and I congratulate you, the one of the whale is great for you, now we all love whales, you are very good with animations, I would like to learn how to do it. Greetings friend @meesterboom

If you want to do it the way I do it is with an android app called flipaclip. It's very good but it is quite hard and time consuming!

You have already given the name is a great help, the rest I investigate. thank you my friend.

No worries chica!

You are very creative and brilliant in using your emotions to create something this astonishing. But for us writers, we have no saving Grace!

Cheers, Lol, I refuse to believe it though. A good bit of writing can transport further than a little set of moving pictures ;0)

Yep, keep on pluggin away...this place is a strange combo of instant gratification and no gratification. It's the friends you make that gives you that little edge to persevere through the flatline.

I have said that myself, it is a great place for making friends and in the strange non gratifying times that really helps!

You sure have been able to capture the feeling of Steemit at different times. Do you have an animation for all the Vote Buying schemes?

I did have one, when they first started. It wasnt the best. Will try and find it!

Brilliant 😂 i bet you had a lot of fun making this 🤣

I did! It was cool trawling through the older ones!

You must help me. I have an idea to assemble a team fir the writing of "The Epic History of Steemit" I heard some stories that demand to be spread far and wide

If I can be of any help then you are welcome to what I know

Are you on discord?

I am indeed!

They require your 4 digit tage to find you but im also on writers block and msp and steemitrambler

I ask in msp. I am going to bed early tonight, new baby making me sleep deprived ;0) but am usually about most of the time

I think I am meesterboom #1553

an animated and narrated reprise of the year that was...For 30 days after the hardfork, I was tempted to despair, but hope springs eternal and here we are. Nicely done, my friend :)

Thanks mate, it was a bit of a dark time! Thankfully a good few of is made it through to the other side :0)

Very clever, entertaining. Love your animations! Thank you.

Than you very much :0)

I love it. A lot of good laughs

Cheers man!

I like this post

Awesome animation my friend

Thank you!

nice post ..thank you for shahring
i resteem your post

Thank you!

Super cool ... Great Great..!!!!

Sucky sucky, five dollar?

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You posted this twice and never voted. I suspect you are poor and eat out of a bin