💥Get Behind Our Fundition Project! All SBD from this post will be donated to @blockdeals!💥

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Our First Fundition Campaign!

A couple of days ago I launched the first fundition campaign for @blockdeals.

You'll find the fundition post here.**

For Block Deals to become a really big Deal, we've set a Steem Power target of 100,000 SP. This level of Steem Power would give us enough voting power to give people who submit deals a significant upvote. And we believe this is what will draw people away from established site such as slickeals.net and ozbargains.com.au.

To help us on the way, and to raise funds for our advertising campaign planned for when our beta release is live, we've launched this fundition campaign. The target of this first campaign is to raise 1000 SBD and it will be running for the next 5 days or so.

All SBD from this post will also be donated to the @blockdeals account so feel free to hit this post with your upvotes!

Finally, if you're able to delegate any Steem Power to @blockdeals you can do so via the links below. Any and all delegations are greatly appreciated.

50SP | 100SP | 200SP | 500SP | 1000SP

▶️ DTube


Excellent project to help grow as steemit users. Best regards @mazzle

I’d recommend that you stop spamming the exact same comment on every post you encounter.

Apologies. Just a new person trying to make an honest name for themselves in this great community, I hope you can respect that?

Would appreciate it if you took the negative vote down.

Judging by the number of times you’ve spammed the same comment the flag is well deserved.

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