Block Deals is Calling for Funding

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We're Bringing the Deals and Couponing Industry to Steemit!

A couple of months ago we created Block Deals. Block Deals ( is a website that has been built on the Steem blockchain where people can share deals that they discover on the internet with other users of the site. This might sound a little simplistic at first, until you consider how big the deal and coupon sharing industry is on the web.

The deals industry has been valued at approximately US $5 billion. And the two of the largest deals and coupon sharing websites ( and receive more than 7.5 million visitors per month (combined).

This is a big industry with a big and active community supporting it. And, with the aid of the Steem blockchain, this is an industry and community that is ready for disruption.

Read more about our Fundition project at the link below!

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Whoa! That's pretty amazing!

Sorry if this is a dumb question, will where you live and your whereabouts be a factor when it comes to the deals?do the deals apply mainly to US and Canadian citizens?

You can post deals from anywhere you like. The team behind this project live in Australia but we have many contributors from the US, Canada, UK and other countries. You can also select your country from a drop down when creating your deal. If your country isn't on the list it can be submitted anyway. :)

Not a dumb question at all.

Sounds really amazing. Will be reading up more about this! Hope you guys reach your target! Could pretty much be revolutionary!

Thanks mate, we expect great things to come from this project.

@mazzle sir tell me what is this project all about?

Hey, check the write up on the fundition page.

But essentially, Block Deals is a site that we've created to disrupt the deals and couponing communities. These communities have a very active and engaged userbase who would respond very well to being rewarded for submitting deals via our platform which rewards them financially rather than the current sites available to them ( and which just provide rewards in reputation.

We have a huge opportunity to bring these communities over to Steemit and our platform, which could potentially increase our userbase by the thousands.

An industry or market I have not seen penetrated yet by cryptocurrency until now lol. Coupons are used heavily and are extremely popular in today's society as you have mentioned in your post. Are there any other competitors attempting something similar to this?

None that can offer currency as reward for contributions which is why our offering is so unique and with such a huge potential.

I see. Check these projects out that may be in the similar industry


Nice find, but we aren't seeing these as competitors.

  1. This is more a shopping token. Good luck with that.
  2. Rouge is targeting businesses to ensure they don't oversell coupon promotions. We operate on the consumer side and still have a unique point of difference in our market segment.

If you find anymore examples we'd be interested to hear about them.

Thanks and of course! If I come across anything I will make sure to share with you!

Interesting. Rouge coin looks to be similar. I’d never seen them before.

it would be so good to share deals and businesses where it is possible to pay in Steem dollars or Steem Power!

Sure would :)

You are fast becoming the Guggenheim of Steemit.

I had to look up what Guggenheim meant. :)

Sorry, off at a tangent here, but is there a post which walks you through how to add deals to block deals?

I've just created a 'howto' video on adding a deal -

We’ve got one being created but it’s pretty straight forward if you jump on and give it a shot. You’re welcome to hit me up on discord if you need a hand. I go by the same username on there.

I've read your responses in the comments, sounds great. I'd probably be a user of the system so let me know when I can get something cheaper. Always on the hunt for a good deal.

Yeah get involved in submitting stuff mate. I’d love to see your name on the site.

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