My Aussie Steem and DTube Merchandise is Still Available for Purchase!

in steemit •  9 months ago

You might not be able to find my store but you can still grab some merch

I took the Steemit Australia shop offline a few weeks ago. The store was costing me more to keep open than I was making so I decided to pull it offline while I put together a new range of merchandise and find a more cost effective place to host my store.

The new store is coming, along with some very cool goodies. But in the mean-time, if there's any Steem or DTube merchandise that you need you can buy from me direct. All you need to do is find me on Discord (I go by mazzle there as well) or message me here on this post.

We can also duscuss the Steem or SBD conversion if you want to pay in Steem or SBD!

So what Steem and DTube gear do I make?

First up are our Team Australia Steem T-Shirts!

Price - $20 AUD (9.43 STEEM at todays price)

These were the first ever products that I stocked. And you can see me wearing mine in many of my videos. They look fantastic and are the perfect way to represent Team Australia! There are even a few people wearing them overseas now thanks to @jackmiller's recent competition.

The second line of products are my Traditional Steem Shirts. I'd suggest the black shirts, they look pretty amazing and were my best seller. But you can also get them in white.

Price - $20 AUD (9.43 STEEM at todays price)

And of course we have the DTube range of merch!

There are DTube and Dtube Daily Hoodies!

Price - $55 AUD (26 STEEM at todays price)

And also shirts!

Price - $20 AUD (9.43 STEEM at todays price)

Beer Sleeves!

And last but not least, if you want to be a real Aussie, you can grab a Steem Stubby Holder (more commonly known as a Beer Sleeve).

Price - $12 AUD (5.66 STEEM at todays price)


The cost of postage will vary, so get in touch to work out this price. And if you're in Melbourne, I might even be able to deliver it to you.

Need something custom made?

If you need something customised, I may be able to help. I can't make any promises however my supplier is pretty good at what she does. There's certainly no harm in asking.

Where to find me?

Head on over to the PAL discord server. I'm normally lurking in the #TeamAustralia channel or simply send me a PM.

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Wowww! Great idea and super brave opening the shop. I'm sorry the shop couldn't survive! Funny story how I got to the post...

I was reading nomadicsoul post about steemstory held by whatsup then I followed the tag and got a chance to read your #steemstory post and this post was mentioned there. Isn't that crazyyyyy???? hahahah and yes, we're DDaily crew goddd haa


I haven’t seen nomadicsoul’s post. I’ll have to go check it out :).

Did you write a story as well? It would be awesome to see how you started on here.


Haaaa dude I did and you don't even need you go find it yourself. It's HERE. I will see you there at the fest then!!!! Peace!


Oh shit, now that I think about it. NOOOO I have not written the post on #steemstory yet but #roadtosteemfest ... wowowow !!! I'm just too blur these daysss LOLOL Tho my steem story will be written as well LOLOL sorry if I confused you hahah I confused myself with these 2 challenges as well ha! :D


I did get mildly confused. But was reading it with a severe hangover so thought that I was missing something. :)

I like it! You are full of initiative and your shop deserved a better future.
Where did you get it printed? Cheers eh :)


Thanks :)

My wife’s friend prints shirts and other stuff. She does small volume printing so her products are really good quality.

sorry to hear about the store. maybe when crypto starts moving again and people are drawn back to steemit demand will return


It's all good. It actually gave me an idea for a better store anyway. I just need to find the time to put into it.

Any discount for bulk purchase ... instant order ... payment in 2020 :p


Bulk yes, 2020 no. :P

Wow! man these dresses look nice, the black t-shirt with steem and steem logo in blue is my favorite. I might consider an order.


Let me know if you want anything. I should also have mentioned that you can pay in Steem and SBD.

Since when have stubby holders been called beer sleeves?
That's just down right un-Australian :P
Any DTube caps on the way mate?


Beer sleeve! I haven’t found a good supplier of caps. But it would be worth finding one for sure.


Especial y as summer is on it's way :)
Boba needs a new cap :)