Steem Power Delegation Program | 5th Phase Winner and Application for Next Phase

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Hello my fellow steemians and friends Welcome to my SP delegation Program.

How are you? Hope you all well by the grace of almighty. Today again I am here with a new Steem power Delegation Vlog. I am very happy to share with you that for the 5th time I have delegated my 20 steem power to my follower. Although it is a small amount, I think this delegation motivate big SP owner to delegate their SP to new flourishing @steeemit @dtube users and newly growing community like @dcooperation @bdcommunity @cleanplanet who’s are really working for the @dtube and @steemit platform to make stronger.

SP delegation thumnails.jpg


@pakistaniride @minhaz007 @sheikhsayem @owner99 @hossainbd @priyanarc @ashikstd @anik007 @ahmanik @shayaikesalvy @p3d1 @urme33 @steallion @mhossain @mamun123456 @shuvo35 @michealclauri @blind-spot

Winner: Bangladesh steemian and support member of @steemitbd and @bdcommunity. This lucky guy is Hasnat and his user id name @mhossain

A big Congratulations for @mhossain


My SP delegation program will be continued. Every week I have delegated 20 SP among my follower for 1 month [N.B. Duration may increase if the SP winner contribution is satisfactory]. You can apply for this delegation and win 20 Sp.

Rules For Application

Application process is very easy. Follow the following step

  1. If you are not my follower then first follow me @mawahab
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Give your steemit user id name in the comment box.

So, my followers try to make quality content and enjoy my sp delegation. Keep moving with @steemit and @dtube
Thanks To all

My SP Delegation Winner

SP Amount
@bdcommunity20 SP
@dcooperation30 SP
@minhaz00720 SP
@sheikhsayem20 SP
@mhossain20 SP

To Get More Support Joine Our Discord Channel




Think Positive Be positive and Stay with me

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I'm in, baby, yea!!! @Clayrawlings

I think you are a big SP holder, So you may supprt please LOL 😂😂 @clayrawlings


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Thanks @mawahab for selecting me as winner.
You are doing good , keep it up. Have a nice day. 😃


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Hi @wattoo here , Your project is very good to support people ,
Thanks for it @mawahab