Deadlifting. Benefits?

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Deadlifting - the heaviest compound exercise there is along with squats.

I'm a big believer through experience and results that heavy compound movements are th best way to create mass / grow muscle.


Deadlifts engage all major muscle groups and the most number of muscles of any exercise including squats.

Due to the activation of so many muscle groups fat burning is activated like never before.

The deadlift can also improve posture, the release of hormones, cardiovascular health, real life lifting capability, grip strength and when performed correctly it prevents injury.

Key points when deadlifting;

  • legs shoulder width apart ( I like to point my toes about 25 degrees outwards, better for your knees)
  • grip - shoulder width but ultimately what is comfortable.
  • the pull- most important of all is to keep your back straight with knees bent on the way up.
  • the drop- still in a smooth motion with back straight and knees bent.

Best to start very light and work on form. Once form is perfected up your weight.


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that looks incredible <3

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