Glad you brought this up we are adding that in our minor updates this week! It was realized that it needs to be included! Thanks for being part of this please keep bringing up everything like this! IT is how we are learning what to build and grow this project into! Learning and earning together as we like to say!

thanks for that. I mentioned that sometime ago but maybe you just didn't see that.
anyway thats a great project and I hope it will help us to get more and more STEEM POWER.

We did see it and you are one of the primary reasons we are adding it! We only have so much time and there were some serious core updates we needed to make to make a stable roll out today! We have a laundry list of things still and will never be done! Keep the ideas coming trust me they do not fall on deaf ears!

thats nice to hear. im happy to suport such a nice thing.

Thank you for being part of this great effort! It is because of people like you that we are able to create and guide this ship to where we all need it to be and become! We greatly appreciate you being part and all the input you and others like you have contributed and continue to along the way!

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