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Project - Drawing 1738262314.png
My morning routine now consists of coffee and steem! I drew this while enjoying my coffee and steem this morning. But I ain't been posting as much lately, as I've started to seriously consider the value of the content I create. I mean, even if I see value, the community sometimes doesn't.

I had a roommate that was a total asshole. Yet he was convinced he was a great guy! I kept telling him
"Dude, this is one of the situations where your opinion of yourself counts for dick. If everyone else thinks you're an asshole, you can insist you're a great person all you want, won't change their opinion that you're an asshole. If you don't want be considered an asshole, then actually listen to what the community is telling you, and correct your behavior accordingly."

I think the same applies here. Doesn't matter if I think my posts are brilliant, I got to listen to you guys, and correct my behavior accordingly. Doesn't mean I'll stop posting about what I want, just means I'm trying to present it in such a way that holds more value to you in the community...

So I've cut back to only posting a few times a week, and trying to make it meaningful.

So I sit here In the mornings, and dig through my feed, contemplating how I can bring value to the community.

I'm not bailing out, even though the rewards are harder and harder to come by, and with the massive uptick in shit posts it's harder and harder to find valuable content... I'm in this. I'm sticking around, and going to find what it is that you think is valuable. And I'm going to ride that wave when it receeds, and when it comes crashing back in.

When the dust has settled, and the scammers and get rich quickers have all gone back to their holes, I'll be here, with my coffee and steem, trying to figure out what works

I've got this project going to create a Steemit funded mobile studio. I'm powering up as much steem as I can until I reach my goal, so please consider tossing a vote or resteem my way to help me along...


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Funny, how I was just sipping on my lungo and read this. Cool drawing, has an abstract feel, yet simplistic.


Thanks! I downloaded Adobe draw a few months ago, played with it for a bit, thought it sucked and forgot about it. Then the other day I opened it up out of boredom, and I guess I flipped a switch or something, cause suddenly it doesn't suck nearly as bad as I remember. I been drawing all sorts of stuff the last couple days!


Reinventing yourself or your resources can be quite the surprise indeed, steem on!


I don't think its reinvention of ones self more like opening another chapter


True indeed, I agree. The word play depends on the perception. Did you discover something new? or have you always had in in you, but a certain input or thought triggered it at that particular moment?

Well I think your stuff is cool! I gotta get in front of the screen while I sip my java every morning too...


Just really found out about cash for commenting - thank you all for the votes!

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