Steemit Funded Mobile Studio, phase 1 Update!

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First, and foremost Thanks!

Thanks to the generosity and support of a few people, I've moved closer to my goal. Friend and extremely talented song writer/performer @jessamynorchard, whose kindness and actual legit support has sort of blown my mind deserves a huge shoutout! She has not only donated several times, but she has expressed her support and encouragement unfailingly. Thank you so much Jess! It really means more to me than you know.

Here is what we're working towards:
A mobile studio that can not only get to you, but can take you and your talented asses into whatever environment is most conducive to your creativity.

I want a rig that artists can record inside of and get a quality acoustically correct recording environment, but also has the ability to pull good mics and a quality input method out into the world: around the campfire, in the snow, at the beach, under the desert stars! Think of all the novel places we could go to record your tracks! Please read my original post about it too get the full breadth of my ideas!

Second... I'm sorry

I have been busting ass lately at the IRL grind. Gotta keep the lights on, and the struggle never sleeps... To that end, my posting here has fallen off a bit. I'm sorry to the community. I'm still here, and working towards my goal. I just decided I'd rather put out quality content when I actually have the time instead of quick low quality shit posts in between gigs.

Third... We're moving along!

I'm not going to count dollars earned towards the goal, because right now that's pretty dreary thanks to the value of steem tanking... I actually have fewer "dollars" socked away towards the studio than I did when I started... But, since my original post I've managed to add at least fifty SP to the kitty.

Jessamyn has also made me see the wisdom of powering up that steem instead of putting it in savings. There are two obvious benefits to this;

  • While I'm working towards my goal, those rewards still benefit the community!
  • Second, it hopefully let's you know that I'm committed to this, and to the community.

You can dig through my transaction history here to see that pretty much all my rewards since I've posted have gone into SP. I also bought about forty bucks worth of SP a couple weeks back, to happen the reaching of my goal.
I told you I would be investing my own funds into this, and I mean that. When I got extra (which ain't super often with four kids and all) it goes here.

Fourth thing...

I've actually been turned onto a cool opportunity by a buddy of mine.

He runs a campsite, and knows lots about trailers, their acquisition, and their workings...
He told me to look at .gov auctions. Apparently a lot of the FEMA trailers that were deployed after Katrina are available at auction! I checked it out, and sure enough! So, looks like I might be able to score a trailer for WAY less than originally anticipated! Like in the area of three to five hundred! That means my phase 1 goal of 3K is significantly reduced.

So, i plan to push until I've got a thousand SP or more, at which point I will power down half, and spend on snatching up one of them sweet FEMA trailers! I'll obviously need more than the three to five the trailer will cost, as I'll have to transport it, and pay taxes and such. So I don't plan on buying until I've got at least a thousand to throw at it. But it's also important to me to maintain my commitment to Steemit, which is why I actually want to raise double my goal, so I can leave half of it in SP for the minnows and such!

Again, I don't expect it all, it even most of it to come from you guys. I have been putting my own resources towards this goal, and will continue to do so until my goals are met. But every little bit helps, so please consider throwing me a full power vote or two.

But my plan, and I've actually been exceeding this, is to put at least half of all my authorship rewards into SP, and all rewards from directly related posts into SP until I reach this goal.

Fifth and final point...

I'm still working on ways to make sure the realization of this dream benefits the community. I covered this here To recap so far I've come up with these ideas

  • Make the studio, and my time and expertise available to no fewer than five Steemit musicians in the Continental U.S. for free annually.
  • Make the studio, and my time available to all steemians all the time at a discounted rate. Basically, if you cover the cost of travel, and my discounted hourly rate, I'm at your disposal.
  • Make the studio a fixture at as many local Steemit gatherings as time and finances allow.

This can, and will be, a great resource to help the community grow! To have a quality recording of your material is a really important thing for musicians trying to make it. If you're in the industry then you know the pay from gigging usually barely covers the cost of getting to the gig. Where you really actually make money is selling merch. So, if we could make sure these guys/gals have quality recording to sell and promote with, it'll be a huge boon!

So, as I continue to work towards this, I'll keep you updated. I won't beg or spam, but I'll update you every now and then on how it's going. I'm so stoked that you guys are taking this journey with me! Again, thank you to everyone for the support, encouragement, and inspiration!

Stay tuned!

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I'm like a mini whale (or may be dolphin) for a week after winning @fyrstikken 's contest. I read your original post as well when you put it out and thought it was a cool concept.
Glad to see you are working on it. I hope this studio comes to life and whenever my band comes to US from India we will record with you 😁
100% Upvoted. ✨
All the best!


Thank you friend! And of course you guys make it here, and it would be my pleasure and honor to record you!

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This is such a good idea well done!!!!


Thanks! I've been thinking about it for a long time. In the original post I made about it I included a link to this awesome video of Shawn James playing a great song In a wolf sanctuary... It's all snowy, and then the wolves start howling right in mid verse, it's so haunting and gorgeous... I just kept thinking I had to come up with a way to capture those experiences.