Scratching the 7 day itch or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the short payout window.

in steemit •  8 months ago

Your posts can keep earning for years, you need just need to use this one simple trick.

It was December 2016; Donald Trump had just won the US Presidential election, and I hit the top of trending with a post about a porn star, some might call that prescient.
The payout was $344, except it wasn't dollars.
It was $344 worth of STEEM at 12c, so almost 3000 STEEM, all of which I powered up.
That post is now worth over $4000 at today's prices, and more than 90% of that value arrived after the payout window had closed.

What's my secret?

Don't power down.

I told you it was simple.

A lot of people contrast Steem's 7 day limit with Youtube, where a piece of content can continue earning for the uploader indefinitely (or at least until their account is abruptly demonetised), but have you tried getting noticed on youtube recently?
You're not just competing with great content by incredibly popular, talented producers, you're also competing with every piece that every one of them has ever posted.
A new creator needs incredibly deep pockets and a tonne of luck just to get noticed by a handful of viewers. Is that something we want to emulate here?
Do we want to give early adopters even more of a competitive advantage over newcomers?
The blockchain only produces a finite quantity of new STEEM each day. If that needs to be shared between the young posts AND all of the old ones, there's not going to be much to go around. People who left a year ago might be making more than an enthusiastic minnow who's doing everything right, right now.

Early adopters don't all have an edge.
I know several people who've been here longer than I, who have little to no advantage over newcomers.
So what's the simple trick again?

The ones who do enjoy that 'unfair' advantage...

...don't power down.

Steempower grows.

Even if the STEEM price tracks sideways against USD, SP;
Is worth more Mvests/voting power over time.
Earns curation rewards.
Can be leased out for profit.
Attracts airdrops.

My big post is still earning, even today. (2% per month).
Powering down is like selling your youtube account.
It's eating your seeds instead of planting them.
You'll enjoy a full belly now, but you'll get hungry again and find yourself out foraging instead of harvesting.

That said, I get that the short payout window is a sticking point, so I have a few suggestions.

  • If you find an old post interesting, tag a few friends who might benefit. The author could pick up some new followers.

  • Reply to the old post. If the author replies to your reply, drop the big upvote on it.

  • Link back to their post, somewhere appropriate (like this fantastic markdown guide by @carrieallen I found today.)

  • Make sure you post at least once a week, so there's always something a new reader of an old post can vote for.

I was revisiting this sweet avatar that @skyleap drew up. It's @o07 (left) and I.

I'd already upvoted the post, which is now past payout, so I dropped some Pockets on him instead.


There are plenty of ways to reward older posts, we just need to build it into the culture, which can't be done with a hardfork. By way of demonstration, I'll revisit this post in a month and award 50,000 Pockets to my favourite comment.

@robertkiyosaki just joined up

He's a huge author who's sold millions of books since the mid 90's.
He's an engaging writer, incredibly smart, and speaks to a million twitter followers.
He works for me now. You all do.
Instead of a residual income from my paid out posts; I get to know my account value grows every time somebody else adds value to the chain.
I didn't need to invest outside money (although I've done that too), I acquired this stake and passive income through posting content people wanted to read.

It's important to note that my big post is no longer relevant.
NSFW material is being managed appropriately, and @alexanova hasn't posted in a long time.
I'm glad I'm not reliant on any sort of ongoing residual from that post, since it was only useful when I wrote it.
If you want to enjoy passive income here, recruit and support new creators, and most importantly;

Don't power down.

Matt Clarke

As long as I follow @the-canary, you'll know I'm posting freely.

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Amazing post and so true! I only once removed my earnings from Steem, it was to reach the 100 EOS required to get the early airdrops, but I'm not going to do it again! I want to get as many STEEM and power it up as much as i can! I've actually thought about investing outside money, but first i want to see what is going to happen with all the social networks appearing... is STEEM going to be the winner in the end?!

@robertkiyosaki just joined

What!!! I've been meaning to buy his book this summer and read it! Now i gotta do it and talk to the guy! I've been hearing so many great things about him and his book "Rich dad Poor dad"! I love finance, passive income, financial freedom, etc!!!


It's pretty old now but just as relevant as ever.

In a way you could say we have the opportunity for multiple revenue streams. There's the traditional pay for work done in the form of the post. This is kind of like when I write a magazine article; I only get paid once and wouldn't expect to be paid indefinitely. Then the passive income can come from curation rewards, especially if you use an autovoter. You just have to collect them now and again. This could also be compared to earning interest on savings and the more you save the more interest you get. You could also view this as being paid to read, because if you like what you read your vote gives them some money and you earn some in return.

Then, as you say, if an old post stays relevant and starts conversation you can potentially earn over again. Being paid for conversation.

I also liked how @holoz0r put it as a comparison to patreon. We get to reward content creators for free. So many options!


Couldn't agree more. I get why people might be clamouring for what they know, but if SP does the same job but better AND you get it automatically whenever you post, why should noobs have to split today's shiny new tokens with posts from 2 years ago?
We already have a source of passive income. Let it go. Enjoy :)




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Thanks for posting this Matt! I’ll have to chat with you next meetup about what powering up and powering down mean. I have a loose understanding but now I’ve been here for a bit longer I’d like to have a better chat and try to understand it more!


Absolutely :)
It's like buying shares in the blockchain. You can power up your steem instantly, which makes your upvotes more weighty and increases your curation rewards.
If you're going to want to cash some out, you need to power it back down, which takes 13 weeks.
(You get back 1/13th per week).
It's a way of making sure that the people with the most influence over the platform (voting for witnesses etc) are going to have the longer term interest of the platform at heart.
The bridge is furthest from the lifeboats.


Ohhh sounds good!! I think I might power up!! If it’s worth it with the amount that I have!


Unless you have gambling debts, and bad men are coming, I always recommend powering up.
It's easy to do with your STEEM, just click the arrow in your wallet and choose 'Power Up'.
Converting your SBD to STEEM in order to power it up might be a little more difficult.
It'll make your votes more powerful, so you can reward good content, and you'll also get more back in curation rewards. It's also a great anti-hacking measure. If somebody hacks your account, they have to wait a week to get any of your money.
@holoz0r can walk you through it on his laptop at the meetup, which is less than a week away!!! :)


I can and do agree with all these statements.


Awesome thankyou!


And thankyou!!

Hmm in glad I found and read this. Makes alot of sense, thanks Matt.

Yep, don't power down. Also, keeping the 50/50 split for rewards is a good way to keep your wallet flexible. You have some SP to power up, and you have SBD and Steem that you can exchange, if you really need to. This way there's less need to power down.

On the topic of rewarding content beyond 7 days, there's the tipping service, if you really want to reward someone.

Finally, given the way Steemit incentivizes content (and how there's no easy way to navigate the blog), maybe it's just time we accept that the platform is not the place for evergreen content. And that's not exactly a bad thing. Otherwise, like you mentioned in this post, there are ways around the 7-day rule to help really good posts continue earning and make sure they don't get buried under more recent content.

First rule: Don't Power Down.
Second Rule: Don't Power Down.
Third Rule: Eventually, your curation awards will outstrip your author rewards, and that's okay.

You do continue to gain influence based on your success in the past, provided:

You don't power down.

Everyone who is here today is still on the ground floor. Soon, we'll have those spiral staircases that lead to dizzying heights, speckled with ball gowns and glory.

Today, we've got bargain prices, and content where we can engage with truly remarkable authors.

There's so much potential. People just need to use it, and look beyond the trending page, bidbots, and the other politics.

Produce your content. Engage in the content of others.

Know that we're only here for a short time, and connect with other humans.

Do something.


Do something.

But I want free money for doing nothing though....


Nothing is technically something. :)


you are making me think..stop it !!


Its hard to see, except in hindsight. So many of the people envious that we were here for 10c STEEM will themselves be the focus of envy for being around for $1 STEEM, and then a year later, those envious of those envious of us will be envied for being here for $10 STEEM.


It's called shit or get off the pot...find a project you believe in and invest in it..

Great contribution my friend.
I get your point and I agree with that. I think the contrary is the case. If it's​ even possible we should invest in our account(SP) Something what I did recently because I think that this asset will be much more worth in the future.


Absolutely. Now is an incredible time to move in as heavily as you can manage.
Thanks for dropping by, great to see your rep pumping. Race you to 70 :)


I'll beat you both... In my dreams anyway

I still have no clue how early adopters' Mvezt/VP have more weight than the new ones.
I have faith in the platform hence no power-down ever! It's amazing that we oldies have this mentality compared to most...where except you, we were hard-up then..yet we persevere and enjoy blogging still😂🤣😆 Cheers Matty!


Over time it takes more STEEM to get the same Mvests. Vests you buy today will be slightly more expensive/valuable tomorrow, so get in early and stay in.
Glad you're one of the clever ones who stuck around :)


Oh is this why am seeing some ROI than most?
This is one of my retirement eggs bro.. on a year sabbatical right now so am changing my payouts to fiat which is helping a lot. No power down! Cheers!

Great Post! Getting $344 when Steem was worth 12c was a huge achievement.

And it's clear you have your finger on the pulse. I didn't even spot 'The Big K' and it looks like a lot of others didn't spot him either.

This is still the fundamental problem with Steemit. Discovery.

Even though people leave when the STEEM price is low, it's actually a good time to accumulate more steem.

I'd prefer to have $10 worth of STEEM @ $1ea rather than $10 worth of STEEM when it's peaking at $10


I don't know why people cry during the bear periods... It's the best time to build


Cuz they just saw their investment go down by 90%


Wisdom: That thing that arrives just after you need it.

I like how you put this. It's also very encouraging to keep at it when things are slow and prices are low.

However, while it's formerly a seven day window, which means theoretically a post can earn up until the last 12 hours prior to payout, in most cases, save some last minute upvoting by certain parties which is widely frowned upon anyway, most of the upvoting takes place within the first 24 hours of a post, and the majority of that, within the first six hours.

So, I don't know why I'm saying all that to you, since you know it, other than maybe to say it's a shame we need to wait seven days for a payout, wherein the price can fluctuate (often coming down, though, yes, it can go up), when the bulk of what we will ever earn in rewards on the post is front loaded.

Okay, I'm done. And I'm on board with the not powering down part. It's a great rule to follow.


It's a hard balance. I believe it was originally a month, but that was a long time ago.
Different people have different circumstances.
I'd hate to go camping for 3 days and come back to find a lot of closed out posts I never had the chance to read or upvote.


Yeah, not at all advocating for a shorter period of payment. Just making an observation, which is probably more of a commentary on visibility than it is the pay period. The paid weekly part is perfectly fine. It's not being able to be rewarded beyond that, unless you do start new conversations and compensate replies, that would be nice to change. Just have an ongoing opportunity to reward things, with the cutoff being 12 hours before the pay period. Then it would start over again.

I know there's been plenty of posts I've come across that are three days old or more, and I generally do reward them if I find them valuable. I also come across ones that are seven days old or more, where I would do the same if I could.

I guess we do what we can, like you said, keeping our SP and doing what we can to work around the lack of evergreen content capability.


To be fair ..holding SP doesn't directly answer the problem of evergreen content , even in your example , if you keep holding the SP and earned more upvotes ( past 7 days) you could accrue and hold more SP.

Holding SP is the right thing to do but isn't necessarily the answer to evergreen content.

so I dropped some Pockets on him instead.

What is this black magic ?


Pockets were issued a while ago. It's a sidechain/alternate currency invented by user @biophil.
Resteeming the genesis post (during the payout window) gave each steemster 1,000,000 Pockets.
There was a market for them for a while, but I haven't seen them used much since.
Last price I recall was $2 for 100,000 Pockets.
They're not printing any more though, so they'll get rarer over time.

I don't understand how we get 2% interest but I've just taken it on faith that's it's not a good idea to power down so I've never done it @mattclarke.

I've been here 7 months now and have worked really hard. I just made it to over 900 SP. Woo hoo!

I've never been very interested in the USD amount of my account because it shifts too much. What matters to me is more SP and that is, and will continue to be, my focus.

I've been fortunate to be given a few short delegations of 200 SP a couple of times and I've won a number of competitions.

it's been a hell of a roller coaster ride so far with so much to learn. Now i feel I've settled into a bit more of a rythmn and, hopefully, 1000 SP won't be too long in coming now. Then it will be onto the next goal! 😁

Thank you for the encouragement. 😁


There sure is plenty to learn.
I delegate out a big chunk of my voting power at 2% per month, which makes it easy to quantify.
Curation rewards would probably deliver less (it's hard to be precise with an erratic SBD price), but then you have the opportunity to directly upvote the people you want to support.
Look at this though.
I delegated out 102.553 Mvests late last year. At the time that was worth 50,0000 STEEM.
Now it's worth more than 1.1% more.


Ah. I see. I didn't realise you were talking about delegation @mattclarke. That makes sense. 😁

At this point I'm still trying to get my Steem Power to 1000 and I have 50 delegated for votes on posts but I don't have any spare to delegate just for interest.

It's a long old haul these days. I was talking to someone who got in a couple of years ago and who earned 10000 SP in their first 6 months. Someone else who was in a year ago and earned 2,500 SP in their first 6 months. I just made it 800 SP in my first 6 months. Things have changed massively from that perspective.

A friend of mine joined almost 3 months ago and hasn't even earned their initial 15 SP delegation back yet. Admittedly they are not spending as much time on it as I am but that's a massive difference.

I don't self vote because I can earn more by being in the top 10 in Asher's Engagement League than I would by upvoting myself as my vote is still only 8c at 100% but I carefully manage it so I can upvote as many other people as possible.

Maybe I'm not playing the game very well. The figures are difficult for me to get my head around.

It looks like you've done really well in the time you've been here. 😁


I don't post often, but I comment heaps.
Last time I checked I made around 50 comments for every post.
Don't worry about trying to optimize your performance, just keep engaging and you'll continue to pick up followers and votes.
Too easy to burn out unless you're having fun.


I've been looking to ways to optimise @mattclarke because it was all getting a bit much and I wasn't having so much fun.

I comment as much as I can on other's posts but don't feel too much pressure there other than to respond to everyone who comments on my posts. That part is pretty manageable.

But I earn most from posting so that's where I feel the pressure sometimes. I have a few people who vote for me automatically so if I don't post I don't get the vote.

And of course the posts generate comments to respond to and engage with.

I'm still trying to find the right balance I think. I've started to go to bed a reasonable time again instead of getting caught up in live commenting. That was pretty bad for a while because a lot of people are becoming active when I should be getting ready for bed.

But this week I've done a better job of that.

You're right about having fun though. There really is no point to it if it's not enjoyable. I might as well be doing my other work which is far more lucrative!

Wishing you a fun weekend! 😁


I was just revisiting this post, and noticed you smashed your goal of 1000SP. Congratulations :)


Thanks @mattclarke. I actually earned my way to 1000 SP and then the rest I've bought in tiny bits while the price has been down.

It took me 8 months of solid slog to get to 1000SP and, to be honest, I'm not having as much fun as I used so it makes sense to buy when I can.

I still haven't powered down though and it makes no sense to me to do so.

There seem to be fewer and fewer people to interact with here but maybe that's because I don't post as often. I'm down to twice a day now. 😂

I'm hoping that in one way or another Steem Monsters will be a good little earner although, at the moment, I don't really have a clue what's going on.

I really need to put a couple of teams together (assuming I have enough cards) so I can at last have a bash on Sunday. 😁


I find having a solid stake takes some of the pressure off posting and actually makes it more enjoyable.
Steemmonsters is so much fun. I've been beta testing for nearly a week now, and I have to say, there are a couple of brilliant guys at the helm.
There'll be tournament options for all sorts, from alpha golds to level limited regular cards.
Exciting times :)

Thanks so much for the shoutout!

It's true, that tutorial is boss. 😎

I had totally noticed your Pocketsend and because of the state of Steemit right now ("Do not click ANY links in your comment section"), I didn't look into it... Too scary! LOL!

I did see you had Rep... but decided even trolls could make it up there.

I'm super interested in it now... Imma go check it out.

Side note: I totally agree with you on this. We've (my hubs and I) still haven't powered anything down... and are HOPING we don't have to.

And finally, as a shameless self-promotion:

I finished another tutorial! This one is video form. Don't you wanna see muh face?


The genuine ones don't require you to take any action, so scam or legit, doing nothing is usually the best option :)

Not powering down is my motto in life, well, my steemit life lol. Done it once, because I didn't really know what I was doing. Stopped it 7 days later and have never done it again since. Now I watch my sp grow little by little and those are proud moments!

awesum post with great tips
I agree to all the thoughts you have, and I only power down just so that I do power up ;)

Keep smiling and have an amazing day!


Appreciate your help in steemmonsters, mate.
I am having an amazing day. You have one yourself :)


I alone did nothing, thanks to your help in steemmonsters I had enough buying power to get my hands on Legendary dragon ;)

Best piece of advice for any body - newbie or not. I notice that people just want to grab a quick buck and scram here. Thanks for the heads up @mattclarke, although it will be difficult to grow my steem power as you did, I remain committed to powering up


Give it a year, and people will be saying exactly the same thing to you :)

And if your not totally into crypto and know how to send money through all the different wallets, you can always reward good content no mater how old with a wallet thank you for the story drop. (I like to read, and I left lots of comments but the author did not comment back, but he did upvote my comments, so I sent some sbd's to his wallet for the story.) Always a way to reward people and content you want. You just need to want to reward it.


Exactly. I suspect a lot of the people complaining either don't recognise that some of their upvotes are actually for previous posts, or they're assuming readers want to reward them more than they do.
If people aren't commenting on your old posts they probably wouldn't have upvoted them.

I power up regularly now. It certainly makes a difference, even if when I upvote and it only pays the author 1 cent, it's something more than nothing.

As for NSFW content, I think there are avenues being created so that people seeking to create or consume that material can do so without disrupting the rest of Steemit.

And I think the future of the platform is in finding value, but allowing everyday people to come onboard and network with each other.
Like the meetings we have. Different lives, different background and viewpoints but in the same location.

When we can edit older than 7 day posts I’m going create a profile/shelf/gaming corner post with links out to some of my better works. Then I’ll just leave a comment weekly on that post saying “if you enjoyed any of my old works feel free to upvote this comment.” Least that is my current thought process on the matter. Will have to see how that turns out when I get around to it. I think we are just waiting on more witness and for the condenser to update.

Whenever I find old work that I enjoy I just go and upvote there recent open blog.

Really appreciate this post it’s funny how you see posts like this at just the right time! I’m sure plenty of steemians get to the point like ah man I’ll never be big enough in Japan and earn what the bigger accounts do and use my earnings to go to steemfest and all that Jazz! But most of those people were earning steem when it was worth very little like you said now it just looks like they’ve achieved some madness that no one ever will in the current price and environment

I guess I’ll keep on soldiering on, I said if d give myself a year and see where I land up and I’m always learning something new everyday and roping more people into steem along with me. People complain about steem payouts but they were happy to contribute to Facebook, Reddit and quora for free to be helpful and just for the laughs but now it’s all Jerry maguire show me the money


It's all about who you compare yourself to.
If you compare yourself to your friends on Facebook, then you're going to feel very well compensated for your posting efforts here.
If you compare yourself to some of the heavy hitting long-termers you're going to feel hopelessly undervalued.
You keep plugging away, though, and suddenly one day people are feeling inadequate comparing themselves to you.


Lol when you put it like that it makes me feel tonnes better. I used to think i got into the steemit game pretty late when i signed up but since then ive seen so many people abandon the platform while a few OGs stayed around and kept getting their rewards for remaining loyal regardless of the price. Then we hit a million users and i looked into it and the site only has like 120k active users so i feel im still pretty early in the game, if this thing takes off i could be one of the OG Steemains too!

Yup. Not powering down at all. All I do is power up. I AM upset with myself for not joining earlier. I heard about it and was lazy and stubborn. But I’m here now and it’s still but a puppy with room to grow.

This is actually epic advice, mate. I've never powered down. I'm curious about the process itself because I haven't done it, but I have put so much work into building it up that it seems silly to power down (no judgment on those that do it because they really need to).
I especially love the point-form suggestions for helping old posts we like towards the end. I haven't heard of Pockets, but I'll go check out what that's about now.

By the way, I was stoked to see you plug @carrieallen's old post!

I am actually stoked to find this post and your blog, in general.
And to think that the reason I checked out your page was because of the kind of comment you left on my last post, which was a very astute, cryptic quote from Sir Francis Bacon.
It was such a sapiential touch that I had to check out what else post.

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy




Thanks mate. I've been dropping a few quotes recently. So many brilliant people have said so many incredible things over the years. Why re-invent the wheel?

Wow @mattclarke I wonder if it's still possible to grow as you did. I am taking your advice though; I have never withdrawn and will not for quite some them so I'll just keep powering up

Looks like there were some interesting discussions here a couple of years ago. A lot of controversy over a porn star creating an account.


She was a real sweetheart. I can appreciate a lot of the arguments I heard, and its interesting to see which of the commenters are no longer around.
Do yourself a favour though, don't look up her work. That girl earned her money.


Too late - well, at least as far as her blog on steemit goes. I followed a bit of a link trail, and found some of her posts. They got fairly descriptive. That's about as far as I'll take it, I think!!

There are a lot of things on Steem I used to disagree with but after being on the platform 7 months I know better.

By powering up a $344 post you've been able to generate $800 worth of inflation on upvotes over the last 2 years. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

Spot on.... Thanks for the boost on knowing what I should already be doing. Stamp it... Sign it, Approve this message......

I have no intentions of powering down, quite the opposite.. I have been powering up just recently.

If I don't have faith in the system, how can I promote it to others? We need many more middle class posters.

Hi Matt. I agree with what you are saying and don't understand why people power down. Maybe circumstances change and funds are required urgently. I know how hard it is to grow and don't want to shoot myself in the foot by fiddling with the account. We are all here to grow and that is the only way to work.

Thanks for the insightful information mate

People who power down after being here a few months obviosly dont undertsand the long term nature of Steem (and crypto in general!)

Just introduced to this post, 10 days later and it is still providing value for me. Perhaps you too because now I'm following.

Steem has helped me develop discipline in a number of ways, from writing, to scheduling, documenting, participating, being kind and helpful, curious and beta-testing minded.

Learning and doing, then learning some more; this article is a dazzling example of a diamond explanation of something that I only understood at the broze level.

Keep on commenting, thats my favorite part of the steem community, after our grass-fed beef-y selection of d.apps! Steem on!


Steem on, indeed. Thanks for your kind feedback :)


My pleasure, following you now and looking forward to your coded message when appropriate ;p

so , it seems like STEEMGG has found a workaround for evergreen content , so we may have already solved the itching issue...


It's not elegant but it works.
Somebody suggested a weekly update post by steemgg with the proceeds distributed to devs based on total play time.
Maybe both.


I always believed it is a feature set that can be built when needed, surely , it's not very elegant right now but it's something that connects a bridge to evergreen content.

Having said that , people will find a new reason to complain....because people be people !!

@mattclarke Thank You for Reminding me Why I have Never Powered Down in 2 years of being on STEEMIT !

So, just to clarify, you think I shouldn't power down?


You? Definitely. You can coast by on your looks for another 20 years at least.


Well that's a relief

Haha you got me, so true though. Keep on Steeming and don't power down... yet!


I'm pretty determined to never power down. Get big enough and you can just pay for stuff with upvotes :)

You explained the difference between youtube and steam. Youtubers where many video posts are created and earn a few inferiors by working hard, people who earn a single post on the same scale on steemit, so this information for me is not working for motivation.

@mattclarke how do you withdraw / sell pocket tokens and check your balance? I feel like I probably have a ton.




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Sending Account: mattclarke
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Thanks for using POCKET! I am running this confirmer code.


You didn't have any. Now you have 99.

@mattclarke it's very good update . will surely help all steemians.

I must say, I'm grateful to have come to realize this soon enough. I really appreciate this @mattclarke. Just got to drop my first post yesterday and to be sincere there are a lot of things I don't know but I'm grateful I know this. You can view my first post @ablefield and help me with a reward. I see you as a person who really want minnows like me to enjoy this platform. Please if there are other things I should know I will see them, cos I'm following you up asap. Thanks dear for this. I'm resteeming too

Thank you for your nice and valuable information.Have a nice day

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Great advice for middle class Americans with decent alternative sources of income, but the majority of people here don't fit into that profile.
Im sure many Indians and Indonesians would love to do a bit of hodling or BTFD but they prefer food and medicine...
I find it sad that even in this age of global communication, many people seem to forget there is a world beyond their own backyard.


Clearly I'm not just blinded by privilege, I'm blind to my blindness. Looks like you got here just in time.
Tell you what. Write out the passive income advice I should've given to Indians and Indonesians; (that vast landscape hidden from view by my ivory tower) and I'll edit it into the post and give you half the liquid payout.


You are very diplomatic! Here's what I think - even if they have to sell low, they are making more money here than on other social medias. If they manage to use this tool on their free times (around their jobs or subsistance farming activites), its just a bonus, one they can hodl or not as they see fit.

And if some day a government wakes up to the potential, can you imagine a welfare upvote bot that gives every citizen of some nation a daily boost to their steem account! WOAH!

Anyways, just came back here to tell you I am still sharing this post, its my go-to when a newish user talks about the 7 day window. You done good on this one!


Thanks mate. Glad to see you got some benefit out of it. I'm probably picking up followers too (even though we're past payout)


I am one of those newer users that @ecoinstant refers to. You are definitely still picking up follows from this one :)
You do make very good points regarding the payout period. Competing with some whale from last year would not be a great scenario for anyone.
I also appreciate the heads up about @robertkiyosaki as I have been a fan for years.
Great job @ecoinstant referencing an older post on the evergreen topic is a great way to highlight the potential for long term value.
However, within the context of our conversation I still believe attempting evergreen content is not the best use of time for someone in my position.
That really is mostly due to available time for Steemit, as well as needing to continue to build a following.
The comment was in regards to working toward the slider bar. For me that means optimising limited time.

I am not well versed in Steemit etiquette. Apologies in advance to Mattclarke if this is a misplaced comment.
Since you said you would love to continue the conversation I will elaborate a bit here. I always appreciate the time and input from those with more experience.
Having about one week per month to devote heavy time here I struggle with content strategy. I try to put up one to two smaller posts a week on off weeks.
Those tend to bury my good posts before I get the next free week.
My last free week was very rewarding as my post pulled over 100 comments and I placed #12 in engagment league.
I actually gained more from the engagement on many levels. My intention is to use my next free week to push even harder and attempt top 10. At the same time pushing out halfway decent posts as time allows.
I do agree the longer more in depth posts have many overall advantages. Doing a Deepdive is a goal for the future.
At any rate thanks for the link. Always fun to have new blogs to read. Also was great to meet you this week. Maybe in future we will both be shooting for engagement on the same week. That cold be fun.


All good, headchange. Thanks for dropping by. If you want to play around with the slider bar, everyone gets it over at; might be nice to save it up as a 500 SP goal though :)
I've seen a lot of people burn out by trying to build a following posting.
It's like trying to become a standup comic by performing in your lounge room.
It doesn't matter how good you are, there's no audience.
Comment insightfully, supportively on other people's posts until you have a real solid following; the low price means people aren't posting, and feeds are empty, perfect time to get noticed.
Don't put your heart and soul into a blog until you have an audience for it.


Thank you so much! I have no desire to lower my little vote right now. The goal is to gain some SP to raise it a bit.
Interesting choice for an example. One of my first good posts here was a comedy piece. I later was introduced to the open mic community. I sure do wish I could reuse that one now.
Good point about the lows. Extra Steemit time is always a goal but now especially. Less competition on the contest too :)
Thanks again for the input. I do enjoy my time here, just wish there were more of it.


That's right! This article is a great proof of concept of the very thing you were writing about, it's all very meta!

Wow!! Lol hehe

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Well, I hope one of my posts will have a similar history as yours one day.

That aside, I feel compelled to say "The only way is (powering) up!"