My Steemit gentlemen's rules

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As a Math Owl I am all about following a fixed set of axioms. When moral or ethical dilemmas are concerned I always try to fall back on the rules which (to me) define a perfect human being.

So I thought it would be fun to distil the rules of a Steemit member which I would consider a true gentleman. Without further ado, here are my nine rules:

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This list could always use more rules. So what are the rules which you follow on Steemit? What do you consider good Steemit behaviour?


thank you very much for this rules... I also think about this since last week...
So I feel like try to brush up my article first ;) Resteemed.
Hey btw why it said about only "gentlemen"?
Probably you can make ladies version too I guess? haha :P

Hey @yo-yo! I was thinking the same thing, I like this gentlemen's agreement but maybe calling it the "Steemit Honor Code" would be good and every gender happy?

Or maybe the "Steemit Hagakure" would make also sense in Japanese? 😀 (years after seeing the excellent Ghost Dog, I still remember the name of the samurai code!)

That is a good idea :)

Ahaha, I didn't know about the movie of Hagakure and just checked it today!
I'll watch it soon ;)

PS. Jpns version would be great...😆(Just teasing you!)

I am not sure how to type Japanese in inkscape >.<

Exactly. Also It would be good not to use bidbots unnecessarily.

Nice rules @mathowl !
One of my first rules in on steemit, in real life and anywhere else: Treat others as you want to be treated

I can't argue with any of these. Great list!

Great list of rules! If everyone follows them, steemit will be a much better place. I think everyone should focus on delivering quality contents and welcome newcomers as much as possible. I like rules 8 & 9 specifically.

With this you got an upvote, resteem and a new follower!

Thanks for the support :)

Rule #4 best applies to me... lol! I write anything under the sun as long as I feel good about it ... but my teacher is always gentle with me ... he gives his vote even if my post is more on blah! blah! blah!... thanks so much to you. You are really a certified "steemit gentleman"!

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