Where did my STEEMIT comment disapear to .IM CONCERNED ABOUT MODERATION

in steemit •  last year

About 7 hrs ago I commented on a post about pedo rings in Australia.
I was quit discusted about these filthy pedo pigs and commented that I was glad the Author has brought it to our attention and my discust at the organization running the ring.
Not long ago I recieved a upvote from a bot and got my best ever upvote of approx $24.
i was very suprised as usually my posts only earn a small amount and never a comment on another post.
So I checked it again 20 mins ago and my whole comment had vanished from my comments feed and obiously the large upvote from the bot vanished with it.
...my question is HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN.
Is there a moderator working behind the scenes?



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Comments still there.

I do seem to have noticed sometimes the comments tab seems to lose track of something shortly. Normally there's no such a thing as a moderation system here on Steemit.

Well, it's user moderated, but once something's on the blockchain it's supposed to be immutably there, and flagging just makes it near invisible on the news feeds, and requires the users to press a button to see the content.


I cant find it, and I cant find the original post now.
Can the Author delete his post and in turn deletes my comments on his post?


No, it shouldn't be possible to delete a post.

Even editing a post just makes an addendum to the blockchain as far as I know. If you search you can always find the older versions of a post still stored on the blockchain.

It's one point of contention I can see in Steemit's future. if any of those "right to be forgotten" activitsts discover us XS


Thanks for locating the post , I resteemed it so now I also have a record of it and worthy of a resteem imo.
And thank you for sharing your wisdom , maybe its just a glitch .


Yes thats the link , wow its not on my comments page at all.
Amazing I wonder if it will reappear later

AS for checking the blockchain, I think looking at your profile on steemd.com shows you a lot more information about stuff, but there are probably better blockchain browsers over at steemtools.


Im not familiar with steemtools but I will have a look.

I'm sure most of us would be concerned if this was true.


Im telling you. I cant even find it in my comments , and it would stand out because It was a lengthy comment as I felt strongly about the subject.

There is currently a bug that makes certain article or comment disappear shortly after their publication. Me as certain of my articles disappeared 2 minutes after having published them. I think more of a bug for you too.


My comment dissapeared about 7hrs after posting.
I cant remember the Author however it was about OTO pedofile ring in Australia in conspiracy topic if anyone remembers