Underground pedophile network in Australia revealed - Live

in pedogate •  last year

Live Conversation with Luke McKee on Australian executive council of Jewry, links to the O.T.O, the cover-up of rape in prisons and the special gay police taskforce in Australia.

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Thanks for the informative post.
Im Australian so it really hits a nerve.
I generally dont comment about these scumbag mother .......
I used to work for the government and have to deal with these pedo pieces of shit in custody.
They are well looked after and allowed to keep kids magazines and share the pictures.
I used to confiscate them and rip them up and I got repramanded .
I realise the organized pedos dont get caught , but the are all the same scum.
I cant write posts about this , I get to emotional and generally dont swear.
I would appreciate your comments on my post THE 0.1% ARE THE SICK ONES.
Keep up the fight


woah to think they are organized makes me concerned


thanks marky :) i have followed back

Agreed 110% with @ausbitbank-------> FUCK THE O.T.O. Corrupt is this whole system.
Hence the reason why Steemit and keeping the platform fair is so important. There is actually incentive to be a good guy in here, I have found.
IRL (in real life) that is not the case with fiat currency. And it was hard to imagine a currency like it before Steem entered my awareness. <3 Upvoted and resteemed, Deservedly.

I was all over the gaiaguys & devine/legg case. Good people who lost their house, and their website for speaking truth to power.

There's so much blatant corruption all throughout "our" government its beyond saving. Fuck the OTO.


exactly bro. Its very hard to talk about such topics without criticism or censorship. Thanks for your feedback.

What in the fuck??

So this is all documented in case law?

what is the O.T.O.? Is it like Opus Dei?


similar, but the O.T.> is a fraternal masonic order that follow aleister crowleys pedophile religion, called thelema. check out my YouTube channel playlists, I have lots more videos on this topic

Trust me these sick groups are all over the world. In my time I've learnt a lot about the wicked things they do.I actually know of people who have lived in fear of these monsters.

There was a case in the U.S where the person was accused of trafficking over 40 victims. His case was downgraded and he was given 18 months. With one year house arrest. The victims had to sue him themselves. I heard about this on @roguemoney. Then I looked up more info and found it on youtube. So sad