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RE: @tipU Introducing SWAP: Quick And Easy STEEM <-> SBD Conversion

in #steemit4 years ago

Hey @tipu, I really wanted an upvote for my post:

I sent an amount of 25 STEEM, after 20 minutes nothing happened so I tried again with 26 STEEM, still nothing happened. Yet your voting service says active and usually it works perfect. Can you refund the steem or give the upvote? Mark


@tipu had about 2 hours of downtime today, sorry for that.

No worries! Ow also, I noted that posts of only 2 days old are allowed instead of 3? :)

3 days is max so if it's 3 days and 1 minute - it won't work :) Probably I should increase it to 4 max then.
Edit: done!

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