Help steem to be included in netcoins and how to vote

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Hello steemans! It's time to help Steem's blochain grow by voting for Steem at Netcoin. The more exchanges has Steem listed, the more valuable the Steem will be.

What is Netcoin?

Netcoins is a Canada based Blockchain company which has helped thousands of customers buy and sell Bitcoin. Their Virtual Bitcoin ATM software provides retailers and individual professionals an awesome way to sell Bitcoin in store. Best of all? It's free to become a reseller!

STEEM is # 2 right now and only need 230 votes to be the #1

And what means to have Steem listed in netcoins?

  • Getting your coin sold in 171,000 retail locations in over 53 countries across 6 continents
  • Press releases and media exposure on financial sites and crypto sites (Nasdaq, Globenewswire, Coinmarketcap, Coincodex etc…)
  • Global OTC desk availability

How to vote ?

  • Click send confirmation link

  • Open your email and confirm the vote

  • That is, ¡you has voted Steem!

You can vote every 24 hours so we can still make 2 more votes!

You can also vote several times with several emails, you just have to do it in incognit mode!

Do your part too!!

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me I HAVE 3 vote in day becouse I have 3 gmail
this my vote

all voted

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