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I have good news and made a map!!!

 I thought it would be usefull and hopefully an inspiration to you by creating a map outlining the places that I have managed to convert so far into accepting Steem as a payment currency. 

On the bottom of this post you will find a screenshot of the map that I have created and the link to access it, I was unable to embed it directly

All 3 are Bar and Restaurants and are within 500 meters of each other. 

A little about my town, Can Picafort 

This used to be a small fishing village in the early 1970s, which was over the course of 3 decades converted into a very busy turist resort currently boasting about 12,000 hotel beds. 

The arrival of Germans and British changed the economic outlook of harship and changed farmers into waiters and chefs. 

The political turmoil, refugee crisis and other factors have favoured Mallorca in recent years driving the demand for turism up like few would have expected.

Click here to see the Map of places accepting Steem

Here is some links regarding the upcoming plans of the establishments and a little more about what they offer. I am still in the process of educating them about how to do certain things but Im confident that all three will be fully working before the end of this month. In any case @rafelchato has already accepted Steem several times as payment.

Metropolis bar should be open and running in about 2 weeks time.

Cas Chato I have posted about several times here is a couple links

Trotters is just opening up and I am going to meet with the owner again today to go over some things with him. I hope to post about it tomorrow at the latest.

So what are you waiting for when are you going to post about the place that you convinced to accept Steem as currency. Payments are more convenient that using bitcoin or cash and you get new people onboard!!

Steem on and get excited

Im just getting Started!



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Hope this post makes some noise, its exciting news

This is a great initiative and good luck. Keep us posted on progress and any feedback as/when purchases are made. Stephen

That's so super cool , to imagine we could pay in steem everywhere :)

Very interesting initiative. What wallet software does the bar/restaurant use and what one works on your phone. I might try to get a few places where I live to try steem :)

Just basic adress to adress sending, working out the amounts of steem with a calculator for now.

Congratulations! I hope you could build somewhat like a Lets (Local Exchange Trade System) environment around steem/cryptocurrency in your town. Good luck again!

Way to go, brother. This is exciting news. I will follow you, surely, for more of this great news.