Lunch at Ca's Chato Pay with Steem

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Yesterday I took my dad and children to @rafelchato  's bar for a lunch paid with Steem.

In total we paid 15.6 Steem otherwise the price would have been 30€

Three of us had pa amb oli which is basically mallorcan bread sightly toasted covered in olive oil, herbs and the bread is rubbed with special tomatoes there are a variety of toppings available but we choose Jamon Serrano which is the Spanish way of saying cured ham.

This is a pa amb oli ( means bread with oil)

 My dad had a full menu including chicken noodle soup and Pork Loin tumbet a mallorcan specialty.

Check out my Places that accept Steem map

Here is a picture of myself with our host @rafelchato


Seems really cheap if you think about it, of course Im been spending steem at this bar since about january when the price was of course much much lower than it is now. Rafel Chato is happy that I introduced him to cryptocurrencies and Steem and Im seeying a huge interest from all kinds of people these last days regarding learning about how to get and use bitcoin etc... Exciting times indeed.

All upvotes, follows, comments and resteems very much apreciated!

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Wow ! That's awesome ! What a great meal for such a great price ! Thanks for sharing STEEM ON ! LOL! 👍👍👍😂By the way I just did my 1000 followers post !! Heres a link if you get a chance later to check it out ! Thanks !👍

Good to see you smile!
I should pay people in Steem more often.
Thanks for constantly reminding me!
The food looks great by the way.

Thanks @maxse we should all do a little more to make sure people hear about steem not just as a content platform but also as an every day currency for the near future.

The usernames make it so easy in stead of these long public keys!

Yeah its really a very fast and easy way to transfer money instantly :)

In the future everybody will wear his/her username on a tag :P

Looks yummy. Great so many places accept steem in Mallorca.

Soon there will be more and more :)

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Welcome to Steemit :)
I follow u, follow me back if u want lot of fun and amazing picture every day.

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