Personal 5 months Steemit update

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Seems I have been here for 5 months. I was sure it was longer :)

Time for an update!


Maker Hacks _ chrisg (@makerhacks) — Steemit-1.png

I acquired 100 followers in 3 weeks but only 300 after 5 months.


On the plus side 312 posts in 5 months is pretty good, right?

I also feel like I could have done better than 341.504 STEEM

Steem Supply - Monitor Upcoming Payouts.png

On the plus side ...

I am learning a lot, having fun, and making new friends.

Onwards and upwards!


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Good going and i would say decent progress . Your topics are also helpfull

  ·  last year (edited)

I think the number of followers does say almost nothing. About 90 of them probably have never voted or commented on a post. That at least for my few 100 the case.

I consider the number of interactions with my posts way more important. If you look at this growth you probably don't see it slow down but instead increasing over time.

Keep posting :)


Yep, followers don't seem to mean much when it comes to engagement.


That is an excellent way of looking at it - thank you :)

Nice. I acquired 100 followers in 2 months. ;)

I am learning a lot, having fun, and making new friends.

Onwards and upwards!

This is the line which matters the most! You got this and now you are good to go! =)

Congrats on starting the journey and sticking with it!

I'll follow you I'm in Calgary too

I think the number of followers dosen't really are doing great bro

Forget this numbers you're doing a good job. The numbers will definitely come.

Slow and steady growth, can't complain too much about that! Good luck!

This has been an incredibly useful and encouraging post. Thanks you. I too just started and I feel like I'm drowning on this new platform.

Congratulations on your success in Steemit. Your determination is inspirational and I applaude your fortitude. I hope that I can make it 5 months and encourage others as you have encouraged me.

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i just upvoted you,and i am going to follow you
i am fresher here you can follow me back on @uzairichaudhary
thanks in advance for your support

How do you buy a follower?

Nice post .....
Pls am new here and i need your upvotes

I'm glad for your achievements, success further

Congratulations on five months! I've just started here, I've been poking around so I really appreciate the list of links you added at the bottom, I'll have to browse through.

I don't have any experience here but if Twitter taught me anything is that # of followers definitely didn't make my engagement any better. I love that this system rewards interaction with people. Cheers for sticking with it!

Thinks like this makes me look ahead hoping some day I was would make such achievement

felicitaciones por cada logro alcanzado en esta valiosa plataforma

Best posting

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Well done, it keeps me goig reading posts like yours that inspire me to learn all I can about this amazing platform :)

By the looks of it, I'm exactly 5 months behind you. :) Therefore I'm not that familiar with all these stats yet, but it doesn't look bad at all. If at the end of June I am where you are now, I'll be as high as a kite. :)
Keep up the good work and, above all, keep having fun.