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Steemit have been a great platform so far to me, I never for once regretted of joining this thoughtful creative platform. So many lessons have been learnt and mistakes also made within this last 3 months. All these put together have made my growth a worthwhile, I have moved from nothing to a reputation of 54 and still growing. However, upon all this my growth, my followers remain few, I was aiming to gain about 1000 followers within these periods but for now i’m still having 69 followers. Another area I wanted to explore was how I can get some people to delegate SPs to me freewill. In consideration of above situations, I found out that for people to gain more followers and Get people delegated SPs, they need to support the community in one or the other. They need to add value to steemit. So, I want to commence with this my 3rd month anniversary to provide support to this wonderful community. So, what is ideology behind FOLLOW ME BOUNTY.

This is a Steem Bounty idea from me to gain more followers, the reasons why I want to gain more followers is because, I have observed that every resteem service that we have in steemit charges more money to the community, I want to grow and become a heavy resteem account that will bring many people’s post to the awareness of the community. I have set aside 15 steems bounty on this post @steem-bounty and to be eligible you must meet the following requirements;


  1. Follow me @maclevis.
  2. Upvote and Resteem this post.
  3. Tag 5 people on comment section of this post.

PLEASE SUMMIT ONLY ONE COMMENT TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE BOUNTY Spamming and unnecessary comment is not allowed, just follow the stipulated requirement for this contest.
My humble shout out goes to some people who have always been there for me upvoting and supporting me within these 3 months on steemit and on this day I want to recognize them. They are; @nathanmars, @ajorundon, @peachyladiva, @onealfa, @pius.pius, @crypto.piotr, @nanzo-scoop and many more. I also joined @actifit, @share2steem, @seven77, @minnowsupport community and they have been of great help to me. Thanks to you all.

To support @maclevis and to inspire him to continue his work on steemit , please you can choose to show your support with DELEGATION; 25SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP. Thank you so much.


Congratulations on reaching your first 3 months on the STEEM#/Steemit platform @maclevis! I do remember my first 3 months after discovering STEEM, which in turn guided me to discovering the STEEM#. As you mentioned in your post, I was also confused and made many, many, mistakes on Steemit. I made so many mistakes, I was basically finished with the whole idea of STEEM/Steemit. There was one little thing that ultimately would lead me to stick with Steem, the community.

If it were not for users like @stevenalexander, @jerrybanfield, and @joeparys, I would of turned my back on STEEM and it's blockchain. If I could't release any great content, I knew I would have trouble growing a following that not only follows me, but a following that would be a committed following. I struggled with this, and about a month ago decided that I would not post any content on a regular basis, but would invest my own fiat back into the STEEM# in which I truly believe in.

I have delegated to @smartsteem and @minnowbooster. I figured if I can't earn by lack of posting content, I would earn by delegating my Steem Power to others that will use it. So I am not a regular Steemit poster, but I am a committed investor of the STEEM#. I seem to earn more rewards this way.

I decided I would continue to invest in STEEM after observing the SBD fluctuating between at it's pegged price of 1 USD, give or take a few cents. But I see it doing exactly what it was programmed to do, staying at or near to $1 USD mark.

While STEEM itself is down in the 30 to 40 cent range, I believe it will begin to rise again. I don't necessarily see the SBD rising back up to a $15 USD price range, but if BTC continues to rise in it's price, STEEM and many other Alts should follow the rise as well.

Thank you @jjohnson78 for your great write up, There are two kinds of people on steemit, investors and social media minded people . Those that belongs to former keeps holding steem hoping to gain more when the value rises and those that belong to later just love social and lovely communities on steemit and feels happy when their post receives upvotes and enough audience. In both ways, 95% of people on steemit came to make a living. Everyone of them seeks to make something out of the steemit. So Steemit is therefore full of workers and business oriented individuals. what makes the differences is just that some people have better initiative than others. Good initiative is directly proportional to the amount of money you make here on steemit. So we keep working on the projects to supports the community which in turn will make us famous and bring money to our pockets. Investing on steemit is also something I love doing and it will pay off, at least I'm happy to be here for now and I love the vibe within the communities especially on discord channel.

@maclevis has set 15.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

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Thanks to you all for your comments, but for you to earn anything on this bounty you need to complete the 3 requirements, which is FOLLOW, UPVOTE, RESTEEM and TAGGING 5 PEOPLE. Just don't disobey this rule. thanks

@maclevis, First of all congratulations on completing 3 months on this platform and hope that your journey will be successful and you will attain growth.

It's not easy job to gain Followers because when more and more Content Creators join then we need more consumers too who can engage with the content and follow at the same time for further engagement with content.

But definitely we can achieve our goals if we are determined. So keep up with your work and wish that whatever service idea you have it will be successful.

@yangyanje, @ravisarikonda, @miq-test, @mgaft1, @adewararilwan

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Yes I agree with you, it is not really easy to get followers but nothing is easy in this life , one just need to be focus and keep the hope going. thanks a lot.

Welcome and these words are absolutely true. Wishing you great success ahead.

Congratulations indeed!! And you are correct... so many fail to understand that it takes patience, time, quality posts and engagement... I wish you luck on your continued path on the Steemit'verse!! Upvoted, followed, resteemed!
Should you ever feel you'd like to get some extra help, information, or just meet new Steemians trying to find their way... come say hello at the @stemterminal!



Thanks so much.I really appreciate

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I have leveled up @stemterminal. Thanks

Congratulations Buddy. You're doing quite well and I wish you attain higher heights at the speed of light.

@burlarj @ernestapondo @akomoajong @mwanjo @berthajoelle

PS: All rules have been followed.

Thanks @steemcameroon, I keep learning and growing.

Congrats on your 3 month stay so far. What would you say is your favourite thing about the site and what have you learned that you found valuable just out of interest sake Id love to know.

I wish you all the best and I want to see a post in 9 months saying how you hit your first year

Within this three month, I have learnt to power up as much as possible, I have also learnt that ecosystem here works with the principle of garbage-in, garbage-out. What you give is possibly what you will get. If you write quality content, you will receive audience to it, If you invest you will be profited. In either ways just be consistent.

I will follow you to start with but am not going to recommend you if I do not know what you write, are doing yet.

I also wonder why you want so many followers. It sounds as if you grew way faster as I did and I am over a year now, so who gave you all the upvotes, made it possible you grew that fast?

If you have 1000 followers you will read and upvote them all too on a frequently base?

Perhaps people do.not like your avatar. Is this you with your kid?

Thanks @wakeupkitty for following me, I love people that tells me what I'm doing wrong instead of applauding me even when I'm falling, I stated my intention of wanting to gain more followers, I want to become a resteem acoount, bringing the price of post resteems lower to help the growth of minnows. I love blogging and writing diverse post, because I love to read a lot. So the avatar you see is on one of my post were I wrote about the importance of breast feeding. But just like you rightly said people will go for a realistic and loving avatar, I will take your advice and change that. Thanks a lot.

I visited your account and already noticed your posts are diverse and it looks as if you have no niche.

If your plan is to resteem I would choose an avatar that fits to it + as a line underneath each of your posts with this plan/idea.

Wish you 💖💥

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Hello my dear, congratulations and follow the success.

For you it has been three months of success, in my case to reach reputation 55 a year later, you go well and you will achieve your goals, just keep the discipline in what you do.

Today I'm going to tag the following friends. @juanmolina, @nachomolina, @lanzjoseg, @jadams2k18, @achim03.

Upvote, resteem, following

Do not stop, remain firm in your growth.

Your word and encouragement reached my heart, thanks a lot

@maclevis happy anniversary and good luck in your journey on the platform i wish you nothing but the best and let's help each other. I would like to thank @cloudblade for tagging me, all done. Follow & Upvote & resteem BOUNTY @teamarabic @steeimran @rezzouk.elabiad @amineaz @moroccantoughts

Thanks I appreciate.

BOUNTY @jorgebgt @rebe.torres12 @bntcamelo @rigor192 @pacokam8
Greetings and congratulations for your three months

It's a happy one for you and a nice way of giving back to the community.
@sirpee1 @oladayoamusan @dollypee @cocoposh @dray91-eu come check this out

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Thanks for always bringing the right stuff to me.

Awwwn, it's a pleasure

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Sirpee, long time

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Congrats because you are doing some extra on the platform for gaining attentions. May you'll get succeed in your plans.
@kazmishah @usman119 @ja-y @pakpower @earnwic

Thanks @earnlogy for the encouragement.

Esta es una gran idea apoyo todo lo que expresa en su publicación @maclevis de verdad espero pueda llegar a crecer tanto y pueda ayudarnos. Saludos y feliz noche desde Venezuela @petrarodriguez @chiminguito @mariarodriguez @alexanderrodulfo @edgargonzalez

wow! its awesome and i too i have had some good experience too and here are my 5 tags
@ketcom, @lucky7777, @wafrica, @steemitboard, @fastresteem

God bless the steem community, I love this platform so much

This is the type of testimonies we want to hear, and because of that, I'm in for the bounty.

@ilovepoorpeople, @bunnypuncher, @nikflossus, @melip, @thejohalfiles

Thanks man for being here.

Congrats on the three months anniversary, all rules followed. Hope I meet the participation :)

@foxkoit @trincowski @steemflow @libert @hardfox

Done! Good luck! Anything you need call me!
I'm tagging @anhvu @bylk0691 @cryptoline @devyleona @hispanosoy

me parece muy buena iniciativa. @marses @semun16 @celmalbaba @maxprofit @larison

True but it's only need to challenge bitcoin

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Excellent job on promoting your account! Actually very good idea @maclevis. Done all your Requirements :)
I invite @lilichka, @bereginja, @igor-steem, @boomappspromote, @steemarena

Upvote and Resteem! Keep growing!

Thanks man and i appreciate your support.

Happy steemversery!

Everyone need more followers but you doing extra efforts keep it up

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good to hear this you become the milestone one day..

Have a great journey!

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Very good initiative, congratulations on your anniversary. I hope your wishes come true.


Well the beginning is so hard because I am in it too

So I wish to all good time and I wish they could find good people help them all

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This is a cool and interesting way to gain some followers. I'm tagging @akomoajong @vimukthi @von-doom @deathcross @abbak7

Thank you!

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Felicidades por el nuevo logro!

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