I Want To Make A Video About Steem For My 383,941 YT Subscribers, Help Me Make It Great

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Hey amazing people, I don't know where to begin to be honest with you. Already I have made over $7,000 from my introduction post and feel at a loss for words. Just know I am extremely honored and humbled by your upvotes and support.

Because of this I want to give back and tell everyone I know about this amazing blockchain based, uncensored and user based platform. I run https://www.youtube.com/user/wearechange and want to make the best informative video about steemit, how it works and its game changing potential.

Let me know in the comment section below of this post any of the following

  1. what kind of video you would like to see
  2. what facts about steemit should people know about
  3. what tutorials you would like to see so people know how to use this platform
  4. or whatever you want me to do.

My Camera is locked and loaded, LET'S DO THIS

Much love and respect,


I would highly recommend reading through the whitepaper (if you haven't already done so) here: https://steem.io/SteemWhitePaper.pdf

Personally I would like to see these nuggets in your video:

  1. As mentioned by others, the big one is that Steemit pays for content/comments/votes with Steem Dollars and Steem Power. People, like yourself, have and continue to make thousands of dollars for a single post.

  2. Steem Dollars are pegged to the USD and are one of, if not the most, price-stable crypto currencies available. Holding SD earns you about 10% interest. So it's like a liquid CD/GIC that pays 10%. This is huge.

  3. Steem Power compounds in realtime and 90% of all new STEEM is distributed to SP accounts. At the current level of STEEM distribution SP accounts will more than double in 12 months. SP can be withdrawn at a maximum rate of 1% per week.

  4. All of your accounts are contained in your profile. You can see all of your balances any time you log in. Transferring SD takes seconds and only requires the username of the receiving party. No government can seize your account, block your transfers or take your money away. If your account gets hacked you can recover it.

  5. Dan and Ned are awesome and should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously.

Good answer. I will say, however, that it is actually closer to .94% each week for 104 weeks (2 years)

Thank you for the clarification!

"Dan and Ned are awesome and should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously."

But they haven't bombed anyone ;)

You know, you have a point. Sadly, it's a very pertinent, relevant and timely point.

The builder burgers suggested taxing the Internet. What would that mean? It is a benefit ..... Then crypto will be taxed(?) https://steemit.com/steemit/@marco555/steemit-is-a-facebook-killer-a-brief-tallk-on-the-start-of-something-new

Don't mention anything about Bitcoin or crypto. Join, Earn and Learn.

You've made a good point. We want a larger audience beyond the crypto community. The technical ins and outs of the system are not important and would just confuse the wider audience.

You can share those 27 things with your audience - https://steemit.com/steemit/@dmitriybtc/27-reasons-to-join-steemit. I outlined pretty much any reason why they should join Steemit. A lot of people just don't realize how powerful it can be. There will be a time when it's too late, like it was with Bitcoin for most of the people.

It will never be too late because you don't actually have to spend money to use this like you do bitcoin. It will be too late to be considered an early adopter though. On that we agree. :)

thanks reading it now

Hey luke. We have bee working with dan larimer for a long time and i would like to help you answer any questions you might have. Also would you like me to see about getting dan and ned in on this video?

Luke would be great if you could do an interview with the developers @dan & @ned focusing on freedom of speech, censorship resistance.
there's been some censorship issues on Steemit . people with a lot of SteemPower (often referred as whales) were able with just a flag downvote to censor a post (on the Steemit site, not on the blockchain) and often for petty reasons.
I think this is being currently addressed by the devs (with the fine-tuning of the reputation system) and also by the community organizing itself to counter arbitrary censoring downvotes, but I'd like to hear more on this subject and what measures the devs have in mind to protect freedom of speech on Steemit.

Go for aspirational type. Stay away from technical (crypto geeks are bias on that point). Can't wait to see it! :-)

Tell youtube about the Curation mechanic!
i mean in youtube everyone is about "first" under pretty much any videos you even get rewarded for these thing here on steem :)!

I would love to see a discussion between you and Adam Kokesh! Also I really enjoyed the rainbow gathering quick bit you had on youtube, maybe you have more to say about that?

I would love for someone to create a video that quickly explains the steemit basics then also showing footage of highlights of the last couple months on steemit so people realize this social platform is real, and its not going to go anywhere or create fake/illegal money for you. Narration included.

That's the question I get asked most of the time when explaining Steemit to someone new. "yeah but can you actually use the money you receive? what does the law say about that..."

A simplified version of steemit with some highlights and ending with something like "what are you waiting for, a new world is waiting for you" or something in a similar manner to feel people comfortable and excited to join.

Thanks for this btw! Made sure to give you a follow and support your account and channel in the future.

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