Bitcoin: Volume INTENSIFIES!

in steemit •  5 months ago

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Daily Update

Prior analysis:

15min chart Bitcoin/Usd analysis

We're at key levels: breakout or short term doom

Volume keeps increasing and there are major spikes in the bull moves which is a good sign for longs.

More details: Technical analysis in Bitcoin/usd

Some targets for the next short term target

Check out the bigger picture and the main targets to keep in mind.

for informational purposes only.

Thanks for reading!

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Full size charts: Open in new tab window.

Like how we like it to see.

Great post, volume with up moves will help the bulls.

More volume and a significant break of resistance. Let's get prices staying above the 6653 so that it become support for the next move!

Someone helped me fix my glitch that wouldn't allow me to upvote. So now I can return to supporting you with upvotes.


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