Bitcoin: Back in the bull trend

in steemit •  5 months ago

Bitcoin has retouched the bear trend and now is back on track again.

Nice Bounce!

Hammer time!

And this was the previous analysis:

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We need a very big green hammer and some really good news. Everyday I read another big company is positioning themselves for blockchain. Today it was announced that a large HongKong fund purchased a massive 10% of t0 tokens that Overstock created. It's a $160M investment to position themselves the launch of their crypto token exchange.


Fundamentals are great. Patience is the key!


Good to see BTC bounce up. I was surprised to see it bounce up on Friday....unusual...most of the time bounces up on Mondays.

Still could go down again late tonight through Sunday night if follows the usual pattern.


Apparently is doing great . Let's see if we have a monday merger!

Increible....espero que siga asi un poco mas!


Y siguió! jajajj