Decentralized Steemit and Why it Works.

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Many have explained tome that this system is Decentralized and is not bound by the rules of a single Authority. I was a little Cloudy with what that all meant and why a thriving site would do so. After speaking with a fellow member, it began to become more clear to me, what it meant to be Decentralized and why it was important to the future of Steemit. First let me start off by explaining what Decentralized really is.

Defined - Decentralize is basically a Self Governing entity, this means there is no General Authority making rules or regulations, it gives the members a better voice in what should be allowed and banned from the Community.

Why is This Important?

This is important in the fact that it allows you the User to have a say in what happens here and gives you a bigger voice in where this Platform can and will be in the Future. If we simply followed a More Governed System, we would have typical Rules and Regulations, that stop many from being able to speak their mind and give their ideas. Having a General Authority can lead to these rules being twisted, stretched and manipulated by Greed or Self Empowerment . Here we have the right to Agree or Disagree with individuals and can work together to choose what is making our beloved Steemit both unpleasant and Boring. Some will feel that Users can try to hard at forcing their beliefs on others, but that is what makes this place great "You have a Voice" and your Vote finally counts for something.

What to Remember

In a Past post I asked if owning Steem and SBD gives you the same advantage as those who own Stocks in a Company, well "Yes" it does. I was wrong in saying you own any part of the Site in a Physical sense because of these holdings, but I was right in the sense that you have the right to Voice your Opinion and actually hold weight in what you are Voting for. This is Huge and makes Steemit a big success and should make us a Poster Child for other Platforms. Being Decentralized removes the Possibility of Dictatorships and gives us the right to Govern ourselves.

Hats off to Those who Fight

I commend those who spend night and day trying to do nothing but scan the site for things that may be Harmful to the Future of what this could be and Hope that if you follow these User made Guidelines, you to will understand why they are important. These people are not out to get you, if they have come to you with an issue it is for a reason, look back at what you have done and think about how you can not only change your mistake, but also think of a way to better exert yourself. We are a Community and like I have said before you can not have Community without Unity.

Lets all work together to make this the best Decentralized System out there...

Thanks for Reading

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Oh wow. Thank you @dragonslayer109 I appreciate the Acknowledgment.

Very good post.
My question is: having more Steem power gives more weight also to the votes we receive?


The steem power is your weight but the way the system is set up it is really a never ending investment. We build power and equity. What can be better than that. Thanks for your response.

@ltndd1 this is an excellent post, I would love it if you would contribute posts like this over on SteemGuide.Wiki.