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RE: In Case You Didn't Notice, Bloomberg Just Published an Article About Steemit: Could be the Facebook Killer

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I’ve been saying this from the beginning. Why spend time on Facebook where they milk you and make money off your data, when you could come to Steemit, make new friends, and earn a little on the side, or even a lot! Hell, even if you made pennies here, it’s still a few dollars every year that you wouldn’t have made on Facebook.

Once users start to realize the power of Steemit, we will surely grow. Like MySpace before it, Facebook will undoubtedly collapse and its user base will flock to this platform. All we need now is a mobile app and we’ll be golden. Can’t wait to meet all the new people!


Hardly. Constantly telling people you aren't making money because you are not producing "quality" content isn't going to keep those people around, it's just going to intimidate them to go back to FB.

The money here is an added bonus. Even if you made 1 cent, it's more than FB will ever give you.

I guess that went over your head.

sunlit7, for one who in an earlier comment talked about Steemit's alleged need not to be snobbish, I perceive a lot of snobbery coming from your comments.

Facebook engages in its fair share of censorship. And they never, ever, EVER pay their users just for being there. On Steemit, there's an opportunity to engage, and if you're polite and well-reasoned in your comments and posts, there's an opportunity to earn some crytocurrency.

What, exactly, is your problem with that framework? From what I can see, your problem with it is with the freedom of the community to down-vote your content. Is that dynamic particular to Steemit, or is it also in action on Facebook? I think we both know the answer to that question.

In the kind of community you seem to be advocating, a complete lack of community feedback would be indistinguishable from a place where spam runs rampant and the community can't police itself. Is that really what you'd prefer as an alternative to Steemit's current community feedback schema?

To my knowledge I haven't been down voted yet and I've actually made some pennies on some of my comments. You are at a twenty five so I assume you are new here and haven't seen how they insult people by telling them that their engagement isn't good enough as a reason for not getting anywhere on here. It much harder than you are aware of at this point. You will see as you see people who try and then just plain disappear off the site. Some of these people put their hearts and souls into writing at a level that they are capable of and to me that acknowledgement or having acknowledgement of that effort means a lot more in acceptance of everyone as a whole who really believe in the concept that this could be a valued added aspect to spending time on a site. I had a son with a unspecified learning disability and I always told him it was better to try then not to try, trying deserves reward and recognition not being told you are not good enough.

Another reason I can tell you are new is that you haven't run across any of the flame wars either yet. I wouldn't recommend getting involved in the majority of them but they are a learning experience. Bots are being used to spam the rewards pool at the last minute, whales up voting themselves to rake in hundreds off the rewards pool, and people are incapable for whatever reasons....they are afraid of a whale taking them down or flagging them into oblivion, there's no policing on the site, it's totally incapable out of fear of policing itself. I am not trying to scare you, like I said the best thing to do is stay out of the majority of the fights but you should really educate yourself about what's going on so you see where the money is going that could be going towards growing the platform instead of repeatedly by means of abuse making the rich richer on here. There, at this point, isn't anything anyone can do about it. Just carrying on around them, I wish you lots of luck and good fortune.

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