In Case You Didn't Notice, Bloomberg Just Published an Article About Steemit: Could be the Facebook Killer

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I agree. Unfortunately, ​ Facebook​ is full of rubish lats time. :(

When was the last time you popped into the "new" page here? :)

Today I guess... :D

O wow, I am really happy to see steemit going places ☺️
Like if Bloomberg is writing about steemit then man it is a really big thing.

Websites That Pay Users With Blockchain Aim to Disrupt Facebook

That was the headline, Steemit has a long way to go to improve it's snobbish attitude before they'll ever replace FB.

sunlit7 wrote, "Steemit has a long way to go to improve it's snobbish attitude before they'll ever replace FB."

I don't think their goal is to 'replace FB'. I think their goal is to empower users with rewards for user-activity. If that also happen to replace FB, then so be it. It's not snobbish to call a thing what it is, except to those who are a part of what-is, and who don't like being correctly identified in unflattering ways.

I don't know why they'd fight the change instead of embracing it.

FB is full of s**t now, I am happy steemit is there now :)

Thank you so much for this information; the fact that Bloomberg did an article on Steemit is huge! I've been off FB for some time, mostly due to its' negativity, but also to the privacy issues I have with it. I can't believe that there was 41 billion in revenue for them last year! It's nice to be on a platform where the revenue goes in the opposite direction for sure.

I really like Palurintano's comment, There are still many many technical issues, community-splitting conflicts, and a very steep learning curve...What can each of us do to make STEEM the best it can be?”

I am a part of @newbieresteemday, which was started by @davemccoy and @mudcat36, which began as a resteem initiative (obviously:), but morphed into a welcoming, supporting, and educating/mentoring community to help new and not-so-new folks with "the steep learning curve" here. The hope is that by building and creating a stronger younger foundation, they will in turn grow to do the same for other new people who join. Some of us have also created a @friendsofgondor curation trail to help with the "community-splitting conflicts". The "technical issues" are way out of my league however:)

Thank you again for your post @careywedler! Cheers :)

I've been off FB for some time, mostly due to its' negativity, but also to the privacy issues I have with it.

Then it's surprising you'd come to Steem, where literally every write action one takes on the site is public to the entire world. There is no privacy whatsoever here.

hahaha fair enough! Allow me to clarify @sneak ...on steemit I know everything is public and I'm ok with that; I joined with full disclosure. It's the more insidious nature of the privacy issues on FB that I wasn't so crazy about.

Good catch though!

Steemit is not a decentralized platform. It is a privately held company whose top tier hold all the power.
Steemit also is given to much credit for not censoring....if one can destroy another through flagging just because of what that person says that is censorship. I don't know how many times I've seen people say "don't poke the bear"....meaning don't poke a whale. That's censorship, if people can't feel free to speak their mind without being destroyed.

Good point. This is the biggest problem Steemit faces. People not speaking their mind because they are afraid of getting destroyed by some angry whale. Imagine someone quitting their job to blog on Steemit, then writes something "wrong" and is then constantly downvoted for writing the "wrong" content or having the wrong political views.

well said;

I’ve been saying this from the beginning. Why spend time on Facebook where they milk you and make money off your data, when you could come to Steemit, make new friends, and earn a little on the side, or even a lot! Hell, even if you made pennies here, it’s still a few dollars every year that you wouldn’t have made on Facebook.

Once users start to realize the power of Steemit, we will surely grow. Like MySpace before it, Facebook will undoubtedly collapse and its user base will flock to this platform. All we need now is a mobile app and we’ll be golden. Can’t wait to meet all the new people!

Hardly. Constantly telling people you aren't making money because you are not producing "quality" content isn't going to keep those people around, it's just going to intimidate them to go back to FB.

The money here is an added bonus. Even if you made 1 cent, it's more than FB will ever give you.

I guess that went over your head.

sunlit7, for one who in an earlier comment talked about Steemit's alleged need not to be snobbish, I perceive a lot of snobbery coming from your comments.

Facebook engages in its fair share of censorship. And they never, ever, EVER pay their users just for being there. On Steemit, there's an opportunity to engage, and if you're polite and well-reasoned in your comments and posts, there's an opportunity to earn some crytocurrency.

What, exactly, is your problem with that framework? From what I can see, your problem with it is with the freedom of the community to down-vote your content. Is that dynamic particular to Steemit, or is it also in action on Facebook? I think we both know the answer to that question.

In the kind of community you seem to be advocating, a complete lack of community feedback would be indistinguishable from a place where spam runs rampant and the community can't police itself. Is that really what you'd prefer as an alternative to Steemit's current community feedback schema?

To my knowledge I haven't been down voted yet and I've actually made some pennies on some of my comments. You are at a twenty five so I assume you are new here and haven't seen how they insult people by telling them that their engagement isn't good enough as a reason for not getting anywhere on here. It much harder than you are aware of at this point. You will see as you see people who try and then just plain disappear off the site. Some of these people put their hearts and souls into writing at a level that they are capable of and to me that acknowledgement or having acknowledgement of that effort means a lot more in acceptance of everyone as a whole who really believe in the concept that this could be a valued added aspect to spending time on a site. I had a son with a unspecified learning disability and I always told him it was better to try then not to try, trying deserves reward and recognition not being told you are not good enough.

Another reason I can tell you are new is that you haven't run across any of the flame wars either yet. I wouldn't recommend getting involved in the majority of them but they are a learning experience. Bots are being used to spam the rewards pool at the last minute, whales up voting themselves to rake in hundreds off the rewards pool, and people are incapable for whatever reasons....they are afraid of a whale taking them down or flagging them into oblivion, there's no policing on the site, it's totally incapable out of fear of policing itself. I am not trying to scare you, like I said the best thing to do is stay out of the majority of the fights but you should really educate yourself about what's going on so you see where the money is going that could be going towards growing the platform instead of repeatedly by means of abuse making the rich richer on here. There, at this point, isn't anything anyone can do about it. Just carrying on around them, I wish you lots of luck and good fortune.

I don't believe in eliminating somebody from the market but should have a good competition

Steemit makes facebook look like exploiters. I actually wish all the time I have spent on facebook were judiciously spent there.

"look like" ? ;)


I agree with the censorship part. In fact I wrote an article just yesterday about being too dependent on google. and making the decision to slowly migrate away from some of the services.

One of my YT videos got demonetized just because the word "death" was in the title and that referred to the death of a service.

FWIW, at the moment, not all things are suitable on Steemit, like photos & content that I don't want to be locked into the blockchain forever.

Search is not really working yet, and the platform has other issues too.

I think people are just tired of social media. I got started early in social media, and remember the days when I signed up for almost every new social media site that popped up. Many of these smaller sites closed and we are now left with a few big ones.

Now if another social media platform is to launch, it like "meh".

Too much social media time is not healthy, according to Sean Parker founding president of FB "purposely hook and potentially hurt our brains."

Before Steemit, I've decide to limit my own FB time, but Steemit seemed to have drawn me back in. In someways, not really healthy but I'm testing out to see what it has too offer.

Hey @careywelder, excellent post. I like to read that Steemit is being mentioned in main stream media like Bloomberg. On-boarding for Steemit is still a challenge, but I believe in future the process will be simplified. Steem on ... 🚂

That's the technology. Every day there are new things that are ready to compete. Facebook is a victim of healthy competition from the advancement of human thought and civilization. This is a great post.

Allow me to resteem and translate it into Indonesian @careywedler

Wow!! It is very interesting. Steemit community go ahead. It is the best platform to prove oneself. Thanks for sharing the informative post.

Facebook need some changes because too many annoying notifications, unknown page posts , too many ads and too many dull videos on timeline sucks. Thanks for the post

Someone told me this a couple years ago, If you're not investing your money, then you're wasting it. Question is, what to invest in? Steemit seems like a good investment, especially if you're a person who tweets/posts to twitter/facebook. There are billions of tweets/posts everyday. Imagine if the people who used those social media platforms knew that they could create an income by investing their time in Steemit instead of twitter/fb? Use twitter/facebook as your own advertisement tools to promote Steemit and your own perception/perspectives. That will force twitter/fb to evolve or they will no longer exist. Be the change you wish you had. We can change the future by taking action now. I personally deactivated my fb account over 4 years ago. I only created a new account to post news from current events, history we were never taught or history I need to re educate myself with. We have the power to change the world with our own fingertips, but evil does exist. Is Steemit evil? Who knows? It's time for a change is all I'm saying. Welcome to the digital revolution

Thanks for covering this. We're the future! Steem on!

The concept of Steemit is better. FB trying to social engineer. They decide what is "best for us"

I am happy to see Steemit grow, but let the trolls stay on Facebook! It's a totally different atmosphere here and I don't think I would like it as much if everyone came here instead - it's probably way too complicated for a lot of people. I've been really straining my own brain getting used to it, so I guess I don't have to worry too much yet! Thanks for the article!

Steemit model is very attractive. Facebook and other tech giants have to adapt inorder to compete. I do believe they will introduce some sort of decentralisation and probably a coin of their own.
It will be a tough fight for them another problem they have is censorship. It appears people who do mot share certain world veiws are censored and banned from the big tech platforms that will also have a detrimental impact. Check out this shor blog post on censorship.

Wow, we're so fortunate to be part of the revolution, eh?

The fact that a share on Facebook icon exists on each post indicates Steemit's vision of working alongside/together. A company like Facebook has too much influence and cash to be killed. Find your niche and overwhelm that niche.

The guy don they get the vibe ... Steemit is the new boss in town .

This is so true. I was just talk about it this Saturday with my friend. Steemit could really kill Facebook. Like how ICQ, MSN Messneger and Myspace got wipe out from the surface of our planet.

I think it will really become a competitor to Facebook when it comes to having a very user-friendly mobile application.
Esteem is not even user friendly.

For the win. Mic drop.

Thanks for bringing this huge bit of news to my (our) attention.

Very nice. Resteemed.

FB and YT are going down....

The level of real life engagement that Steemit is giving right now is unrivalled on any other platform - do you think this will be sustainable is it grows to Facebook proportions?

I have some idea is better than fb

I also include facebook users, and your posts are very good and provide good information, hopefully steemit will be advanced and beesinar like facebook that already many people know, semoha success for you

Invest your time on steemit

Who the hell needs Facebook when you have Steemit. I replaced my time spent for nothing on Facebook with Steemit instead.

Best decision I ever made.

Steemit >>> everything else. :D

Steem has a great future, but so far it is not available half the day.

When is it not available? I haven't seen any problems like this

Maybe yura81 is offline or has flat batteries half of the day?

Imagine FB having over taken My Space by not being available for half a day.

Even if steemit will not challenge the dominance of FB and twitter (which I think might happen in a few years), it will grow to a size where it can't longer be ingored and thus will put pressure on the giants to change something for real and somehow reward their content creators.

Since I met Steemit community, I am not even opening my facebook... It is very clear in the future money will not be known as just made by papers.. Our money perception will change totally.. We will be sending money to someone in seconds without a bank or another mediator..

This really highlights how Steemit is the perfect counter to the current monopolies in the social media world.

Good news! I also believe that someday, Steemit will be the main thing. Here, our time is not wasted.

Every time i get on facebook it is just people bitching. I feel dirty when on there. I have only used facebook 3 times in the last month.

Steemit will not be a replacement for Facebook or Twitter, but it will definitely have a major impact on how social media would work in the future. Afterall, we still need Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to drive traffic to our content.

I don't see how steemit would replace Facebook, it offers none of the features facebook does just saying...

It's always nice to know that you are a part of something that is gaining recognition and going places. I am still new to Steem and I don't expect overnight results. I will see how well I do a couple of years down the road.

steemit is gradually getting the world's attention..thanks for this notice @careyweddler

I've been telling everyone that I know:

This is the year that blockchain begins disrupting major industries. Already we have top content creators from YouTube switching over to Steemit, and looking to bring their communities with them. There's growing discontent with Facebook, Google, and other major companies and this is going to lead to a widespread adoption of new, decentralized apps.

Those of us who get in early will reap the greatest rewards, and those who adopt later not so much.

I'm excited to see major publications picking it up, but it just means that the timeframe between when widespread adoption begins occurring will be shorter!

There's plenty more growth for Steemit and its other interfaces like Chainbb and Busy. Yet, a lot of issues to iron out. It's all a learning curve on this platform and each user sees Steemit differently. Some as a job, some as a hobby and some as an opportunity to spam. Looking forward to seeing where Steemit heads in 2018!

Waiting to witness a different sort of revolution !

I'm spending more time here and less on FB . . . But it's very different, but that's nice

Facebook is censoring real news and all you see nowadays is retarded kids eating detergent pods so its definitely not a surprise to see it failing.

Steemit has the potential to became the best "social media" easily, and as we can see, we are on a good track to achieve that in the next years.

I, personally, don't think Facebook will die, because they are very good adapting to the world always changing, that´s why they are the best at the moment. So, Steemit won't be the Facebook killer, but it will definitely kill a good amount in their profits, because while they have to study this new technology, Steemit is already founded on it.

So. I am new to steemit and all, but won't steemit die once all the currency rewards are issued?

Highly rEsteemed!

I hope this article really gets some more eyes on it.

Bacon FOff.png

every people has age, every age has the people. may be now is the steemit age. and Facebook has passed his time.

Such good news should be resteemed! Getting a tiny piece of the cake is better than none, especially for those who blog. Who doesn't like to be incentivised? Thank you Steemit!

A newbie here to stay! :)

I am one of the few who has never touched Facebook. Never interested me. Why would you share your life with people who you don't really care about. The ones that matter know what is going on in your life already. To me it was just shallow people sharing nothing. Never got the hype.

Resteemed to my 7000 followers!

35 k and one, just hit the follow button in your blog, baby! Wow! Thank you for all the work you do for our community.

GREAT to hear that steemit is getting this attention! Facebook shot themselves in the foot with greed and by trying to control everything and everyone. Unfortunately, steemit is still a little intimidating for some people, mainly because they don't understand cryptos, but the community here is so worth the learning curve! And thanks to #busy the beginner can have a more 'Facebook like' platform to learn on.
The bottom line is social media, the monetary system, and humanity are all moving in a positive direction and I am EXCITED to be a part of them all!!! 😊 💙 🌻

Nifty. I'd love to see Steemit defeating facebook

Yes! So eloquently written and good information. Thank you!

Thank you for an informative read. Steem it UP!

this is really good keep it up
I agree
I'm follow you

WHOA! Articles like this are exactly what Steemit needs to attract the masses. This blockchain can perform more transactions per second than the next 3 combined! We're ready, we're hungry, we NEED more!

This is wonderful news and a well-done article! Thank you for sharing this with us!

I am Upvoting, Resteeming, Following ... Thanks again!

Great article thanks alot

Waw... Sungguh mengharukan...

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