Sharing the Love and the Spotlight: Purveyor of Fine Content (More Hidden Gems 18)

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In my daily effort to continue to do my part to raise awareness of other content, I have a couple of new gems to feature. Please take the time to check them out and give them an upvote and some comments. I think every writer appreciates the upvote, but would love some dialogue as well.

Mysterious group buys underground doomsday house in Las Vegas

I think disaster bunkers in some way have captured the minds and imaginations of people in the Post Cold War era. As a child who grew up in the post Vietnam era, I had an intense fascination about how they functioned, and how a person could live for extended periods underground without going batshit crazy. In this post by @fluffy, we have an opportunity to see inside a retro bomb shelter complete with front and back yards, a pool, two jacuzzis and a barbecue. It's awesome.

The Legend of Lawn Chair Larry

I think everyone had a dream at one point in their life of grabbing a bunch of balloons, filling them with helium and floating away on an adventure above it all. The Pixar movie Up did captured that romanticized feeling of a do it yourself airship. In this post by @jasonstaggers, he brings us the true tale of Lawn Chair Larry, the man who decided to live his dream with a lawn chair, weather balloons and some helium. In the immortal words of Walt Disney, dreams really do come true.

A true Stairway to Heaven./ Настоящая Лестница на Небеса. ENG/RU (thanks @ap2002 for the material)

I know somewhere Led Zepplin is angling to have Stairway to Heaven as the official music for the advertisement to this fireworks display. In this piece of curated content, @andrewawerdna gives us an awesome fireworks display that creates a true stairway to heaven. Absolutely amazing.

Mental Slavery and the Fear of the Unknown

Somewhere in my life I found that the beliefs and philosophies of Zen somehow resonated with me, and while I am not an avid practitioner, I have incorporated more and more of it into my life. Out of step with the normal curation I bring to this blog series, @naquoya brings much of that "resonant" feeling I get from Zen and my strongly held beliefs on Individualism and Self-Reliance. Check out the post below.

Between my own writing I will keep purveying fine content.

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Good list! Thanks for taking the time to find them.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out and check out the authors as well. It's good to know people are actually using this as a method of discovering new authors and content.

Thank you for the share. And for taking the time to share others work. A very good way to help share the love.

You are welcome @naquoya, my hope is that it provides some traffic and upvotes to authors in Steemit. I know from my own experience, when the reward total is $0.02, I am at least motivated to see like 30 upvotes because those people bothered to read my content ad I am making some progress.