Special advice for newbie, Looking for upvotes

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Hello Everyone, I am lovepreet back again after a short holiday. Hope everything goes well. 

So, As a new bie,  we enter a platform which is completely new for us. Sometimes we do some mistakes unknowingly and they cost our career.

I am going to talk about one of them which is vote 4 vote.

 I am like your friend so don't think that I am going to give Lectures here. I am just trying to help you. As much as I could do. 

When you start our Steemit life. I know you are afraid that no one knows you and how you are going to survive. 

Your mind is full with questions like this

How would I get upvotes?? 

How would I increase my followers?? 

and So on.... 

We will later talk about getting followers and upvotes but first let's talk about is doing vote 4 vote is good?? 

 If you want to 5-6 votes then it's good for you. 

What ??? You want to make a career here. I am Sorry. Because you will have to work for it. We can't even drink water without efforts. 

Suppose you go for vote 4 vote exchange you can hardly get 20-30 people. And you are going to daily exchange Votes On memes or low quality post or copied content. Because if you are writing Quality content there is no need to do so. 

See this 

If you want to get this much votes then you will have to post quality work.  Because I don't think that you can vote 200+ people. 

Why??? Because we have something called voting mana or voting power and now RC is also in consideration they takes time to recover.

You can check out your voting power at


So,It will be better to focus on improving your self.

 The Main reason for exchanging votes is to earn. All of us want to earn some   do jobs for it or have their business. 

Everyone works to earn and live their life. So, no problem earning the problem lies in your way to earn. 

For me the only thing that matters here is I want to make a special identity  for myself. And that comes from quality. I want people to know me by my name by my work. 

Trust Me when someone leaves a good comments the feelings Is unexpressable

They Give me the satisfaction even if I get one good comment . I will be happy because I am building my community with my friends. 

My Own identity Lovepreet.

Try Because every successful person no matter If he is a Chief, Writer, Dancer Singer what Ever they from any field they had failed many times. But the only difference between a successful Person and a person who fails is who stops trying first. 

So, Don't run only after money earn but make a identity for you. 

And It can only be done by quality work you can't even make a single penny by this and to succeed in every manner You need to work.

One More thing never feel dejected check out first post of some steemians they also don't got noticed. 

But Introduce yourself wait and work How do people will know that you are here tell them about you. Steemit gave me many good friends it has a very supportive community I have personally seen it. 

Join Steem.chat and talk to fellow steemian they will help you in every situation just like good friend.


It's not that you can't write or you don't know anything all of us know how to use steemit and how to cook food or even if don't know how to cook . 

Everyone have their favorite movies,books actors,subjects,places,food. You can share what you feel.

Learn - make mistakes - improve - become a better version of You😊


Hi, I checked the link you recommended:

But this shows I have 5.03 SP. Is this correct?

If you just add https://steemworld.org without any @ then the site will automatically ask for the username. It's easier to use for newbies like that.

Replace @yourusername with your steemit username that is @apsu.
Sometimes joking in comments is the best part too i should include this

Yes. And the thing I said in the comment with small text, it seems I'm wrong and it has been changed. Well, just do what she said :)

thank you 😊

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Hello how are you? it's a pleasure to go through your blog, this information is very good, good advice for us newbies

I am good Jenni 😊.
I am very happy that you liked it .
Many times when you are new you don't know about things so it's better to guide our friends.
No one do it knowingly.

You are a good person in the contest of our friend @leeuw your aptitude for me is to admire, to help those who do not know much is great

Greetings and a hug from Venezuela

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Okkk.. Aap sahi ho. Content esa hona chhiye ki log khud upvote kare na ki aapke kehne pe. ☺😊 thnkS

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